GAINSwave treatment from Vitality Health 4 U targets erectile dysfunction without surgery or medication

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CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Millions of American men experience the frustration of erectile dysfunction and diminished sexual performance as part of the natural aging process. Fortunately, Vitality Health 4 U in St. George offers the GAINSwave nonsurgical, nonprescription treatment option to restore virility.  

GAINSwave utilizes acoustic wave therapy to enhance sexual function. Lisa Price, medical aesthetician at Vitality Health 4 U under the direction of Dr. Jared Taylor, has performed hundreds of GAINSwave sessions, helping men of various ages regain their ability and confidence with discretion and care. 

“It’s not an easy thing for someone to come in and say they have this problem,” Price said, adding that GAINSwave is the leading treatment for erectile dysfunction that doesn’t involve drugs or surgery.

While medications like Viagra can create a cycle of dependence and carry the risk of significant side effects, acoustic wave therapy targets the root cause – not just the symptoms. Focused shockwaves release energy into the penile tissue, activating the body’s healing response. 

“It repairs blood vessels and increases blood flow, which allows you to have longer and stronger erections,” Price said. 

There is no downtime or aftereffects associated with GAINSwave, she said, and most patients can resume their daily routine immediately following a session

Vitality Health 4 U is the only certified GAINSwave provider in southwest Utah. While various clinics advertise acoustic wave therapy for erectile dysfunction, Price cautions that not all treatments are created equal.

“We’ve treated a number of people that received acoustic wave therapy at another clinic without remarkable outcomes,” she said. “GAINSwave protocol is a very specific way of utilizing acoustic wave therapy to get optimal results.” 

The technology behind GAINSwave was developed in Switzerland in the mid-2000s. Initially used for pain management, it was approved as an erectile dysfunction treatment by the Food and Drug Administration about five years ago. 

While statistics show that the prevalence of erectile dysfunction directly correlates to age, it’s not exclusively an older man’s problem. Price has treated patients from their 30s into their 80s whose libido is curbed by a myriad of factors, from the vascular to the psychological. 

“A lot of my younger patients are coming to me because they’ve used Viagra and Cialis for recreational purposes, and it’s actually backfiring on them and causing them to have erectile dysfunction,” she said, adding that excessive consumption of marijuana or alcohol can also play a role. 

Erectile dysfunction is not synonymous with impotence, which is the complete inability to get an erection. It also applies to men who are unable to perform as optimally or enjoy as much spontaneity in their sex life as they did in the past.  

Price said the journey to more fulfilling sexual intercourse starts with a no-risk, 20-minute consultation at Vitality Health 4 U. For the right candidates, treatments can begin immediately afterward. Men who may not be candidates for acoustic wave therapy include those with medical devices like pacemakers or metal implants. 

Most patients receive six GAINSwave sessions over a three-week period. Men with erectile dysfunction stemming from serious health issues may require a more aggressive approach, Price said. In the majority of cases, one course of therapy provides lasting results

“With each treatment, performance will improve as we are continually increasing blood flow,” she said. “Some people come to us after one or two treatments and report great improvement.” 

The staff at Vitality Health 4 U are committed to making every patient’s experience as respectful, discreet and comfortable as possible. Price personally handles most consultations and treatments, but Dr. Taylor is also available to handle consultations and treatments. 

“We have many patients who’ve expressed joy at having their normal bodily functions restored,” she said. “The reason we do what we do is the opportunity for people to enhance their quality of life.” 

To schedule a free consultation with Vitality Health 4 U, visit the website or call 435-327-2288

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News

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