Horoscopes: The most transformative cosmic shift of 2024 is already here. What it means for you.

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FEATURE — As Pluto crosses into Aquarius, this week is one of karmic closures and grand awakenings.

Aquarius season is a time of connecting with the whole of humanity, technological revolution and prioritizing dreams. Under the influence of the fixed air sign Aquarius, innovative ideas are more likely. No longer attached to the outcome of achievement-oriented goals, we break ties with a need for personal gain and focus on matters and issues that affect everyone.

Just before Pluto reenters the sign of Aquarius (following a brief transit in 2023), the planet of transformation will form a conjunction with the sun at 29 degrees Capricorn. The 29th degree in astrology is considered a karmic degree of completion.

Pluto will retrograde one final time in Capricorn from Sept. 1 through Nov. 19, at which point it will enter Aquarius, where it will remain until March 8, 2043.

Pluto ignites significant transformation depending on where it transits in your chart. Because it takes 248 years for Pluto to orbit the sun, it will only impact some areas of life in a person’s chart. For people with prominent planets in the sign of Aquarius, the next two decades are likely to experience dramatic changes.

Pluto seeks to strip away superficiality and unearth the truth in our lives. Pluto transits indicate rebirths that unfold during its transit and are meant to help us let go of things that no longer serve us to make room for more meaningful experiences.

So what does all of this mean for your sign? Find out below.

March 21-April 19

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With Pluto leaving your 10th house this week, you may be wrapping up work-related projects, retiring or embarking on a new career path, dear Aries. Pluto is now awakening your 11th house of highest hopes and friendship circle. During its decadelong transit through this part of your sky, you may see your social circle transform. Old friends are replaced with new ones who are more aligned with the person you’re becoming. It’s important to allow this ebb and flow to take its natural course. The more you try to hang onto outdated associations, the more resistance you will endure in other parts of your life.

April 20-May 20

With Pluto entering your 10th house of career and legacy, this is likely to be an extremely ambitious time for you, dear Taurus. In fact, you may need to be careful that a drive for achievement doesn’t totally consume your life. Your focus is turning toward your social standing and long-term goals. As a part of this, you may encounter jealousy from people who may try to hinder your upward trajectory. It’s important not to intertwine yourself with others’ negative energy or attempts to bring you down. This decadeslong transit is meant to put you on the right path, where you can refine and utilize your talents.

May 21–June 20

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Your beliefs will be put to the test during Pluto’s transit through Aquarius, dear Gemini. In your ninth house, Pluto is drawing back the curtains on any self-limiting beliefs or long-held convictions that no longer serve you and are inhibiting the greater expansion of your perspective. Opportunities to travel abroad, go back to school or share your message with a wide audience serve as conduits to reshape how you understand the world and beyond. You may also encounter others whose perceptions acutely oppose yours. Rather than digging your heels into the earth, be as open as possible to new outlooks. As your perspective shifts so too does the world as you know it.

June 21–July 22

Pluto entering your eighth house magnifies many of the Plutonic characteristics, as it is a house ruled by Pluto, dear Cancer. Thus, this decadeslong transit is a time of deep transformation that is likely to unveil possible power struggles or psychological traps that are holding you back. Mysteries, the taboo and questions surrounding death arise now and could lead to experiences that help deepen your understanding of your inner nature. Financial changes are likely, and you may need to grapple with issues surrounding intimacy or shared resources. You are being asked to consider matters of control to develop a truer sense of self-empowerment.

July 23–August 22

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With Pluto now entering your seventh house of partnership, you are likely to face experiences with others over the next two decades that reveal parts of your deeper nature, dear Leo. In the seventh house, Pluto allows you to see yourself through another’s eyes, which may feel uncomfortable at times. But by facing these darker elements of your personality with an attitude for growth, you open opportunities to heal. Power struggles with people whom you consider your inner circle, especially your spouse or companion, are likely throughout this time. Part of this may unearth profound feelings of jealousy or fears of loss or abandonment. But as you learn about and accept these insecurities, the more you have to gain.

Aug. 23–Sept. 22

Pluto moving into your sixth house suggests gradual yet profound changes in matters related to health, work and your daily routine, dear Virgo. During this decadeslong transit, your habits become magnified, showing you how the little parts of your life add up to the quality of your well-being. It’s important to watch now for overworking yourself and make sure to pencil in time for relaxation. Otherwise, the stress can take a toll on your health. The strength of Pluto in this house is that you are more empowered to eliminate bad habits and initiate good ones. There’s a tendency to overidentify with the work you do, which could entail a time when working for yourself is a better option.

Sept. 23–Oct. 22

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Pluto enters your fifth house this week for a decadeslong transit, signaling a dramatic transformation in how you express yourself and prioritize matters close to your heart, dear Libra, and includes children, romance, sports, games and entertainment. Part of this transit may feel like an inversion, such as experiencing blocks to your creativity or romantic life or issues involving parenting. But these struggles are necessary to shake you out of your comfort zone and realign you with your inner child who exists free of self-limitations and chases after wonder. It’s time to take your creativity seriously to produce and give something special to the world.

Oct. 23–Nov. 21

With Pluto moving into the foundational fourth house of your chart, this decadeslong transit is all about gradual but profound changes to what you know as home, family and your inner security, dear Scorpio. Angular houses bring intense experiences, and with Pluto here, you may feel a deep need for nurturing. This transit brings you face-to-face with your roots, conditioning and family issues so you may heal what needs to be healed and let go of any programming blocking your forward momentum. You could benefit from understanding your attachment patterns. You are developing your inner resilience, which will serve all other aspects of life.

Nov. 22–Dec. 21

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Over the next two decades, you have a grand opportunity to powerfully transform the way you communicate, dear Sagittarius, as Pluto begins its transit through your third house this week. The third house also rules early education, short-distance transportation, activities you perform with your hands and the way you think. You may feel as if you’ve entered a time when you no longer know what’s true, which prompts you to dive down innumerable rabbit holes in search of The Truth. Learning is highly favored at this time. It may be wise to think carefully about what you expose about yourself to others to avoid becoming paranoid. You are honing your voice now.

Dec. 22–Jan. 19

With Pluto finally wrapping up its time in your sign, except for a brief period at the end of the year when it retrogrades, you may feel a weight lift from your shoulders, dear Capricorn. Not everyone has Pluto transit their sign while alive. And those who have experienced it, know that it comes with waves of upheavals and struggles. But now, Pluto enters your second house of money and self-worth. You may become overly attached to your possessions during this decadeslong transit, relying too heavily on what you have rather than the intrinsic value you have to offer.

Jan. 20–Feb. 18

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A new you is on the horizon, dear Aquarius, as Pluto enters your sign this week, where it will stay for two decades. This is a time when the very core of your being enters a state of metamorphosis, much like the process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Changes to your physical appearance are likely and some may look like a completely different person by the end of this transit. To experience Pluto transiting your sign is something not everyone will endure in their lifetime. It signifies profound transformation and may induce uncomfortable experiences. Part of this will have to do with control. There are aspects of yourself and your environment that you will need to let go of. Trust in the process and keep faith that the best days are yet to come.

Feb. 19 – March 20

Pluto moving into your 12th house signifies a powerful time of endings and transformation on a deeply psychological level, dear Pisces. The 12th house is the home of Pisces, which means that the characteristics of this time are ones you know quite well. Matters of the past come into focus, so that you may find closure and heal. Part of this means you will confront parts of your hidden self, resentments or regrets. Considering these things with honesty and sensitivity is the key to moving on. Be mindful of the secrets you choose to keep and an over-reliance on activities for escape.

For a more specific outlook, read the forecasts for both your sun and rising signs. If you do not know your rising sign, use this online calculator.

It’s important to remember that astrology forecasts are not meant to be fatalistic. Rather they offer a window into current energetic influences, so we may work with them and help foster a more wise and loving spirit.

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