‘See what all the buzz is about’: Best Mattress revolutionizes sleep with innovations from Purple

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CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Just like people, mattresses come in all shapes and sizes. The sleep specialists at Best Mattress are dedicated to helping customers achieve deeply restorative rest by matching them with the bed of their dreams.

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Best Mattress now carries one-of-a-kind products from Purple in their showrooms across Southern Utah. Designed and manufactured right here in the Beehive State, Purple will revolutionize the way you sleep. Their products incorporate the latest in sleep technology with a commitment to quality and innovation.

“I’ve been in the mattress business for over 27 years now and have seen so many different products, but I’ve never seen a sleep system like Purple,” Best Mattress general manager Joe Graziano said.

Explore Purple options

Purple mattresses incorporate carefully crafted layers to create a one-of-a-kind sleeping experience. With a variety of designs to choose from, it’s a breeze to find the bed that works for your sleeping preferences.

The original Purple mattress offers both flexibility and comfort and features a 2-inch GelFlex Grid layer on top. Underneath, a thick layer of foam offers a stable and supportive base. It’s ideal for customers who prefer medium-firm support.

The Purple Plus mattress delivers extra softness with all the features of the original plus a second layer of comfort foam. If you struggle with soreness around your pressure points, it offers the extra relief you need. The support level is medium. 

The Purple Hybrid mattress may be the perfect fit for customers who like the bouncy feeling of a traditional innerspring bed. It offers the best of both worlds, combining the light, airy feeling of coils with the versatile support of the GelFlex Grid. Choose from firm, medium-soft or soft support options. 

“We have the full line of Purple in our stores to try,” Graziano said. “Plus, they’re in stock and can be delivered right away.”  

Shop the Best Mattress catalog here.

Promotional image for Purple mattress | Photo courtesy of Best Mattress, St. George News

More comfortable sleep 

If your mattress isn’t providing you with adequate support, you might wake up sore in the morning. Purple mattresses are engineered with flexible cushioning that feels luxuriously soft yet reliably firm at the same time. Plus, you can sleep comfortably on more of the surface thanks to the high-density polyurethane foam border, which keeps the edges strong. 

Purple’s signature GelFlex Grid support layer, a proprietary feature, provides dynamic comfort that molds to your body without sagging or holding indentations. It also minimizes motion transfer to an extent that rivals high-end memory foam mattresses. 

“Support is so important, not just for your body but also for the mattress’s longevity,” Graziano said. “You really need to experience the Purple GelFlex Grid and see what all the buzz is about.”  

Learn more about the GelFlex Grid here.

Cooler sleep

Enhanced breathability is another key benefit of the GelFlex Grid. More than 1,400 hollow rectangular chambers allow air to flow through the mattress freely, moving heat away from your body and creating the perfect temperature.

Purple mattress covers don’t just repel heat, they also wick away moisture. The interior of all Purple beds is designed to maximize airflow and help the cooling cover work more efficiently. Say goodbye to night sweats, even during the summer. 

“It’s truly cooler than any product I’ve seen,” Graziano said. 

See how Purple compares to other beds here.

Quieter sleep

Promotional image for Purple mattress | Photo courtesy of Best Mattress, St. George News

Purple demonstrates unparalleled attention to detail with touches both visible and invisible. Beneath the GelFlex Grid on the hybrid model are responsive spring coils wrapped in noise-canceling fabric to stifle the squeaking usually associated with coil mattresses. Purple beds are perfect for couples, Graziano said, because the material flexes around each person’s body to reduce disruptive motion transfer.

Many consumers don’t realize that bed frames also play a key role in sleep quality, Graziano said. Purple frames are resilient and able to support over 2,000 pounds of pressure. Joint buffers prevent squeaking, and the innovative composite design means that the entire frame can ship to your home for easy assembly. They also offer pillows, mattress protectors and sheets for the ultimate sleep experience.

“I can say a lot of great things about Purple, but you owe it to yourself to check it out before you buy your next mattress,” he added. “It has a unique feel that you must try.” 

Browse Purple products at Best Mattress here.

To speak with a Best Mattress sleep specialist today about the perfect mattress – or any of their bases and foundations, bed frames, bedding, pillows and other accessories – call 877-759-8155 or visit the Best Mattress website for more information.

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.

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