Suffering in pain? Let Dr. Troy Davis at Summit Chiropractic get you on the road to feeling like yourself again

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CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — People who are suffering and in pain want to be heard. They want to feel their needs are being addressed because they matter.

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Dr. Troy Davis with Summit Chiropractic knows his patients want more than just being seen by a doctor. Making patients feel comfortable and cared for is one of the his specialties.

Davis said he understands how getting the whole story can make all the difference in helping patients to get better, and he will do whatever it takes to get patients back on track. Sometimes there’s a quick fix, while other conditions have a longer road to recovery.

Davis told St. George News that chiropractic care has changed since he began practicing in 2001. He treats with tremendous care and precision, taking time with each patient. There’s no snap, pop, crack and out the door in two minutes at Summit Chiropractic.

Davis said he had a recent patient, a woman in her late 60s, who came into the office complaining of chronic sciatic pain. The pain would shoot down into her leg and foot. She had been suffering from this condition for almost five years, despite getting a variety of injections and treatments from other physicians. Nothing seemed to help calm the pain.

After a thorough evaluation, Davis determined that her gluteal muscles were inflamed and rubbing her sciatic nerve. Her backstrap muscles were also extremely tight, working like a vice compressing down on her lumbar spine. This was definitely area where Davis and his staff would be able to help.

Following her first chiropractic treatment, she was a little sore, which Davis said is completely normal.

“It’s like doing a new exercise for the first time and having some sore muscles.”

The woman’s pain and pressure decreased significantly only after two treatments.

“With the pain gone, she could move better,” Davis said. “She wanted to go out and be active, and now she could.”

This is what it’s all about: helping people get back to normal. Davis said they often see those same dramatic results at Summit Chiropractic.

Typically, a patient can expect a treatment to run between 15-45 minutes, depending on the level of treatment required. Sometimes soft tissue work is necessary along with adjustments.

“My staff is so amazing that even a packed schedule can be manipulated to accommodate new patients and walk-ins,” Davis said. “We try to be efficient in our scheduling to give the patient enough time with me and/or the massage therapist.”

Davis and his staff have a keen understanding of the body and how it works.

“To help someone out you have to practice a lot of different techniques,” he said, adding that some of the techniques used in the office are dry needling, natural injections and active release.

Dry needling is one of the latest methods used to treat a wide range of conditions, including but not limited to neck pain, back pain, headaches, muscle tightness and shin splints. Small needles are inserted to cause micro-bleeding, which creates a natural repair in the surrounding tissue.

Trigger point injections are done with a natural anti-inflammatory botanical. They deliver similar results as a steroid or cortisone shot, but Davis said they are easier on the body, with less side effects.

Active release is a technique where pressure is placed on an area as the patient cycles through active motions to release knots in the muscle and regain better mechanics.

Summit Chiropractic is located at 321 N. Mall Drive, St. George. For more information visit their website, or schedule a consultation with by calling 435-862-0125.

Written by ANDREW PINCKNEY, St. George News.

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Photo of Dr. Troy Davis and family by and courtesy of Cindy Davis, St. George News

About Dr. Troy Davis

Dr. Troy Davis is a southern Georgia native and has been practicing for over 19 years. He is a husband and father to four beautiful children. After moving to Southern Utah in 2012, he became very active in the triathlon community. Having participated  in many athletic events, he has a passion for staying fit and keeping the body mobile. This has enabled him to help patients more fully. 


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