Dillon John Jones


Our dear sweet Superman in real life left us just as big as he entered this world. Dillon was on his way home after seeing family when he was involved in a fatal car crash leaving us with such an enormous void.

To my amazingly wild other half, it’s only been a week since you left us and we miss you ever so much! I really think we had a love that only we could understand!

Dillon came into this world as a wild spirit. He was always so proud of his 22 concussions, his broken bones and scars, because Dillon LIVED life. He was never afraid, which also scared all of us that loved him. I’ve heard stories of Dillon when he was little taking his bikes down the biggest hills (no helmet of course), climbing the tallest tree just to poop, and being chased by the nuns down the hallways. Dillon was kicked out of every Catholic School when he was little. He just couldn’t be controlled. He was larger than any rules would have him abide by. He had fun and scared everyone else along the way.

He grew up between Mariposa, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. He also learned quite a few tricks to add to his toolkit in both of these cities. Dillon loved his Las Vegas friends. I’m sure that at least a handful of those 22 concussions came from the football he played with his friends. They refer to him as Superman, and I certainly have figured out why. Dillon loved to tackle you. In fact, the last call I had with him he stated he was coming home to tackle Kayden and then me …. I told him I’d just take a hug. He stated … “Krystal, that’s not how we do it.” He loved to let you know how much you were loved.

One of Dillon’s greatest qualities was his loyalty. He would do anything and everything for those he cared about, some of which should not be mentioned as I’m sure it involved criminal activity. He loved fiercely and you could always count on him when you asked for help.

One of Dillon’s other great qualities was that he just didn’t care what others thought. If you were laughing and having fun, then it just didn’t matter. Dillon ran around half-naked most of the time. He just didn’t care. He knew what was most important and those were his priorities.

One of Dillon’s sister’s in-law described him as “an experience.” She said you don’t “meet Dillon,” you “experience Dillon.” That could not be more true. Dillon had a presence about him that you just didn’t ever forget. He didn’t care if you had a bubble, he’d still dance with you. And the laugh! And, if you didn’t like that laugh, he’d made up a few more he could also pull out that were as equally ridiculous.

Dillon didn’t do anything small. If you’d ever been camping with him, you’d know that. His campfires could be seen for a minimum of 10 miles. When I’d sleep in while we were camping (in the back of the pickup bed), he’d start the truck up and do donuts until he could hear me screaming for my life. It was a challenge to live with such a wild spirit, but we laughed A LOT. I know there were also a lot of firecrackers at work. Dillon was a prankster and you could always find him snickering or scheming up his next big act.

Dillon and I met purely by chance. We went out on one date and he never left. He’s just the type that you need in your life, because it makes everything better! We went through some very difficult moments, but we always came back to each other. He was my person. Dillon gave me the opportunity to also be gifted with an amazing little person, who equally has a wild spirit. I’m so sad we will not have you as our partner in crime going forward …. But I’m so grateful that you gave me Kayden. He has so many of your beautiful qualities. He’s got the most amazing eyelashes, webbed toes (that you were so proud of), a fun giggle, those dimples are coming in, and he’s already doing things that scare my mommy heart. You better watch out for us from the sky!

One of the greatest gifts Dillon gave me was FAMILY. He had many fractured family relationships, but everyone that met Dillon, ADOPTED Dillon. He was loyal to the relationships that were loyal to him. He had the Kimbro’s who will always be family. I’ve never had brothers, but I received four amazing brothers (and beautiful partners and children), he had his other surrogate parents, Ann and Kevin, he had his work family, and so many amazing friends!! He had some amazing cousins that he considered siblings as well!

 I hope you are up there DANCING and SINGING so loud! I bet you have moves they haven’t seen before! I LOVE YOU, MY LOVE! I wish you had made it home, I really wanted that tackle. XOXO

Dillon’s last wishes were to hire a flat semi-truck trailer, with recliners and a band so we could drive around town and share our most favorite memories and laugh … I’m going to have to work on this one for a minute. If the law allows us to do so, we will do this when everything settles down. If not, we will have a huge get together when we can all be there, and we’ll do our best to create this scene for him.  

Dillon will be cremated so I can take a little piece of him with me and Kayden along in our next adventures. I’m hoping to take pictures, videos dancing, and laughing while we leave a little piece of him in all of our fun.

All of those that he’s left behind will try to make this world a little better by living it the “Dillon Way.” Fly high Superman!

Arrangements entrusted to the care of Pine View Mortuary 435-986-4222. Please visit our website www.pineviewmortuary.com for full obituary and funeral service listing.

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