From Figures of Faith: Catholic church pastoral assistant talks about what we can learn from Jesus

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FEATURE — For the “From Figures of Faith” series, St. George News reached out to the Interfaith Council of St. George and asked if they had a message about the holiday season they would like to share with our readers.

The following was submitted by Carole Drake, pastoral assistant and community outreach for St. George Catholic Church, located at 259 W. 200 North, St. George.

Blessings for a most joyous Christmas!

Long ago, in humble and crude surroundings, a poor, young couple gave birth to a baby boy. His birth forever changed this world. Jesus, the name bestowed upon Him, was the newborn king destined to bring salvation to a people who longed for His coming.

Jesus came into this world as one like us, but without sin. He experienced hardship, torment, temptation, ridicule, cruelty and finally death as He sought to bring truth, justice and peace to this world. He suffered human weaknesses, trials and tribulations just as we do.

Jesus came to seek and teach, to comfort and heal, to forgive and to love all those living in the darkness of sin. He sought peace and harmony for a world torn by discord and strife. He was born to be our Redeemer, our Rock and Refuge, our Savior against all evil.

The messages of this man, who walked this earth as we also do, live on in the Bible, in Scripture, a vital part of our daily living. For those of the Catholic community, the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus, that we receive under the species of bread and wine in the Holy Eucharist, provides a spiritual nourishment for daily life. Lives of saintly men and women, some of whom have lived among us in our own time, also speak to us and guide us each day.

Following a path of daily living in the footsteps of Jesus gives one a sense of right doing. Jesus invited all people to come to Him, to follow Him. He invited not only the rich and powerful but the poor and lowly, those living on the margins of society, those whom the world shunned.

Jesus encouraged sharing. If you own two coats, one belongs to someone who has none. If you have food in your pantry, part belongs to those without. If you have extra time, share it with someone who has no one with whom to visit.

If someone speaks ill of you, remember, they criticized Jesus in His time. If someone accuses you unjustly, remember, they wrongfully judged Jesus. If someone seeks to destroy your good name, remember, they did the same to Jesus. No matter how much or what we suffer at the hands of our “enemies,” Jesus suffered the same.

If we follow Jesus Christ, we will find not a smooth, even path in life but certainly one that leads to greater rewards than this world can offer. We will recognize our good actions and deeds benefit many we encounter. We will become more mindful of one another’s needs – family, community, country, our world.

Prayer is the guiding light for getting to know Jesus, discerning the path He desires us to follow and acting according to His will. Even if we “don’t know how to pray,” we can but close our eyes and lift our hearts to Him in a most humble and contrite manner, asking Him to come to us as we are, sinners in need of His saving grace. We want to know Him, love Him and serve Him.

One of the saints of long ago is quoted as saying about Jesus: “He became human so that we might become divine.” We are all created to be saints; how we choose to live out that calling is up to us.

May this Christmas be a time of new beginnings, renewed hope and new pathways leading to joy and peace among all in our world today. May prayer find its way into our hearts, our homes and our world. May we look to God in all our needs, experience His powerful intercession and receive His merciful love always.

St. George News will continue to add new messages to the “From Figures of Faith” series over the weekend leading up to Christmas Day. For all faith messages, click here.

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