At Desert Sands Ketamine, patients find relief for mental health and chronic pain disorders

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CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Treating mental health disorders and chronic pain conditions is a difficult undertaking. Many patients have already tried various methods and medications with little relief.

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At Desert Sands Ketamine Treatment Center in St. George, Dr. Eric Evans is dedicated to helping people experience joy in life after trauma, both emotional and physical. 

Administered in low doses via IV infusion, ketamine works within the amygdala – the area of the brain that processes moods and emotions in the conscious mind. Evans said it’s a wonder drug for patients struggling with treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain. Offering lasting results with virtually no side effects, ketamine may provide hope and healing at last.

Chronic pain disorders 

For people living with chronic pain caused by injury or illness, every day is a battle against an invisible enemy. Evans said loss of function due to a pain disorder can adversely affect a person’s overall sense of well-being. Ketamine enables these patients to participate in daily activities more comfortably while also regulating emotional imbalances. 

Some people experience pain long after an injury has healed. Complex regional pain syndrome is a malfunction of the nervous system that creates prolonged and excessive pain out of proportion to the severity of the initial injury. Evans said the condition is extremely difficult to treat, but ketamine has helped many patients experience a better quality of life. 

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“Ketamine can help decrease the amount of pain they experience on a daily basis and how much pain medication they need,” he said. “It also helps with the mood and anxiety issues that can come along with chronic pain disorders.” 


At times, depression can make even the simplest tasks in life seem frustrating and overwhelming; just getting through the day becomes a challenge. Evans said ketamine produces amazing results for people living with depression, particularly those who don’t respond well to prescription antidepressants. The effects begin almost immediately, and the patient’s mood remains elevated for days to weeks afterward. 

“Ketamine treatment can help their brain to function in a more normal way and function at a high level,” he said. “Here at Desert Sands, our goal is to get people feeling better quickly and get them feeling like themselves again.”

Beyond ketamine infusions, the clinic also provides patients with resources to improve all aspects of their well-being, including dietary guidance, meditation, massage therapy, relationship counseling and talk therapy.


Stress is simply part of being human, and everyone will experience periods of heightened anxiety. But when that anxiety becomes unmanageable and starts to interfere with mood, relationships and enjoyment of life, Desert Sands can help. 

Evans said the clinic has observed a significant increase in patients seeking help for anxiety over the last year, and there’s no mystery as to why. Societal shifts, health concerns and financial woes in the wake of the pandemic have caused stress levels to skyrocket. Many patients are caught in a cycle of depression and anxiety, and ketamine works wonders for both. 

“Ketamine can help put you in a more relaxed and peaceful state where negative energy doesn’t affect you as much,” he said. “Some patients have tried all kinds of things, like Valium and Xanax, with little effect. They come in and find rapid relief.”  

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Some people are affected so deeply by traumatic events in their past that they find it difficult to sleep, maintain healthy relationships and function normally on a daily basis. Anxiety, depression and obsessive or compulsive thoughts are all commonly linked with PTSD also.   

Evans said helping PTSD patients deal with their issues has provided some of the most rewarding experiences of his medical career. Desert Sands has treated military and law enforcement struggling with the aftermath of violence as well as women and children who have survived sexual and psychological abuse.

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“During ketamine therapy, the brain seems to be able to process those painful events in a different way. They’re able to work through those experiences here at the clinic,” Evans said. “Ketamine has been nothing short of a miracle for people struggling with these types of issues.” 

Desert Sands provides a comfortable healing environment with compassionate staff, all of whom are dedicated to helping every patient achieve the best results possible. The patient experience always begins with a free consultation to discuss their issues and determine if ketamine is right for them.

As a board-certified anesthesiologist, Evans guides the clinic with more than 25 years of medical expertise, and as a St. George native, he said his desire to help people in the community living with depression truly comes from the heart.  

“There’s a huge need in Southern Utah,” he said. “I just want to help as many people as I can.”

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, visit the Desert Sands Ketamine Treatment Center website or call 435-522-5190.

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.

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