Letters to the Editor: Warren Wright’s ‘song for President Donald Trump’ wasn’t the right tune

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OPINION — On April 26, St. George News published a letter from St. George resident Warren Wright. The letter cited the song “How Small We Are, How Little We Know” by Earl Wilson Jr. and warned President Donald Trump that if he didn’t change his ways, he would go down in history as a “monumental curse to our body politic.”

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Several readers sent emails to St. George News expressing their disagreement with Wright’s assessment.

“I am so tired of democrats and liberals insinuating our president is doing nothing (and) that he needs to redeem himself while he can,” Washington City resident Ilene Mackelprang wrote.

She continued: “I think it’s time they pull their head out of the sand and give credit where credit is due. I could sit and list everything he has accomplished, some of which he has had to undo in order to fix, but I think these so-called citizens of the United States need to do some research on their own before they start degrading the President. Cleaning the swamp has been a struggle for him because our government is so corrupt and broken that they are standing in his way every time he turns around and uncovers another troll. Let him be, let him work for the people and America. Let him do his job and give him the credit he deserves because he has worked hard at being a leader, instead of a yes man like so many past presidents.”

Another Washington City resident, Craig Davis, went so far as to compile a list of the areas where he said America is “doing well.” His list of 19 points was as follows:

  1. Consumer confidence and approval ratings are up.
  2. Unemployment is the lowest ever for Latinos, blacks and women.
  3. The stock markets are at record levels.
  4. Wages and salaries are up.
  5. Taxes are down.
  6. Productivity is high (GDP).
  7. Border security is tightening against criminal elements.
  8. North Korea and Iran are under sanctions.
  9. NATO partners are on notice to pay their fair share.
  10. Business is flourishing under lower taxes and fewer regulations.
  11. Families who need welfare assistance are down.
  12. Trade agreements are more balanced.
  13. Religious freedom is guaranteed.
  14. Gun ownership for responsible citizens is protected.
  15. The IRS is not being used to punish political adversaries.
  16. Media bias is being challenged.
  17. Police are being supported in an effort to keep America safe.
  18. The opioid epidemic and sex trafficking are high priorities.
  19. Federal judges who honor the constitution are being appointed.

“Everything is better than it was two years ago,” Davis wrote, “unless you hate the fact that Trump is succeeding.”

Douglas Riding, also of Washington City, wrote that while he actually enjoyed the song by Earl Wilson Jr., he also disagreed with Wright’s assessment of the president.

“I read with pleasure, the lyrics to the song that Mr. Wright sent in the other day. I think it is a very good song, it has meaning for us all, and I am appreciative of his efforts to share it,” Riding wrote. “However (there’s always an ‘however’, isn’t there ?)  I would, respectfully, disagree with his assessment of the President.”

Riding continued: “President Trump may not be ‘the horse we wanted to buy,’ but he’s the ‘horse we’ve got,’ and it would do us all well to remember that. Whippin’, spurrin’, throwin’ the saddle on without a blanket, and adjustin’ the bit too tight does little to improve the horse’s disposition, but is usually detrimental to the ride!

“I ‘hired’ Donald J. Trump to do 7 specific jobs for me. So far as I see, he’s tryin’ mighty hard, and succeeding on most fronts, against all odds.

“Here’s another poem that Mr. Wright might like to consider:

‘It was six men of Indostan /
To learning much inclined /
Who went to see the Elephant /
(Though all of them were blind) /
That each by observation /
Might satisfy his mind.’

You probably know the rest.”

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