John R. Sorenson DC, DAACP, QME

Advanced Care Chiropractic

Dr. Sorenson of Advanced Care Chiropractic has been a resident of St. George since 2005. Dr. Sorenson graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas and then completed his post-doctorate Diplomat Degree from the American Academy of Chiropractic Pediatrics in 1993, specializing in pregnancy and pediatric care. Dr. Sorenson is the only board-certified chiropractor in Southern Utah to have achieved this high-standing accreditation as a certified specialist in women and children's health, pre-conception, prenatal, neonatal, pregnancy and pediatric care. Webster’s and baby BEST are two of many techniques Dr. Sorenson uses in the care of his expecting patients. He works directly with local midwives helping to relieve Sciatica, back pain, headaches and many other conditions caused by pregnancy. Dr. Sorenson utilizes chiropractic, Myofacial massage, soft tissue and baby BEST techniques, clinical nutrition, lifestyle awareness, and holistic perspectives to customize treatment programs for individual patients. Colic, Latching, Birth Complications, Trauma, Chronic Ear Infections, Bed Wetting, Scoliosis, Sports Injuries and Postural Changes are just some of the conditions that Dr. Sorenson has treated successfully. 435-275-4015
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