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CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — With the passing of time, the combination of cumulative sun damage, environmental influences and genetics cause the body to produce less and less collagen. Collagen reduction leads to thinner, saggier skin and the development of wrinkles. 

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Desert Sands Aesthetics & Laser performs cutting-edge treatments to fight the effects of aging and other skin imperfections with no surgery and minimal downtime. 

Owner Shannon Evans said that the average person loses collagen at a rate of about 1% per year beginning at age 25. 

“We provide state-of-the-art lasers to promote collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production in the skin,” she said, adding that while medical aesthetics help restore youthful vitality, healthy skin begins from the inside out. “We also encourage our patients to do what they can at home to help.” 

Improving skin health 

To combat the skin’s natural decline, Evans encourages her patients to eat foods containing a wealth of vitamins and minerals that promote collagen production. These include bone broth, chicken, seafood, egg whites, citrus, berries, tropical fruits, garlic, leafy greens, beans, cashews, tomatoes and bell peppers. Vitamin C, copper and zinc are among the key nutrients for boosting collagen. 

Evans said that eating collagen-rich foods may also help create the amino acids proline, lysine and glycine, which dermatologists identify as the building blocks of healthy skin. Consuming too much sugar and refined carbohydrates can cause inflammation that damages collagen.  

Preventing sun damage

It’s never too late to reduce the risk of melanoma and other types of skin cancer due to sun exposure, Evans said. Daily use of an effective broad-spectrum sunscreen helps prevent not only skin cancer but sun-related damage like wrinkling, pigmentation and loss of elasticity. 

Desert Sands carries zinc-based dermatologist sunscreen from EltaMD. Evans said that zinc reflects and reduces the broadest range of UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays, helping wearers protect their skin – and potentially save their life. 


Recognizing that lasers aren’t the best option for every patient, Desert Sands offers alternative treatments to boost collagen production. Microneedling uses a roller with fine needles to prick the skin, making tiny holes in the skin’s surface. This procedure stimulates the creation of collagen to heal scars and reduce the signs of aging, Evans said. 

Shannon Evans, owner of Desert Sands Aesthetics & Laser, St. George, Utah, date not specified | Photo by Sheldon Demke, St. George News

The addition of platelet-rich plasma applies the patient’s own blood platelets to their face during the treatment. Evans said this plasma contains proteins including growth factors and cytokines, which help skin tissue repair itself while encouraging collagen production and cell reproduction.

Microneedling with platelet-rich plasma helps eliminate acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks, wrinkles and fine lines, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, large pores and uneven skin texture.

Polydioxanone thread lifting 

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration as an anti-aging treatment, polydioxanone threads are another noninvasive collagen builder. Evans said these absorbable medical-grade threads made of protein are thinner than a single human hair. Placed just below the skin’s surface, they promote cellular renewal and improve blood flow to the target area.  

Polydioxanone threads provide lifting and structure to sagging skin while stimulating the body to naturally produce more collagen to tighten the skin. This procedure can be performed on the cheeks, brow, jawline, neck, smile lines, marionette lines, arms, thighs and abdomen. Threads may last anywhere from six months to three years, Evans said. 

Desert Sands is the only clinic in Southern Utah offering combination laser therapy along with medical spa services including facials, chemical peels and dermaplaning. Evans, who has more than 25 years of nursing experience along with specialized training in injectables and laser aesthetics, said she takes pride in being able to provide the latest skin care technology in a welcoming environment where each patient can learn to love the skin they’re in. 

“Our patients’ comfort and confidence is our top priority,” she added.

To schedule a consultation, visit the Desert Sands Aesthetics & Laser website or call 435-522-5190.

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.

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