7 candidates vie for 2 seats on the Washington City Council

The Washington City offices, Washington City, Utah, October 2020 | Photo by Mori Kessler, St. George News

ST. GEORGE — This year two of the Washington City Council’s five seats are up for grabs.

St. George News reached out to the seven individuals seeking to fill those seats with question about why they are running for office and what they would like the public to known about them.

The answers from the candidates who responded are shared below.

The seven candidates in the race will also be whittled down to four – two candidates per available seat – in the primary election set for Aug. 10.

The general election will be held Nov. 2.

Kim Casperson

Kimberly Casperson, Washington City, dare unspecified | Photo submitted by Kimberly Caperson, St. George News

Why do you think you’re the right candidate for the job?

This past year has made me realize how critical it is to have local leaders who stand for freedom and defend our God-given individual liberties. I have witnessed family members, friends, children, and individuals in our community experience hardships and health issues from government mandates.

We are a Nation that is governed by—We the people. We are not governed by elites and experts. I will listen to and respect the voices in our community. I understand how important it is for local governments to stand with the people and defend liberty.

What are the most pressing issues that you hope to help address?

My top priority is to protect the quality of life in Washington City which includes protecting life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, property rights, medical freedom, and standing against government intrusion and mandates. Equally important priorities are water, infrastructure, responsible growth, and supporting our police officers and firefighters.

I have met with many local leaders and department heads to gain insight and understanding of the needs of our community, and I have spent hours going door-to-door to learn what is most important to residents in our community.

What would you like voters to know about you?

I am not a politician, but I have a strong conviction to be involved in defending our unalienable rights bestowed by God and to stand for the principles that have made this Nation a beacon of hope and freedom. I love living in Washington City and want to ensure this city will continue to be a safe and beautiful place to live. I aim to preserve and strengthen an environment that allows individuals to thrive in the great city of Washington, and I believe liberty, conservative values, and limited government fosters that environment.

Roger Bundy – Incumbent. Appointed to the City Council in August 2020.

Roger Bundy, Washington City, dare unspecified | Photo submitted by Roger Bundy, St. George News

Why do you think you’re the right candidate for the job?

Born in Washington and being a resident of Washington city for 39 years, raising my five children here, I still believe we live in one of the greatest smaller cities in America. I also believe we can address concerns of the newest citizen along with those who have lived here for many generations. I will continue to ensure everyone gets a fair shake.

During 14 years employed by the city of St. George, I developed a deep appreciation for the challenges confronting city governments, and a strong desire to be part of their solutions.

As a business owner, a professional land surveyor, my firm R&B Surveying has been a service to the community for 16-plus years.

For five years I served on the Washington City Planning Commission; two years on the Washington City Power Board, served as a City Council member and currently serve as interim City Council member.

Because of the variety of experiences in the engineering/land surveying profession and years in elected and appointed positions, my knowledge of of City government are unequaled.

I am committed to devote the necessary time to understand the various issues confronting the Council to make certain my vote is an informed one.

What issues are the most pressing issues that you hope to help address?

The conservation of water resources by implementing reasonable measures for new growth and management of sources through the application of secondary water. To make the most of the available supply that future growth necessitates, conservation measures relating to water need to be implemented as soon as possible.

The management of rapid growth, including:

  • evaluation of the City General Plan to provide for reasonable zoning,
  • continued efforts and expanding improvement of roadways and other traffic measures, and
  • updating of the City affordable housing plan.

Our community’s healthy and necessary growth has brought with it serious congestion problems on our streets. The City needs to address these problems, and at the same time plan for future growth to avoid repeating the current situation.

Continued efforts must also be made for alternative energy resources including Nuclear as is currently in the process by the City as a partner with other cities who are members of UAMPS. This is an example of the dynamic development of Washington City that necessitates planning, vision, and responsible money management.

Achieving these goals requires working for synergy with County and State leaders.

What would you like voters to know about you?

I would like the voters to know that I enjoy serving as a member of the Washington City Council and if elected, I will be dedicated and committed to continue service with my best effort.

Because of my unique combination of experiences working for and with city government, as a businessman, planning the city’s future on the planning commission and leading city government as a council member, developed insights that no other candidate has into the issues, such as water, traffic, and affordable housing, that confront Washington City.

I am by inclination a problem solver, with a unique ability to listen and bring clarity to complex situations, a skill deeply valued during the city’s current growth period. I value the opinions and am civil and respectful to others, even when I disagrees with their positions.

I have also given my time to youth and faith organizations in leadership positions. I am known as a man of my word and independent in my thinking.

Because of my profession, I work closely with the city’s largest industry (Construction), but I have the capability and vision to recognize the needs and goals of the whole community, not just for today, but also in the future.

Marissa Thayn

Marisa Thayn, Washington City, dare unspecified | Photo courtesy of vote4thayn.com, St. George News

Why do you think you’re the right candidate for the job?

I do not have special interest ties, a business, or an employer who will gain if elected to council. I am not accepting campaign donations and running completely on my own dime. I want to ensure the voters that I am transparent and ethical and will serve the community in that same manner. I also believe that as a woman I can offer unique perspectives and highlight concerns that may be overshadowed.

As a wife and mother I have had different experiences that I trust will help foster a vision for our community that unites all of us. These roles have also developed me into a person that listens and is open to collaborative ideas and willing to do the work to reach fulfillment.

What issues are the most pressing issues that you hope to help address?

Transparent and ethics within the governing body. If elected and while working with other council members I hope to pass a city ordinance discontinuing the practice of elected officials involvement with winning city contracts. When elected to office your intent should be to serve not grow your business.

  • Prioritize essential service and quality infrastructure. Securing water for our future and ensuring our streets and utilities are up to par.
  • Smart development and growth that maintain our hometown and agriculture feel, while honoring private property rights. Bringing in strategically placed commerce that can provide better work opportunities and build our sales tax base.
  • Working with area developers and the Housing Authority to build more housing options for citizens in all stages of life.
  • Developing a program with Southwest Behavioral Health that offers mental health education seminars free to our citizens to help educate on warning signs and services in our area. In addition to a program focused on our first responders to not only service their mental health needs, but also ways to diffuse situations when dealing with an individual suffering with mental health issues. Hoping to ensure a safer environment for our first responders and citizens.

What would you like voters to know about you?

I was raised in Southern Utah and I have lived in Washington City for the last 15 years. My husband of 21 years and I have four children. My bachelors degree is from SUU and I have worked for the public mental health agency, school district, and owned my business. I served on the Washington (City) Fire Relief and Charitable Organization and Crimson Cliffs Booster Boards.

I’ve been elected to serve as both a county and state delegate for my precinct. I have been fortunate to volunteer and serve in numerous capacities throughout our community. I have attended city council meetings since I moved into the area and consistently for the last six months.

I’m at point in my life where I can dedicate full time hours to being a public servant to our community. I’m passionate about building bridges between city government and citizens. I believe I have the skills and talents to accomplish a collaborative vision that will unite our community. vote4thayn.com

Washington City Council candidates Brandon Hart, Bret Henderson, Bryon Larsen, and Ed Tracey did not respond to St. George News’ questions by publication time.

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