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CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Over time, the skin loses its youthful vitality as it begins to break down faster than it can naturally rejuvenate. Desert Sands Aesthetics & Laser offers minimally invasive combination laser treatments that can help roll back the years with far less risk, cost and downtime than surgery. 

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While other treatments may be effective in temporarily reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines, Desert Sands owner Shannon Evans said laser therapy slows the aging process by stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, the building blocks of healthy skin. 

“Each laser skin treatment begins with a thorough and caring professional skin consultation,” Evans said. “Treatments are selected and optimized to meet the specific needs of each patient with the most innovative and comprehensive products and technologies.”

Understanding the skin’s aging process

Inevitably, skin becomes more fragile over time. This is due to collagen levels decreasing, elastin production stopping and hyaluronic acid diminishing within the body. Skin loses elasticity and creases become deeper as the years go by, resulting in a more wrinkly, saggy appearance.

The average person loses collagen at a rate of about 1% per year starting at age 25. This process is often accelerated by sun damage, smoking, diet and other lifestyle factors as well as genetics. 

Looking beyond the face

When it comes to your skin care routine, are you focusing all your attention on your face and neglecting your chin, neck and chest? Neckline wrinkles and a sagging chin are among the first signs of aging skin. 

Typical youthful features include high cheekbones, voluminous cheeks and a defined jawline, whereas aged skin is defined by facial wrinkles, a sagging jawline and fullness of the lower face. Evans said Desert Sands offers the most advanced laser technology for skin rejuvenation on the market that can restore smoothness and elasticity to not only the face but surrounding areas as well. 

Fighting the effects of time

Desert Sands is the only clinic in Southern Utah offering the Profound system for laser skin tightening. Evans said Profound treats the lower third of the face along with the chin and neck and is clinically proven to create smoother, younger-looking skin in just one nonsurgical procedure. Most clients enjoy results lasting several years, she said. 

Treatments typically last 45-90 minutes. Profound uses microneedling technology to deliver radio frequency energy at the ideal depth and temperature to trigger a wound-healing response. The laser targets the deeper skin layers for maximum benefit. 

Tiffany Anderson, a master esthetician and certified laser technician at Desert Sands, said that the Profound treatment “awakens your body’s own natural healing process by stimulating the production of these three skin building blocks to create younger-looking skin.”

“If you’re looking for a solution for keeping your skin’s appearance youthful, this treatment might be right for you.”

Smoothing away imperfections

Clients may choose to further enhance the results of their Profound lift with the Nordlys Frax 1550 skin resurfacing system. The laser works on the face, neck and chest to smooth textural irregularities, reducing the appearance of flaws as well as improving overall skin texture. Evans said skin resurfacing treats wrinkles, fine lines, scars and areas with sun damage or uneven pigmentation. 

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“The Frax 1550 will slow down and even reverse the visible signs of skin aging, removing the age spots and leaving the skin looking fresher and less wrinkled,” she said. 

The Frax 1550 is less invasive than many other laser treatments, resulting in minimal downtime. The skin remains intact and healing and recovery are quick, Evans said, adding that depending on skin integrity and the extent of the imperfections, improvement can be seen in as little as one treatment, though it usually takes three or more. 

Along with combination laser therapy, Desert Sands offers fillers and medical services for both men and women, including facials, chemical peels, dermaplaning, microneedling and more. Evans, who worked as a registered nurse for over 25 years before training in injectables and laser aesthetics, takes pride in being able to offer cutting-edge skin care services in a welcoming environment where patient comfort and confidence is top priority.

“I know that we have the latest laser technology for the best results here in Southern Utah,” she said.

To schedule a consultation, visit the Desert Sands Aesthetics & Laser website or call 435-522-5190.

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.

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