No matter where you are on your fitness journey, Raw Fitness has everything you need to achieve results

CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Ever walk into a big, commercial fitness center and find yourself wandering alone aimlessly, not knowing which machines to use or how to achieve the results you’ve been hoping for?

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You are not alone.

It’s one of the main reasons people give up on going to the gym, says Braunson Lilly, owner of Raw Fitness in St. George. He told St. George News that people can benefit from someone to inspire them to achieve their fitness goals, give experienced guidance and support and, most important, provide accountability.

“Accountability is the No. 1 thing,” Lilly said. “It’s the key to the whole thing.”

Guaranteed to be the absolute cleanest workout facility in Southern Utah and the first location to open in the state, Raw Fitness opened its doors for the first time this week. Lilly is excited to finally introduce the gym to the community and help people get back on the path of living healthy.

As a personal trainer for 15 years, Lilly understands that what may work for one person in the gym may not be perfect for the next and that a “cookie cutter,” impersonal approach to fitness rarely works out. The best way to help people reach their goals, he said, is to come up with a plan and educate them on how to follow it.

“What they need is someone with experience that can give some real help. That’s what makes us different,” Lilly explained. “We give them everything they need in order to succeed. There’s really no guessing.”

If you have been telling yourself, “I am too old; I can’t do it” or “I am too big; it’s impossible,” he said you are lying to yourself and listening to the wrong people. Whether the goal is to increase your overall strength and build muscle mass or find a high-intensity workout to shed a few unwanted pounds, Raw Fitness offers several training programs tailored to fit unique body types.

He gets excited to help people who have had a tough go of things like an injury but are trying to get back on track and doing whatever it takes to get their bodies into shape. The fitness industry calls this the “I can” attitude.

Strength-training sessions are performed in small, intimate group settings where they focus on how to lift weights and workout properly in order to build lean muscle and burn body fat at the same time. Included with the program, clients get a one-on-one nutrition consultation and a meal plan to follow at home.

If you are looking to lose weight, increase cardiovascular health, build overall body strength and drop some fat, the Raw Fitness Bootcamp training program has everything you need. It is a high-intensity training program that utilizes battling ropes, MMA bags, kettlebells, dumbbells, sleds and slides, pushing the body in intervals to keep it burning calories for up to 36 hours after the workout.

The Raw Fit semi-personal training is a hybrid-style program that, in effect, is like having your own personal trainer on staff and has proven to be highly successful. Before training begins, a personalized intake is scheduled to learn where a person wants to be, where they have been, what injuries they may have and even what prescription drugs they may be taking – the whole picture. Raw Fitness seeks to get to know a person and where they want to be headed in order to discover the best place to begin.

Lilly says their ultimate mission is teaching results and lifestyles.

“You’re going to have guidance. You’re going to have nutritional support. You are going to have accountability.”

Trainers are available anytime for advice, be it online or in the gym, and they can continuously make adjustments to meal plans and vary workouts to achieve optimal results.

“They know we live healthy — they feel our energy — they know we’re Captain Positive,” Lilly said “The biggest thing that people are afraid of in this industry is that it is not going to work for them. And that’s not what people should feel. What they need to feel is just because it didn’t work before, doesn’t mean it can’t work. You’ve got to be around the right people to do it.”

Nobody is perfect — if you have failed before, get back up, brush yourself off and try again.

“You’ve got to have an 85/15 mentality; 85% of the time you’re doing what you need to be doing and 15% of the time you might mess up. You get back on the horse and keep going,” he said. “That’s what you need to make it a lifestyle.”

The last couple of months have been hard on everyone, but Lilly always looks for the silver lining. He thinks there are many people in the community who may not have been interested in fitness before the coronavirus pandemic who are now going to be focused on their health, and he wants to do something positive to help.

“The worst thing we can be doing is sitting at home stressing out,” he said.

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He is looking for a few people to test-drive their program free for 21 days to begin their own journey of transformation and provide feedback at the end. They are offering the program at a discounted rate.

Lilly, who has been part of the fitness industry ever since he could walk — both of his parents were dedicated athletes — said the gym isn’t everything. Personal fitness requires hard work, dedication and love, but the more tools a person has in the shed, the more likely they are to succeed.

“We’re driven by results.”

Raw Fitness is located 2376 E. Red Cliffs Drive, No. 307, St. George. They are open six days a week, Monday-Saturday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. They have eight other locations in Aurora and Englewood in Colorado and Henderson and Las Vegas in Nevada.

All safety precautions are being taken, and social distancing will be encouraged.

For more information, call 435-216-7077 or email [email protected].

Written by ANDREW PINCKNEY, St. George News.

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