Lets get FYZICAL; new physical therapy, balance franchise seeking partnerships in St. George

Florida-based FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers is actively seeking to open a St. George franchise. photo date and location not specified | Photo courtesy FYZICAL, St. George News

ST. GEORGE — Anyone who suffers from balance and dizziness issues knows just how frustrating and debilitating it is to go through the day feeling like you are compromised physically.

A Florida-based company, FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, wants to bring some respite and physical therapy health care options to the citizens of St. George.

The company’s focus is to improve the quality of life for its patients through a holistic, whole-body approach that connects diagnosis with a customized plan of care.

While still in the initial stages of bringing a franchise to the city, Chris Hincker, FYZICAL vice president of development, said he is actively seeking partnerships to open one or more physical therapy centers.

“We first took a look at the demographics of the area, the competitive outlook, and now we are actually having the conversations to identify who our partner will be in the marketplace,” Hincker said. “We are beginning to look at the market now in terms of contacting individuals that may convert to our model.”

FYZICAL is a physical therapy franchise that has grown rapidly since its formation in 2012. What started with 13 locations and two strategic partnerships in 2013 has now grown to more 400 locations in 45 states with an additional 89 sites in development or committed to opening in the future.

“We have grown by working with existing physical therapy offices as well as new start locations to be able to provide services to the communities that we are in,” Hincker said. “Our services include all of the areas typically offered by physical therapists, along with many that are not often involved such as aftercare, hearing aids, audiology, orthotics. We are truly a wellness brand.”

As part of its suite of physical therapy rehabilitation services, FYZICAL niche focuses on balance therapy, photo date and location not specified | Photo courtesy of FYZICAL, St. George News

Company projections are to reach 538 locations with more than 30 strategic partnerships by the end of the year.

“Truth be told we are coming everywhere, and St. George is one of the fastest-growing cities,” Hincker said. “Based upon the demographics of the marketplace, the growth opportunities and the existing physical therapy concentration, we believe it’s going to be a perfect fit for the model that we are going to be providing to the community.”

Through its research, FYZICAL believes that the St. George health care community, while offering a variety of services, has some that are underserved. One is balance rehabilitation.

While offering a wide range of physical therapy services, the company’s prime niche is a focus on providing balance and dizziness therapy.

“Most folks consider physical therapy to be more orthopedic, and while we do that, we also cover more specialized areas of therapy such as pelvic health and aquatic therapy,” Hincker said, adding that they are an “all-inclusive brand” but that they are really the only solution for balance and vestibular therapy – issues particularly with the inner ear.

Although St. George is not considered a health care desert, void of services, there are some deficiencies, Hincker added.

“We have issues everywhere in health care, but one of the interesting things about St. George is physical therapy, where there are approximately 25 providers of outpatient care today,” he said. “What that means to us is there are opportunities for not just one but multiple physical therapy centers that could exist in the marketplace.”

The reason FYZICAL believes physical therapy centers are going to be so well-suited in St. George is that prevention is key to many of the population groups that live in the city.

“We are optimistic about your marketplace, and growth bodes well for the additional services we can provide,” Hincker said.

Rehabilitating individuals that have challenges with balance and dizziness often go hand in hand. Some suffer from issues involving problems with the inner ear affecting their equilibrium. This could result from anything from disease and normal aging to injuries such as concussions received from participation in contact sports.

According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, children who have a history of concussions from playing contact sports are more than 80 percent likely to have issues with balance and dizziness.

“Our protocols are designed to help get their lives back – or in our words, learn to love their life again by resolving the challenges that are keeping them from participating in many activities that they love,” Hincker said. “We proved services that many physical therapists are not taught in their general education.”

FYZICAL course of care involves 10-12 visits over four to six weeks, with 40-60 minute rehabilitation sessions. Individuals learn to strengthen the systems that control targeted areas of their bodies.

According to company literature, FYZICAL wants to ensure each patient fully understands why they are experience symptoms, what are the recommended treatment programs and how to prevent pain or dysfunction from happening in the future.

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