When other options fail, Synergy Massage’s Zerona laser may be the answer to waistline woes

CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — While losing inches of fat without diet or exercise might seem like magic, with the new fat-emulsifying Zerona laser treatment being offered by Synergy Massage & Personal Fitness, it is not only possible, it is actually quite easy.

Before and after results of Zerona Z6 laser treatment, date and location unspecified | Photo courtesy of Dr. Taguchi, Synergy Massage, St. George News

Synergy Massage & Personal Fitness president and owner Rhonda MacFadzen told St. George News this is the perfect time of year to be talking about the Zerona treatment.

“It is a new year, we’re refocusing on ourselves,” she said. “The holidays are over. Let’s get back on a good eating program. Let’s exercise, and let’s get under the Zerona so it can help us shed the unwanted fat and shrink those fat cells.”

With the Zerona Z6 noninvasive laser, there is no downtime like with traditional surgery options and no side effects. It takes only minutes of a patient’s time and a few short visits to complete. MacFadzen said since they began offering the procedure a few months ago, patients in Southern Utah have experienced some incredible results.

“The inches of fat are literally melting off people,” she said, adding that it can work for everyone — men, women and the elderly — and because the Zerona laser eliminates fat and not just water weight, patients can expect lasting results.

The procedure has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a full-body fat loss laser treatment, and it allows patients to target areas of fat on almost any part of the body. It is the first laser specifically designed for body contouring, MacFadzen said.

Using cold-laser technology, excessive fat is emulsified and can be eliminated from stubborn areas like hips, thighs, bra line, arms, neck and more. Although individual patient results can vary, clinical trials have shown it is possible to lose as much as 3 1/2 total inches in as little as two weeks.

MacFadzen said one of their most recent clients at Synergy Massage & Personal Fitness had already begun the journey before coming in – and lost weight on her own – but wanted to lift the extra sagging skin that remained, “to firm up the area.” In doing so with Zerona, the client didn’t necessarily lose a lot of pounds but rather a huge amount of body fat percentage. 

“They lost a phenomenal amount of body fat  percentage, from 20% to 6%,” MacFadzen said, noting that in only eight sessions, the client lost inches from just about every body part they were targeting: 4 1/2 inches in total.

“Where the real differences came in was in the body fat percentages, from 20% to 9% from the first measurement to after the first eight sessions, down to 6.4% by the next eight sessions.”

And the patient’s visceral fat, the deep stomach fat, dropped from 11% down to 3%.

“That is outstanding,” MacFadzen said but added that results may vary depending on the body type. “We’re having different people lose at different rates in different areas. I am finding if they have a lot of body fat, we want to keep that fat cell open. We want to keep dumping the fat. I like three times a week. It’s faster. If they are more on the thin side, and they just want a trim, twice a week is good.”

Synergy Massage & Personal Fitness has seen great success with the Zerona laser in patients that have stretch marks from childbirth, sagging skin issues like “chicken neck” and the ever dreaded bra fat. Because of the way the laser uses rotating heads, it is systemic, and areas that aren’t being specifically targeted also come into play and see loss.

MacFadzen said she wouldn’t be using the product at their clinic if she hadn’t seen the results in just one session herself. She just recently used it again before going on vacation, removing 2 inches from her waistline.

“When I can lose an inch in my waist in one session, I thought, ‘This is phenomenal. It’s there, it can happen,'” she said, adding that it can be a benefit to anyone. “Everybody is in some sort of self-improvement. We’re always working at it.”

The best candidates for the laser treatment are people who want to enhance what they’re already doing but don’t want to go through the pain and trouble of liposuction surgery. MacFadzen said that when combined with the other services they offer at Synergy, such as personal training, supplements, nutritional counseling, auricular therapy, vibration plate and massage therapy, they know they can help patient’s achieve the exact results they are looking for.

“We’ve got everything here to get them to their goals and what they want their results to be.”

Currently, they are offering a nutrition session with new treatment packages because they are finding that while patients may think they’re eating well, they sometimes need some help going over their dietary needs depending on their individual circumstances.

For example, people with thyroid issues are an entirely different situation from somebody with diabetes or a person that has no preexisting conditions at all. MacFadzen said it is best to discuss these different circumstances and make sure the client’s nutrition is on point and ensure they are exercising adequately for what they hope to achieve.

Before and after results of Zerona Z6 laser treatment, date and location unspecified | Photo courtesy of Dr. Mullin, Synergy Massage, St. George News

Synergy Massage & Personal Fitness is hosting an open house for the public Jan. 28 at 5 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend or come in anytime for a one-on-one consultation and find out more information. For a limited time, they are offering free vibration plate sessions and a nutrition session with purchase of eight Zerona sessions, as well as a 20% discount off a package of eight or 14 sessions. Financing is available.

Schedule an appointment today online or by calling 435-688-2554.

Synergy Massage & Personal Fitness is located at 1495 S. Black Ridge Drive, St. George. Office hours are 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. Saturday hours of operation vary.

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Massage therapists, personal trainers and nutritionists work together to help clients achieve their personal fitness and wellness goals. Each specialist remains committed to continuing education in their field and is up to date on the latest techniques.

Written by ANDREW PINCKNEY, St. George News.

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