Is your swimming pool ready for spring? Spot the Sharky shark for a spotless pool

Spot the shark for spotless pools. All Sharky pool professionals drive a truck with the Sharky logo to and from the job site, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of Sharky, St. George News

FEATURE — Warmer weather is on its way which means it is almost swimming pool time. For both private and commercial pool owners it is important to make sure a pool is properly cleaned and serviced before firing up the heater and splashing into the season.

As customers start to ready their pool for the spring and summer seasons they may find that essential parts are not functioning properly or are in need of cleaning and maintenance.

Sharky pool professionals check maintain clean and balanced water for commercial and residential pools, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of Sharky pool professionals, St. George News

This can be especially true of pool heaters and pool covers and untreated waters that have been neglected through the cooler months.

“A lot of people have the misconception that they can just ignore their pool through the winter,” said Shawn Warner, owner of Sharky. “That’s not really healthy for the pool.”

Sharky is a St. George-based business specializing in cleaning and maintenance services for commercial and residential swimming pools.

Since 2010, Sharky has been the go-to business in Southern Utah for keeping swimming pools and hot tubs of every shape and size in pristine condition.

Warner got his start in the pool business in a somewhat unconventional way. As a member of a homeowners association board, Warner said, he noticed that the association was spending a lot of money maintaining the pool.

In order to help cut down on costs, Warner proposed the HOA board send him to a qualified pool operator course. Once Warner received his certificate he would then take over the cleaning and maintenance duties of the HOA pool.

Warner had no expectation of doing any other pools than the one in his neighborhood, he said.

But as word got out that Warner had cut pool maintenance costs in half for his neighborhood, other nearby HOAs offered to hire him and … Sharky was born. Today Warner and his staff of qualified pool operators are known as the pool professionals.

They earn their moniker through dedication to being highly trained in all facets of pool repair, maintenance and cleaning.

“We do everything pool-related,” Warner said. And they do it well.

All Sharky pool professionals spend an hour each morning training, practicing and drilling programming and repairs before heading out into the community. They also spend hours in continuing education courses and trainings, Warner said.

Spot the shark for spotless pools. All Sharky pool professionals drive a truck with the Sharky logo to and from the job site, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of Sharky, St. George News

Southern Utah residents may recognize Sharky’s business trucks by their large shark logo-wrapped sides as they drive throughout the area delivering swimming pool chemicals and servicing pools.

The same logo is worn on the shirts and hats of each pool professional on the job site so that they are recognizable, Warner said.

Spotting a Sharky shark in Southern Utah means there is a pool nearby that has been expertly tended by pool professionals who are well-trained and who care about their customers.

From routine cleaning and repair to lab testing commercial pool water samples in-house and being a certified warranty station for all the major pool supply manufacturers, Sharky can customize a pool service for any customer. And the customer, whether a large hotel, HOA or private homeowner, can rest assured that Sharky is employing best business practices.

“I always answer my phone and I always tell the truth,” Warner said. “I give estimates and I talk to my customers as if they were all my own parents.”

Warner said he wouldn’t be dishonest with his own mom and therefore he wouldn’t be dishonest with anyone else.

It is a business model that he believes customers in a busy community can really appreciate.

To speak to a Sharky pool professional for a free service estimate, customers can call telephone 435-327-1911. Pictures and more information can be found on Sharky’s website and Instagram.

A sparkling clean pool maintained by Sharky Pool Professionals, St. George, Utah, date not specified | Photo courtesy of Sharky Pool Professionals, St. George News

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  • comments April 23, 2018 at 11:13 pm

    If I was rich and could pay someone to fiddle with one so I didn’t have to, I might have me a swimmin’ pool put in. It basically turns into a part time job if you try to do it yourself. All this stuff about balancing PH levels, and chlorine, and pool heaters, and filters, and cleaning it and testing the water constantly… no thanks. But for you folks with some extra change rattling around in your pockets, why not hire this company here? You have to figure they’re at least as good as any other company, right?

    • comments April 23, 2018 at 11:19 pm

      Oh yea, I had one of those above ground pools–the smaller ones–intex or something. I always thought about putting salt in it instead of chlorine. In the end I did nothing and it filled up with algae–algae and june beetles. You know, when the bottom of your pool gets coated in algae it just isn’t fun anymore–it’s pretty gross. I still got that pool in the box out in the garage. It’s really all the pool I need, and the thing was more trouble than it was worth. It cost like $200. Maybe someday I’ll get it out again.

  • Sparky April 25, 2018 at 6:26 am


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