The ideal beds for back pain relief: Q&A with the sleep specialists at Best Mattress

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CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — The average person spends about 26 years sleeping over the course of their life, which equates to 9,490 days or 227,760 hours. That’s a long time, especially if your mattress is uncomfortable.

Advancements in technology have revolutionized the way we sleep and shop for mattresses. Serving Southern Utah since 2008, general manager Joe Graziano and the sleep specialists at Best Mattress are committed to helping people improve their sleep and revitalize their well-being. 

Could my mattress be causing my morning back pain? 

In order to relieve back pain, a mattress must provide sufficient support to the lower back and along the natural curves of the spine. Graziano recommends choosing a medium or firm mattress depending on your weight and sleeping position. Among other brands, Tempur-Pedic offers hybrid mattresses that fall between two levels of firmness for a custom feel. 

A typical memory foam mattress, while comfortable, may not provide enough support. Instant Comfort products and the Black series from Beautyrest incorporate multiple layers of gel foam and other materials along with memory foam for added durability. Graziano said the material matters less if you choose an adjustable bed frame, which is more effective at alleviating pressure than a standard base. 

“I tell customers all the time that you know your mattress needs to be replaced when you go to bed feeling fine but you wake up in pain,” he said. “There are few things worse than back pain, and a new mattress can definitely help with that.”

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Are adjustable bed frames really better? 

Adjustable bed frames help many people get out of bed more easily and with less pain in the morning, Graziano said. With an adjustable bed, you can fine tune your sleeping position for maximum comfort and minimal sleep disturbance. 

TEMPUR-PRObreeze Medium Hybrid mattress on the TEMPUR-Ergo Smart Base, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of Best Mattress, St. George News

By matching the contour of your body to the mattress and slanting the head, adjustable beds improve circulation and may help reduce the occurrence of acid reflux, snoring and swelling in the legs, contributing to a better night’s sleep. 

Graziano said that adjustable bed frames also relieve pressure on the spine and joints by lowering or raising certain areas of the bed to provide added support where it’s needed most. This can be especially helpful for those with limited mobility due to age or an injury.  

“Just a minor adjustment in the incline of your head and feet will relieve so much pressure on your lower back that you will never want to sleep on a flat surface again,” he added. 

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What features should I look for in a mattress? 

Consumers today have myriad factors to consider when buying a mattress, including size, brand, firmness rating, materials, thickness, base and features. A Best Mattress sleep specialist will help you determine what’s most important to you in a mattress and guide you to the best options for your unique needs.

TEMPUR-LUXEBreeze Firm mattress on the TEMPUR-Ergo Smart Base, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of Best Mattress, St. George News

Different beds are built to accommodate different bodies. Memory foam mattresses, which contour to the spine to provide support, are ideal for back sleepers. Because stomach sleepers apply the most pressure to their torso, a mattress with too little support will cause the spine to curve and may lead to lower back pain; beds within the medium to firm range are best. 

Side sleepers are more likely to experience discomfort in the hips and shoulders and will benefit from a medium-soft mattress with cushioning that conforms to the body’s curves and relieves pressure. If you run a little hot, you’ll need a mattress that allows for increased airflow, like Nectar or Tempur-Pedic’s Breeze line, to keep you resting comfortably all night long. 

“Shopping for a mattress can be very confusing and sometimes very difficult,” Graziano said. “At Best Mattress, we carry all the major brands and all of the technology, and we will fit you to the right comfort and technology.” 

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How can Best Mattress help me find the perfect fit?

Generally, a mattress needs to be replaced after about eight years of regular use – but don’t wait to buy a new one if it’s no longer getting the job done. Graziano said a key component of mattress shopping is trusting your body. You’ll know a bed is right for you when you feel very little pressure on your back, hips and shoulders while enjoying support throughout your body.  

“There are so many different brands, and they all have their benefits,” he said. “At Best Mattress, we have every major brand and technology, and it makes it easier to compare all the benefits and features in each brand.”

Best Mattress offers the only showrooms in St. George and Mesquite where shoppers can compare beds from Tempur-Pedic, Instant Comfort, King Koil, Posh + Lavish, Serta, Sealy, Stearns & Foster and others. All purchases are satisfaction guaranteed. If you don’t love it, bring it back within 120 days for an exchange or refund.

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Best Mattress began serving the Las Vegas community in 1994 and has since grown to 23 locations in Nevada and Southern Utah. Promising guaranteed low prices and unbeatable customer service, their selection of mattresses, bases and foundations, bed frames, bedding, pillows and other accessories ensures quality sleep is no longer just a dream.

To speak with a sleep specialist today, call 877-759-8155 or visit the Best Mattress website for more information.

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.

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