Red Rock Real Estate market watch with featured realtor Tammie Richeson

Composite image. Background photo shows Red Rock Real Estate & Property Management, St. George, Utah, Aug. 6, 2019. Inset photo of Tammie Richeson, Red Rock Real Estate, date and location unspecified | Inset photo courtesy of Tammie Richeson, St. George News

FEATURE — The walls of Tammie Richeson’s corner office are lined with pictures of her family of four children. There are also several signs throughout with words of inspiration, and of these, the realtor said one in particular describes her more than anything.

Pointing to the sign on the desk behind her that reads “So much has been given me, I have not time to ponder what I have been denied,” Richeson told St. George News she thinks that’s the attitude people should have about life.

As one of Red Rock Real Estate’s top-selling agents, Richeson does not operate the way most people might imagine for a traditional real estate agent. Admittedly unconventional, she said when clients walk through her door, they usually forgo the handshake and instead lean into each other for a hug.

For Richeson, real estate is more of a “relationship business,” and most of her clients are, in fact, very close friends. After 16 years in the business, she thinks that is the reason the job still gives her so much joy.

She attributes her success to her passion for helping others and her approach to working with customers. It is not just about the “number, number, number,” she said. It is about being a part of people’s lives and helping them progress from their first cute little house to the large family home they leave to their own kids.

Tammie Richeson of Red Rock Real Estate, date and location unspecified | Photo courtesy of Tammie Richeson, St. George News

“My way is a little old fashioned. I think that we forget to be grateful for what we have and what we’re doing. When you, in life, take care of those with you and around you, life kind takes care of you,” Richeson explained.

“I’m so fortunate, I can’t even tell you, and I grew up a poor farm girl. I know the joys that it (home buying) is giving and the things that I’ve been able to do for other people. I really think that’s why I’m successful.”

An avid cyclist, Richeson loves everything Southern Utah has to offer. She enjoys many outdoor activities and spends a lot of time camping with her family.

However, when she’s at the office, she said she is lucky in that it doesn’t feel like she is really working. 

“I enjoy people. I think the people that live in Southern Utah are very friendly, very kind,” she said. “I enjoy what I do. It makes it much easier.”

Unlike others in the industry, Richeson has built her business on using minimal technology – she keeps it personal and thinks that is probably another of the reasons she has so many return clients. She makes a point to contact at least five clients every single day. Past, current or future clients, it doesn’t matter, as long as she keeps in touch. It’s a “silly, little rule,” she said, but one that works for her.

“We have great technology available, but I think that the one thing that can never be replaced with technology is the personal touch that a human being gives.”

‘Our market in St. George is very strong’

Richeson told St. George News that she’s encouraged by the latest housing report released in July, and due to recent events, she expects the local market to be favorable for both buyers and sellers for a while to come.

In June, 370 new listings were added to the market, and there were 935 active listings available in St. George. In the last 12 months, the average sale price of a home increased by 1.59% and 361 transactions were pending, up almost 6% from the same time last year.

The median price of homes listed in St. George now stands at $379,500, and the median rent price is currently $1,420. Home values have increased 8% in the last year and are projected to climb in 2020 by 1.8%

“I think that our market in St. George is very strong and is going to continue to be strong,” Richeson said, citing the fact that the Federal Reserve cut interest rates for the first time in over a decade by .25% to just below 2.25%.

“They’re going to keep them low, so that’s a good thing,” she said. “My only concern is that we’re very aware and careful that we don’t outprice our new generation of  buyers. I worry because they need to buy a home too. Prices have gotten to a point where it’s harder for that, and I hope things kind of balance out and we’re able to provide amazing housing for everyone.”

For long-term investors, lower interest rates mean it could be the right time to jump into the market, and Richeson said there are many great possibilities in the area.

“People don’t realize the opportunities that there are here,” she said. “Young, retired, whatever their life is.”

Richeson can be reached by phone at 435-229-0830 or at her office at Red Rock Real Estate located at 90 E. 100 South, St. George. Find her current listings on her website.

Written by ANDREW PINCKNEY, St. George News.

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