‘Get ahead of the problem’: Wasatch Medical Clinic explores the link between COVID-19 and erectile dysfunction

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CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — If you are a male who has contracted COVID-19, you may already be experiencing the onset of erectile dysfunction – even if you’re not yet aware of the symptoms.   

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Taylor Conder, marketing coordinator for Wasatch Medical Clinic, explained that medical science has established a link between diminished sexual performance and the coronavirus.  

“If you’re feeling a little sluggish in the bedroom, that could be part of the reason,” Conder said. 

Doctors are only starting to understand the long-term complications that COVID-19 causes throughout the body, and recent data suggests negative effects on men’s sexual and reproductive health. Coronavirus infection is already known to damage blood vessels, and the vessels that supply blood to the penis appear to be no exception, according to researchers who examined the penises of men that began suffering from erectile dysfunction after contracting the virus. COVID-19 particles were also found in the penile tissue of patients that had recovered from the virus months earlier. 

Erectile dysfunction is often a warning sign for a man’s overall health at any age. Penile blood vessels may become blocked or narrowed as a result of a new or worsened vascular condition caused by COVID-19. 

Conder encourages men noticing a decrease in sexual function – no matter how minor – after contracting COVID-19 to visit Wasatch Medical Clinic for an evaluation and blood flow ultrasound. Some patients discover they have early-onset erectile dysfunction and are able to start treatment before experiencing total impotence. 

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“Get ahead of the problem,” she said. “Maybe you’ll just need a couple of sessions, and we’ll have you back to performing like you’re a teenager.” 

Some patients without any symptoms of erectile dysfunction also use True Pulse Protocol, an innovative therapy that targets the root cause of erectile dysfunction and not just the symptoms, for sexual enhancement to improve firmness and sensation.

“We treat men from their 20s all the way into their 90s,” Conder said. 

True Pulse Protocol treats penile tissue on the cellular level by enhancing the body’s natural healing mechanisms to facilitate longer, stronger erections without the need for drugs, injections or surgery. 

Adequate blood flow is essential for firm, long-lasting and spontaneous erections. Using acoustic waves, True Pulse Protocol strengthens and expands the penile blood vessels while destroying the plaque buildup that occurs naturally with age.

Wasatch Medical Clinic introduced acoustic wave therapy to the Southern Utah market in 2018. The technology was developed in Europe for the repair and treatment of soft tissue and improved blood circulation but only recently emerged in the U.S. as a solution for erectile dysfunction. While not currently approved by the Food and Drug Administration, Conder said True Pulse Protocol is recognized by men’s health professionals and medical journals around the world as the new standard of treatment.

Most men with erectile dysfunction are candidates for True Pulse Protocol. Conder said the treatment is an encouraging option for the approximately 30% patients who don’t respond to oral medications or for those who are unable to take drugs for erectile dysfunction due to an underlying health condition. 

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True Pulse Protocol is noninvasive, safe and highly effective. Appointments typically last just 30 minutes, Conder said, adding that many patients come in during their lunch break and plan sexual activity for as early as that evening.  

The highly trained, all-male staff at Wasatch Medical Clinic understands that sexual health is an extremely personal issue that can be difficult for men to discuss. They operate with discretion, providing a comfortable and confidential patient experience.

Treating erectile dysfunction isn’t just about better sex, however. Conder said it also plays a key role in a man’s overall well-being. 

Are you looking to restore your confidence and turbocharge your love life? Wasatch Medical Clinic operates locations in St. George and Murray, with a call center available 24/7 to book appointments and answer questions. Visit the Wasatch Medical Clinic website or call 801-904-3454 to schedule a consultation.

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.

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