Innovative and brand-new’: Discover the benefits of high-intensity strength training at fit20

The new fit20 Dixie Commons studio in St. George, Utah, date not specified | Photo courtesy of fit20, St. George News

CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — The newest workout option in Southern Utah promises proven results while asking for just 20 minutes per week of your time. 

A personal training session at fit20, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of fit20, St. George News

At fit20, members concentrate on their health and fitness in a focused time frame. Workouts are designed to accommodate busy schedules and meet personalized physical and training requirements. 

“fit20 is innovative and brand-new and like nothing that has been to St. George before,” fit20 Dixie Commons owner Sybrina Ely said. 

fit20 members meet once every week with a personal trainer for a slow-motion, high-intensity strength training session to ensure a safe and effective workout experience. The 20-minute sessions are conducted in the privacy of a small studio with one-on-one attention from a friendly and knowledgeable fitness professional. 

Ely said the wellness benefits of fit20 training are numerous. With consistency, members can improve their sleep, reduce their stress and feel better overall by committing to healthier lifestyle habits. 

Get a good night’s sleep

Ely said fit20 members experience a number of physiological changes due to the intensity of the training that may help them relax and enjoy quality sleep. Among the more notable effects is the reduction of cortisol, also known as the “stress hormone,” in the bloodstream. 

“Better sleep means better mood and better recovery of your trained muscles,” she said. “You also look better if you’ve had a good night’s sleep.”   

Using muscular energy stores is exhaustive, so members will undoubtedly hit the pillow hard after their first session. Ely said that as they stick with the program and get healthier over time, it will become easier to sleep through the night. 

Blow off some steam

Everyday life is filled with sources of both “good” and “bad” stress. Ely said chronic bad stress leads to a reduction in overall health and well-being, and this past year has been particularly challenging for many. 

“Your weekly fit20 session is the ideal antidote against bad stress,” Ely said. “The intensive training relaxes muscle and mind. It also causes a cascade of positive health effects through the release of happy hormones and chemicals.”   

fit20 training is slow yet intense, Ely said, creating a stress response that triggers the release of dopamine, commonly known as the “happy hormone.” This elevation of dopamine in the body helps decrease stress levels throughout the day. 

Try something new

A personal training session at fit20, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of fit20, St. George News

Trying something new can stir many emotions – excitement, anticipation, nervousness and ultimately, a feeling of accomplishment that coincides with a rush of dopamine through the body. Ely said that scientific studies have identified resistance training like fit20 as potentially more effective at improving mood than other forms of exercise including cardio.

“Researchers think that the physiological adaptations associated with strength training interact with the neurobiology of depression,” she added. 

Create consistency

While the health and fitness benefits of exercise are profound, individuals must develop a consistent practice to establish positive habits and enjoy lasting results.

“Consider first taking a realistic look at your weekly agenda and see what you can truly commit to,” she said. “The ideal schedule is the same day, same time, same training, same people.” 

fit20 promotes accountability by having members meet with the same trainer at the same time every week to work through a series of six familiar exercises. Together, you’ll monitor your breathing, posture and rhythm and record your performance to help improve your fitness and strength.

Ely said most members see a dramatic improvement within their first three months, adding that fit20 is the perfect place to step out of your comfort zone and discover what 20 minutes a week can do for you. There’s no distracting music, intimidating equipment or group workouts.

At fit20, the first session is always free. Try out the equipment and meet with a personal trainer to discuss goals and past roadblocks.

Visit the fit20 Dixie Commons website to sign up for your free introductory training session.

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.

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