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CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Serving the St. George area for the past 12 years, the sleep specialists at Best Mattress are committed to helping people improve their sleep and revitalize their well-being. 

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“Sleep affects every aspect of your life in either a negative or positive way,” Best Mattress general manager Joe Graziano said.

Not just quantity, but quality

Many people will say they have heard that eight hours of sleep is the magic number for adults, but even more important than the amount of overall rest is time spent in rapid eye movement – or REM – sleep, when the body and brain can detoxify and recharge. Research suggests that most people spend only 13-23% of rest period in deep sleep, going through several sleep cycles over the course of the night. 

“If you get into a deep REM sleep at night, it rejuvenates, revitalizes and recharges your body, which will affect your performance at work, home and whatever your plans are for that day,” Graziano said. “When you get a good night’s sleep, you always feel like you are ready to tackle the stresses of the day.”

The average person will spend roughly one-third of their lifetime sleeping, and the quality of that sleep has a profound effect on how they feel while awake. Sleep cleanses the body and brain of metabolic waste, replenishes joints with fluid and boosts the immune system. Choosing a mattress means making an investment in your health, and the right mattress can actually improve it.  

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Chill out

Do you love that cool “other side of the pillow” feeling? Have you lowered the thermostat and kicked off the covers but still wake up hot? Best Mattress stocks a variety of mattresses and pillows that allow for better airflow to bring your body temperature down and keep you resting comfortably through the night. 

Beautyrest mattress, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of Best Mattress, St. George News

A mattress from Nectar is 30 times more breathable than other memory foam products and infused with gel to promote cooling. Four layers of foam provide ample firmness to support your back, neck and shoulders while minimizing weight transfer, making Nectar a great option for sleepers easily disturbed when their partner changes positions. 

Tempur-Pedic’s Breeze line offers a sleeping experience between 3-8 degrees cooler from traditional mattresses across four different firmness levels. Their PureCool+ technology absorbs body heat and then disperses it through air flow vents while the Tempur CM+ material keeps air circulating throughout the night.   

If you love everything else about your mattress and just need a slight temperature adjustment, Graziano said that a cooling mattress protector may be the solution. Even a few degrees can make all the difference. 

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Great sleep tonight, better health tomorrow

You’re not alone if you lie awake night after night frustrated and staring at the ceiling, sometimes for hours. While Americans spend billions on sleep aids every year, the solution may be as simple as having the right tools to help you settle into bed at night. 

Whether it’s our phone, television or tablet, set screens aside, as they stimulate your brain and disrupt production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Graziano also recommends setting a routine of trying to go to bed around the same time each night, which will help your body adjust to and remember its sleep schedule. 

“Make sure you are in a peaceful and tranquil environment,” he said.

Environment aside, your mattress may also play a role in keeping you up at night. If it’s too hot, too soft or too firm, or if your bedding doesn’t feel as snuggly as slipping into a cloud, it’s time for a change. The more comfortable you feel, the easier it will be to let your mind relax and allow your body the restorative sleep it craves. 

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Finding the right fit

Best Mattress carries traditional spring mattresses along with foam and air options. You’ll find an extensive selection from Serta, Sherwood, Beautyrest, Tempur-Pedic, Nectar, Posh + Lavish and others at both of their St. George showrooms.

Sealy Hybrid mattress, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of Best Mattress, St. George News

Your weight, internal thermostat and favorite sleep position all factor into finding the right bed. A Best Mattress sleep specialist will help you determine what’s most important to you in a mattress and guide you to the best options for your unique needs. 

“You’ll know when the mattress is right for you because you will feel very little pressure on your body while also feeling the support in your body,” Graziano said. “You really need to listen to your body and trust it when you are trying out a new mattress.”

All purchases at Best Mattress are satisfaction guaranteed. If you don’t love it, bring it back within 120 days for an exchange or refund. 

“We are the only store where you can shop for a mattress and compare everything,” Graziano said. “We have the largest selection and the lowest prices around. Our name says it all!” 

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Best Mattress began serving the Las Vegas community in 1994 and has since grown to 23 locations in Nevada and Southern Utah. Promising guaranteed low prices and unbeatable customer service, their selection of mattresses, bases and foundations, bed frames, bedding, pillows and other accessories ensures quality sleep is no longer just a dream. 

To speak with a sleep specialist today, call 877-759-8155 or visit their website for more information. 

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.

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