Make 2021 your best yet with New Year’s resolutions from the ‘Internet People’ at InfoWest

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CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — As we bid farewell to a year unlike any other, resolutions for 2021 may look a little different. The experts at InfoWest, Southern Utah’s “Internet People,” offer suggestions to make this new year your best yet.  

InfoWest marketing specialist Skyler Snarr said that everyone on their team is excited for a new year and the promise of a fresh start. But before you commit to leaving the challenges of 2020 in the rearview mirror, take a few minutes to reflect and consider some of their resolutions.

Create a budget – If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that you can never be too prepared. But saving for a rainy day isn’t always easy. Use an online management tool like Mint or Clarity Money to help plan for the unexpected.

Set health goals – Did you try (and fail) another diet last year? Maybe it’s time to take a new approach to health that you actually enjoy. Wellness goals should not only focus on appearance or weight loss but also incorporate elements of mental and emotional health. Consider creating a vision board to help visualize what getting healthy means to you. 

Get active – Exercise comes in many forms. Do you like to play sports? Do you find stress relief from yoga or group workout sessions? Go for a bike ride, take a scenic hike or swim laps. Create a playlist to get yourself pumped up. Make getting fit fun!

Take time to disconnect – Americans spend an average of five hours on their mobile devices daily. What could you do with five more hours in the day? Sleep? Go for a run? Start a business? Spend time with family? Make an effort to set aside one hour each day to unplug.

Try something new – Learn a language, join a cooking club or just take a different route home from work. When you try new things, your outlook can change as well. 

Start a daily journal – Have a therapy session with the person who knows you best: yourself. Take a moment to reflect on your day – the highs, the lows and what you can take away from it. Write daily affirmations and make gratitude lists, and watch how your life changes for the better. 

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Be optimistic – 2020 was a challenging year. Maybe you experienced things that you felt unprepared for. But guess what? You made it! Go into 2021 with a positive outlook and remember that no matter the circumstances, there are always opportunities if you look for them.

Declutter – Does your life feel like a mess? This is your year to become tidy and organized. Pick one area and go from there. See how your productivity grows as you declutter your surroundings.

Step out of your comfort zone – As cliché as it sounds, you only have one shot each day to make a difference. By stepping out of your comfort zone or facing your fears, you break down barriers holding you back. 

Nurture close relationships – Spend time with the people who mean the most to you. The memories you make in these moments are priceless. 

Take care of yourself – Find a day of the week or month to focus on your mental health. Never be afraid to speak with someone, be it a friend, family member or professional. 

Get involved in the community – Many people throughout Southern Utah experienced hardships in 2020. Service is the best way to spread cheer. Take time to help others by starting a virtual food drive, making masks or volunteering with a nonprofit. 

Commit to a sleep schedule – No one likes a grouch, and more sleep can actually help your mood. High-quality sleep also improves attention and concentration, making you more effective during your waking hours.

Stop multitasking – Be more effective at work or school by completing tasks in chunks. We want to do everything at once, but in reality multitasking is counterproductive. Tasks take longer to complete, and you only make life more stressful for yourself.

Pursue a dream you’ve set aside – Now is the time to take steps toward making your dream a reality.

Reward yourself – The little wins are worth celebrating.

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Take time each week to read – Whether it’s a quote, a chapter or a book, reading can help you re-center amid a challenging work or school schedule. 

Make your bed every morning – Not everyone wakes up ready to seize the day, but studies show that people who make their bed each morning are more productive and have greater problem-solving abilities. 

Find a side hustle – By creating another revenue stream, you make opportunities to get out of debt, save for the future or support a creative outlet. 

Have an attitude of gratitude – Each day, say aloud one thing you’re grateful for. This will help lift your spirits and align yourself with an optimistic mindset.

Be kind to yourself – Social media makes it easy to compare our lives to others and cast judgement. Before going down the self-critical rabbit hole, remember no one is perfect. But you are perfectly you! 

“We’re always encouraging our employees to be the best version of themselves,” Snarr said. “We thought that after the rough year everyone’s had, this would be the perfect time to give people motivation to make the most of this upcoming year and be a little more optimistic going into it.” 

And if your resolutions include trying a new internet service provider, now is the time to take advantage of InfoWest’s $21 for 2021 special offer. New residential internet customers will pay just $21 per month for their first three months of service.

Learn more about InfoWest’s products, services and community outreach on their website.

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.

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