On the EDge: Harvey Weinstein for Time’s ‘Person of the Year’

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OPINION — Forget Donald Trump.

Forget Kim Jong Un.

I nominate Harvey Weinstein for Time magazine’s “Person of The Year.”

It becomes an item of discussion as a result of the current rift between the president, who claims the magazine wanted to name him “Person of the Year” again, and the publication’s editors, who say he is mistaken.

While Trump certainly would qualify as a nominee for “Person of the Year” – whether you love him or hate him – he pales in comparison with Weinstein.

For the past couple months, you could not turn on the news, browse through the internet or pass a single day without hearing his name as more and more women come forward with their stories of sexual abuse.

Weinstein, of course, is co-founder of Miramax, a high-powered entertainment company that has produced some heavy film work – from “Pulp Fiction” to “Shakespeare In Love.” He and his brother then founded The Weinstein Company, another mega-power company that carried considerable clout in the industry. He even took home an Oscar and seven Tonys along the way, plus truckloads of cash, much of it paid out to women as hush money for his sexual assaults.

But, all of that is now irrelevant as Weinstein’s lurid past has finally become public and police agencies in London, New York City and Los Angeles investigate multiple allegations of rape and assault.

Over the years, Time has, for the most part, honored people who have done some remarkable things with their lives; positive accomplishments benefiting mankind; breakthrough work that has been inspirational, life-saving, life-changing.

Charles Lindbergh, Queen Elizabeth, Dr. Martin Luther King, Lech Walesa, Anwar Sadat and a number of other very powerful figures of history have earned the distinction since it was created in 1927.

Every president except for Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover and Gerald Ford has earned the title at least once.

There have been special designations over the years. Winston Churchill was named “Man of the Half-Century in 1949, Mikhail Gorbachev was “Man of the Decade” in 1989, and Albert Einstein was named “Person of the Century,” followed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi, in 1999.

We have seen Time honor “American Women” (1975), “Hungarian Freedom Fighters” (1956), “U.S. Scientists” (1960), “The Inheritors” (1966), “Apollo 8 Astronauts” (1968), “Middle Americans” (1969), “The American Soldier” (2003), “You” (2006), “The Protester” (2011) and “Ebola Fighters” (2014.)

There have also been some highly controversial calls when Time honored, if you will, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin (twice), Nikita Khrushchev and Ayatollah Khomeini.

The choices haven’t always been popular, but have, for the most part, stuck close to Time’s stated purpose of naming people or groups of people who, “for better or for worse … have done the most to influence the events of the year.”

And, man, has Weinstein influenced the events of the year, even though his sordid story surfaced well after the last summer sunset.

The list of men who have been accused of sexual abuse in the fallout since the Weinstein allegations surfaced is far too long to detail here. You can find fairly detailed lists and backgrounds here as well as here.

It is a shocking roster of Hollywood, media, political and sports figures – some household names, some behind-the-scenes powerbrokers.

For all of its lurid details, the Weinstein scandal has brought the dirty little secret of sexual abuse and harassment to public scrutiny.

It has empowered women to stand up and fight back, to refuse to be assaulted, abused, objectified.

I have seen unbelievably ridiculous and insensitive comments about how these women knew what they were doing, that there were monetary or celebrity benefits to keeping quiet about these predatory attacks, as they were forced to do.

If you believe this, you are a part of the problem, ignorant of the facts of the continuing trauma and heartbreak of unwanted sexual advances.

If you think so-called “locker room talk” is OK, you are a misogynist with no respect for women, morality or civility.

If you think these women are making “too big of a deal” about these experiences, stop and consider how you would feel if you were violated by one of these guys.

Millions of women and, in some cases men, posted #MeToo on social media not long ago to underscore just how much of this abuse is taking place. It is estimated that the number of responders is only a fraction of those who have endured such attacks.

It is astonishing.

It is tragic.

It has got to stop.

Whether you are a Hollywood star like Uma Thurman or a high school girl flipping burgers at the local fast food joint, you deserve to do your job and earn your way through merit, not sexual currency.

And, politicizing this outrage only adds fuel to the fire. It’s arrogance compounding ignorance.

Liberals who defend Al Franken, Bill Clinton or John Kennedy are as hypocritical as conservatives who defend Trump, George H.W. Bush or Roy Moore.

If you set your sights on Bill O’Reilly you’d better go after Jann Wenner.

If you go after Steven Segall you’d better take aim at Ben Affleck.

This has nothing to do with political ideology and everything to do with repulsive behavior.

There is a greater issue at hand here.

We’re hearing a lot right now about people of celebrity, but how many people of lesser notoriety are exhibiting the same behavior, from cops to doctors to lawyers, teachers, religious leaders of all denominations, neighbors, friends, family members?

It’s not always, you know, simply about forcing one’s self on another or groping and fondling.

Stop and think about how many times you’ve heard a disgruntled male employee complain that a woman got the promotion or raise he was after because she was sleeping with the boss.

Whether the woman was forced into such an arrangement or the words are simply lies from some jerk unwilling to admit that the woman is better qualified, it is still a violation of that woman, an attack on her character, a theft of dignity and respect.

Whether it is a Hollywood casting couch, a grope in the storeroom or an incident behind closed office doors doesn’t matter, it is still a violent act of aggression by one individual who holds monetary, professional or physical advantage over another and no less forgivable than a back alley rape.

There is, like in all things, a lesson in this of course.

We could learn to take these accusations seriously and not demean the women who come forward.

We could learn that this sort of behavior is much more common than we believed.

We could learn that party, race and religion have nothing to do with who the predators are.

Most importantly, we could learn that any sort of untoward sexual advances are unacceptable, period.

Then, and only then, will these atrocities end.

So, if Time magazine is looking for a “Person of the Year,” Harvey Weinstein and his ignominious behavior certainly earned my vote.

No bad days!

Ed Kociela is an opinion columnist for St. George News. The opinions stated in this article are his own and may not be representative of St. George News.

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @STGnews, @EdKociela

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  • Utahguns November 28, 2017 at 7:24 am

    Sarcasm right?
    According to your logic, you forgot Charles Manson…
    I believe most of us who read your columns do so with a hint of bias….knowing your political leanings and your liberal views.

  • DRT November 28, 2017 at 7:32 am

    I wonder:

    How many folks, no matter their sex, actually see themselves in these articles. How many are guilty of sexual misconduct that either can not, or will not, recognize this behavior in themselves.

    I wonder how many of these sexual misconduct instances actually happened, and how many of these instances are nothing more than one person trying to bring down another person out of envy or spite. It’s a fact that every time one of these misconduct charges are made, the whole world believes those charges to be true, no matter what the facts end up showing. In other words, a person who is said to have committed some type of sexual misconduct, is automatically seen as being guilty by the media, and by the general public.

    If someone is guilty, then they deserve everything they get. But what about those few who have been falsely accused?

    • bikeandfish November 28, 2017 at 11:50 am

      False accusations exist but average about 3% of such instances of sexual assault and harrassment allegations. We know Project Veritas was fabricating allegations against Moore to bait WaPo but their fact checking discovered the plan. But its rare.

      Historically, until this autumn, women coming forward were definitely not believed with regularity. Look at the poor rate of conviction for proof. Look to how people rush to protect their own, Bill Clinton or Roy Moore now, versus trusting the victims. Allegations against Weinstein circulated for years with no consequence to him. The reality is the United States, like much of the world, has a strong bias towards distrusting the word of women in these situations. Instead of recognizing the scope of the problem we fabricate ideas like “legitimate” or “real” rape to denounce survivors. We claim women “were asking for it” or “sleeping their way to the top”. Just look at the hard evidence against Brock Turner yet the judge was more worried about his future than justice for his violent actions.

      Those few who are falsely accused can use the systems in place to protect themselves. We know “due process” favors the accused in general. We know work places rarely fire employees for sexual harrassment. Its unfortunate but we know innocent people get wrapped up in just about any type of accusation, from murder to every day mistakes, but the arc of justice needs to change regarding sexual assault and focusing on the accused this early in the process will only hurt victims.

  • bikeandfish November 28, 2017 at 11:51 am

    Great opinion piece, Ed. If we don’t keep a spotlight on this issue than we are bound to brush it under the rug yet again.

  • comments November 28, 2017 at 1:35 pm

    We live in a time of extreme moral decay. I can’t hardly find any movie or show on netflix or amazon that isn’t packed full of fairly graphic sex scenes. I’m not squeamish, I’ve watched plenty of pornographic material(way too much) in my life and been married several times and “been familiar” with a few women outside of marriage. But when I want to settle in and watch a tv show or movie why do I have to be bombarded with graphic sex scenes and pornography? It simply makes any show or movie less enjoyable. We live in a porno culture that makes people think they need to be groping, fondling and having sex with each other constantly, because that’s what popular media bombards us with constantly. There was one on netflix based of or a marvel comic book; I think it was “jessica jones”. Supposed to be a superhero type thing from Marvel, so probably a lot of young kids will be watching it. The show was full of extremely graphic interracial sex scenes. Not so graphic as to be considered “hardcore porn” since it didn’t show full genital penetration, but it showed everything but, and was simply graphic pornography none the less, put right into a comic-book based superhero show. This is our modern culture and it is nothing but dying morality. All the sexual abuse and harassment is just a product of this culture. porno porno porn, sex sex sex, in all magazines, tv, movies. Real people don’t live like this, but this type of media telling us we should live like this–sleep around with bunches of people, cheat on spouses, normalizing drunken or drugged-up hookup culture. Pushing this filth on us constantly, and to what end? I’ll be actively trying to cleanse my mind and spirit from pornographic, vulgar, and violent influences, and that might mean netflx and amazon tv have to go. Total filth, and I know FOR CERTAIN that netflix wasn’t this bad just a few years ago–making marvel comic shows full of porno sex scenes. It’s blatantly disgusting, and disturbing on many levels, esp since marvel comic shows should be PG13 at the most, not full on porn.

  • DB November 28, 2017 at 2:48 pm

    Love him or hate him, Trump should be Man of the Year. There would be copies of the cover all over the White House. Weinstein is a lurid sideshow and doesn’t even come close.

  • Sapphire November 28, 2017 at 3:03 pm

    Nothing new about Weinstein. Nothing shocking. This has always been typical in the entertainment industry as well as corporate world. I think we forget it was only recently (in my lifetime) that women quit being property in America and had any rights at all. I really don’t think it is realistic to expect most older men to look at women with respect. That wasn’t the way they were raised. I didn’t say it was right, it is just the way things have been in this country since its inception and the way it is in much of the world. Civil rights don’t come easily and with women behaving, speaking, and dressing so classlessly, they aren’t doing themselves any favors in the respect department.

  • NickDanger November 28, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    Absolutely ridiculous “issue.”

    I’ll tell you people something, and I say this as a person with decades of experience in the music and radio business – every single one of these women who are suddenly “stepping forward” with these allegations knew exactly what she was getting herself into. The entire entertainment culture is built around men with power favoring attractive women (or men) in exchange for sexual consideration.

    So for these women to start crying now is laughable. Oh, Weinstein and all these others are going down, the media will see to that. But most, if not all, of these women are…wait for it…nothing but whores. They whored themselves out for that big break, they wanted to be stars and they were willing to do whatever it took. And the entertainment industry is filled with poor shmucks like Harvey Weinstein, with a talent for movies and television but a face for radio.

    Now some of this stuff is a bit extreme – what Louis CK has admitted to is just weirdness. But for the most part, it’s all just the status quo that has existed since the beginning of entertainment. Rich guys with movies to make, TV shows to produce, and recording careers to launch are always looking for attractive and talented women to fill these roles. The “casting couch” has been understood all along – I mean, why do you think YOU know that term? You’re not even in the business. That means it’s a real thing.

    So where is the accountability from these women? Where is THIS public outcry: “What? You slept with that man for a bit part in a TV show!?”

    Of course that outcry will never be heard, because women are no longer accountable for their actions. Go out, get drunk, sleep with some guy? Poor judgment? No, she just got raped. Nag your husband for years until he finally divorces you? Bad decision? No, she just got half his assets for “supporting” him for so many years. Sleep with a movie producer for a minor role in a movie? Whore? Nope, she just got a lucrative career in exchange for sex. Snuggle up to a senator and let him pat you on the butt now and then? Putting it out there? No, she’s a Capitol Hill page now, launching a career in politics.

    I think Jack Nicholson’s character in As Good As It Gets said it best. When asked how he was able to write women so well, he said, “I picture a man, then I take away reason and accountability.”

    All this sexual abuse nonsense is a farce. Until I start seeing ANYONE ask the question, “Couldn’t you have just said No?” I’m just writing it off as yet another attempt by the liberal media to create division and controversy where there actually is nothing more than business as usual.

    Also, as an addendum, a guy hitting on a girl and her turning him down is not sexual abuse. It’s how couples get together. These days it’s like, “Oh my God, this guy propositioned me!” Yes, and…?

    I’ll tell you what, I recently read about the pending advent of artificial wombs. When we don’t need women for anything anymore, there will probably be a bounty on the ears.

  • Dennis November 28, 2017 at 9:04 pm

    WOW, when you look in the mirror what kind of hostile human being do you see. Time to crawl back under your rock and stay there.

    • NickDanger November 28, 2017 at 10:29 pm

      Hey Dennis, here’s a tip: Shaming doesn’t work on me. I live in reality. Check it out, it’s all around you.

      Let me guess, you’re one of these pitiful man-children who has forgotten what it means to be a real man. Well please allow me to clue you in.

      Being a real man means you are on the hunt for a woman until you find your wife. In other words, you have to “approach” women. All the more widely-read advice columnists will tell you, be vewy, vewy careful in doing so – women are utterly sensitive creatures and you can completely ruin them if you breathe on them wrong.

      But the actual truth is, most women want to be dominated by a real man. And I do mean DOMINATED, as in, told what to do, what to wear, how to behave, etc. That’s the essence of femininity – while the essence of masculinity is to exercise control. This is nature, not politics.

      Unfortunately, in the modern era, most men are like you, Dennis – just hoping you do and say the right thing to attract a woman’s attention. Otherwise, I can’t understand your reasoning.

      Because men built the world. Men invented…everything. Men fought the wars that shaped modern society. Men run the planet – whether they do it well or not is another conversation, but they are, and have always been, in charge.

      Now, is this because women have been secretly equal to men all along, but they’ve just been holding back, waiting for the entire planet to be exhaustively set on its course, only to suddenly reveal their equality now? Or is it, MAYBE, because women never were equal to men and never will be.

      It’s no coincidence that the fall of western civilization and the advent of women’s rights are following the same timeline, Dennis. And why? We had complete control, but we have gradually given it over, almost completely, to women.

      Why? Because of MALES like you, Dennis. Note the use of the scientific identifier as opposed to the traditional social one.

      Have a nice day, Dennis. Try not to get your panties in a wad.

      • Anon November 29, 2017 at 8:51 am

        Thank you for this commentary. I am going to save it as inspiration for what the villain in my next novel believes.

        • NickDanger November 29, 2017 at 4:55 pm

          Please, please, please name him Nick!

          • Anon November 30, 2017 at 1:45 pm

            With your permission. 😉

        • bikeandfish November 29, 2017 at 4:57 pm

          Indeed. Danger’s fascination with white male control is telling.

          • NickDanger November 29, 2017 at 5:42 pm

            It’s just truth, Bike. We’ve had this conversation before – you cannot turn a lie into the truth. The truth is, men are objectively the rulers of this world. Does that make them superior? I don’t know, what constitutes “superiority?” Forcing everyone else to do things your way? Yep.

            The lie is, women are equal to men. How so, Bike? They’ve been around for exactly the same amount of history as men, yet they’ve never invented anything, never fought a war, never built anything of substance. All of history is all about men. No one was REALLY stopping women from pursuing constructive lives, yet for 99% of human history they have chosen to be almost exclusively nothing but wives and mothers. Now suddenly, when the world is built, human destiny is set on what is undoubtedly its penultimate course for all practical purposes, and life is…let’s be honest, EASY – they want to be equal.

            So fine, we gave them equality. They have it, don’t even pretend they don’t. They have all the same opportunities as men now, up to and including running for President of the USA and getting the majority of the popular black vote on a platform of Free Stuff. Interesting sidebar: She barely got the majority of the women’s vote, she did not get the majority of the white women’s vote, and she most definitely did not get the majority of the middle class vote.

            Point being, though, no opportunity is denied to women anymore. It’s illegal. So to act as if they are not playing on a level field is part of the lie.

            But they don’t want equality – they want advantages. Because they can’t compete with men – not in reality; not in the world of truth and fact.

            So again, Bike, there’s the truth, and there’s the lie. You are on the side of the lie. It sounds good. It sounds reasonable. It sounds fair. But just like all other liberal nonsense which sounds good as a sales pitch, it’s a lie as soon as you look beneath the surface.

            The interesting thing to me about all this is that people like you, Dennis, and so many other women, are being taken in by the lie. Do you know what the lie will bring? Chaos. Injustice. False accusations. A war against nature. Nothing truly good ever comes from a lie.

            But the society that we, the (yes) WHITE men who rule the world, have provided IS good. In fact, it’s incredible. We’ve been more than fair with everyone. We may want war with our enemies, but we want a prosperous and happy society at home. We are fair to blacks, Mexicans, women, gays, you name it, if you’re an “oppressed minority,” we’ve passed laws to see to it that you’re treated fairly.

            So now that everyone – in reality – has everything they ever asked for, what you’re getting is these individual malcontents looking for a media platform for their personal gripes. Think about this one, Bike: Do you see any highly successful women stepping forward to bring these sexual abuse allegations? See any Meryl Streeps doing it? See any Condoleeza Rices or Marissa Mayers doing it? No, who’s doing it are the non-starters who never got a real shot, or the Rose McGowans and the Angelina Jolies, the Uma Thurmans and Gwyneth Paltrows – aging women who know they will never be a top-billed star in a movie again. Because that’s how Hollywood works – if you’re not a legendary-tier actress, you have a shelf-life – it’s not Hollywood’s fault that people don’t want to go to movies starring middle-aged women. So they’re bitter and they’re getting revenge, even though, as I stated earlier, they all knew exactly what they were getting into from the start. “Oh, but I’m allowed to be a victim now? Awesome, I’ll take three, please!”

            Anyway, Bike, enjoy this whole sexual abuse charade. I’m sure it will satisfy your inner victim to watch it. But never forget that the truth has a way of finding its way to the front of the line.

          • ladybugavenger November 29, 2017 at 6:33 pm

            I let my husband be a man. He’s a God fearing man so its easy to let him to take the reigns. But he is a man so i will speak up when hes taking a wrong turn. Not saying he won’t keep going, but at least I can say, I told,you so lol.

            I’ll be the woman. Right most of the time but those times I’m not, he can say, I told you so lol

            It’s unfortunate that men have become weak.

            Men and women are not equal. We never should be equal. We are far more stable than men. When was the last time a man bleed for 7 days every month? Never! They would die.

            Grow up boys!

      • NotSoFast November 29, 2017 at 9:24 am

        No doubt about it–your the one who makes the most sense on this stupid subject. I know, I know, all the girls now will be chiming in now saying ” how could you be so mean?” Mean my ass. Human nature rules! Why do you think current female news casters wear short dresses up to their rear ends for the TV viewing pubic and not long pants? (Think about it). Producers know what it takes to hold the viewer’s attention.

      • bikeandfish November 30, 2017 at 11:00 am

        Your ideas are the last gasp of breathe of a species about to go extinct. Your kind didn’t “give” anyone equality or power. Instead it was ripped from your hands slowly over the span of history by those your kind willingly oppressed.

        Your brand of white male supremacy wanted attention and you are getting it again. But instead of respect or power you are getting the consequences you deserve. We’ve dismantled and disproven your failed logic over the centuries so its a pleasure to see you digging your own grave now.

        • NickDanger November 30, 2017 at 6:02 pm

          Yeah Bike, a lot of people have this idea that if we collectively take power away from the white male and put it into the hands of…other types of people…things will somehow improve. This is a valid though. I mean, for some people, life just ain’t that grand. But they know how it could be grand, because if THEY ruled the world, they’d change stuff, and, you know, such as that, and…thing would be, you know, uh, better and stuff.

          Fact is, most people aren’t even qualified to vote, let alone legislate. This country is populated by 95% under-educated morons, 4.5% highly-educated morons, and about .5% people who are intelligent, educated, practical, honest, and motivated enough to advance American society instead of propelling it backwards.

          The funny-in-a-sad-way part of it is, people like you, Bike, believe that things are going to get better as all your sordid special interest groups grasp madly for power and in many cases receive it – basically because Americans are addicted to the mainstream media. But are things getting better? You’ve got Donald Trump as president now. That’s called “backlash.” How are you enjoying it? I’m enjoying it thoroughly. You’ve got white supremacy, which hasn’t reared its head in public to any notable level since the 1960’s, suddenly gaining mainstream acceptance. You’ve got women who are so empowered that all they have to do is say the word “rape” and an innocent man is going to prison. You’ve got the worst opioid epidemic in history. You’ve got mass shootings happening more than ever, murder rates eclipsing all records, an artistic community in the USA that’s obviously drawing its final breath.

          So are things getting better, Bike? As you say, you have “ripped” the power from our hands. And what have you done with it? NOTHING!

          We’ll be taking it back soon enough. People will see the truth – that having honest, intelligent white men with character, integrity, and an eye toward history and legacy, in charge, is the best possible situation for American society. Always has been, always will be.

          Enjoy this brief experiment in equality. Thirty years from now people will be laughing at the ridiculous “outcries” heard in today’s media. “Did you know that back in 2017, people getting offended was actually newsworthy?” “HAHA no way!”

          • bikeandfish November 30, 2017 at 8:37 pm

            Are the MAGA brand rose colored glasses prescription? Nothing about the past is as simple or glorious as you state, except for a handful of people. Nothing you describe is all that new, other than the rate of mass shootings, but that only works if you don’t consider those perpetuated by the government. Murder rates are definitely not at all times highs as nationally we are still 50% less than the 80s-90s. We are hovering at about the same rate as 2008 actually. The type of fabricated fear mongering is a sign of desperation. #FakeNews indeed.

            What have we done with it? You are seeing it and fighting it desperately. If it was “nothing”, white men like you wouldn’t be so desperately fighting for air.

            I never thought white supremacy disappeared. “Post-racial America” was a myth that was bound to be short lived given our country’s deep roots in racism. And if you think white supremacy has gained “mainstream acceptance” than you must be living in a bubble. Everyone but the Trump administration knows otherwise, and even he booted Bannon. I mean ya’ll had to rebrand as the “alt-right” and try to disguise your core ideology to even get attention. And as soon as you got it it backfired. Lost jobs, rallies cancelled, no platformed on the internet, book deals lost, etc, etc, etc. Its back to being desperate lone voices on local news sites like this for racists like you. You even admitted months ago you don’t have the courage to talk like this in public. Does that sound like an ideology that has gained “mainstream acceptance”.

            Let me guess, you are one of the .5% of Americans you describe? Its pretty clear you don’t actually care about personal liberty or democracy. You are parroting the stuff of demagogues and authoritarian tyrants. History, ironically, hasn’t treated your ilk kindly.

            Guess I’ll go spend some time with the other 99.5% of the country you so easily demonize.

  • a900rr November 28, 2017 at 9:20 pm

    With your reasoning, Ed….Kim Jong-un gets my vote for man of the year.

  • commonsense November 28, 2017 at 9:28 pm

    The frequency of sexual abuse claims seems to greatly favor Democrats and their friends in Hollywood. Weinstein, Weiner, Rose, Biden, Bill Cinton, Conyer, Spacey and Franken are active sexual predators with ties to the Democrats. I won’t even go to John Edwards, Marion Berry and the Kennedys. On the other side Moore and Trump have been accused of events years ago and are currently in loving long-term marriages and allegation have yet to be substantiated by outside sources. Trump has no allegations of sexual abuse while serving in government nor does Roy Moore.

    Conyer, the longest tenured Dem, has a decades long history and just resigned as justice committee ranking Dem. A slush fund was set up by Bill Clinton to payoff abused victims for keeping quiet. To date, $17 million has been dished out for reparations. The list of victims has not yet been made public. Your tax money paid the tab.

    Liberal in politics translates to liberal in lifestyle, morals and truth. Situational morality and ethics are the standard amongst liberals. Yeh, really.

    • comments November 28, 2017 at 10:33 pm

      I agree the liberal party needs a thorough cleaning up. The “limousine liberals” and extreme leftists and supporters of degeneracy need to be cleansed from the party. The problem with your party is they simply hate working and middle class Americans, and consider us the enemy. Your party wants to take take take, take away healthcare, take away decent paying jobs, take away anything that supports a healthy middle class, etc etc.

      • comments November 28, 2017 at 10:36 pm

        plus, plenty on your side are guilty of sex crimes. You’re foolish if you think it’s only liberals… but then again you are the king of black and white thinking.

  • commonsense November 29, 2017 at 7:56 am

    Believe it not it was middle class working people who elected Trump. The coal miners in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, rednecks and country folks in the South and Midwest.

    Jobs are at an all time high with very low unemployment. As America soars economically, the middle class improves and the need for welfare is reduced. Over two million people have jobs today that didn’t one year ago.

    Poor people have voted Democrat for a century and most are still poor. What exactly has the Democratic Party ever done to help the poor and working class?

    The Democratic Party is the party of elite Hollywood types like Harvey Weinstein who think they can get away with sexually abusing women. They want votes from the working class but have done nothing to deserve it. Today Matt Lauer, another liberal was fired by the network for sexual abuse.

    Democrats are really all about preserving political power so they can maintain the decadent life style the swamp has provided them.

    • bikeandfish November 29, 2017 at 4:25 pm

      Not according to voting data. Clinton won more voters with incomes below $50k than Trump, by wide margins. Trump did win more voters between $50-100k by 4%. But he also won more voters, not statistically significant (ie 1-2% lead), above $100k. That shows that Clinto won more “working class”, ie wage earners, than Trump by margins of 8-10%. Trump actually won the upper middleclass and wealthy vote. He did win the “rust belt” middle class vote but that is a smaller portion of the total though clearly important for the electoral college win.

      Given that fact the rest of your argument is unfounded, beyond the DNC’s over reliance on celebrity votes.

  • mctrialsguy November 30, 2017 at 12:07 pm

    Another Holly-weird liberal predator, what a surprise. The list is getting longer every day, but the liberals will wash it under the rug, as usual. When you control the media and movies and television in it’s entirety and have immunity and power as they all think that they do, what do you expect will happen. Women are attracted to power, and will do almost anything to be around it. Sad, but true, and then those in power take advantage of all those that seek their company. Now I’ll get the Trump made locker room talk b.s., but these predators don’t just talk, they act…..there is the big difference. Bill Clinton and John Kennedy were great examples of that and raised the bar for all sexual predators in the party too follow.

    • bikeandfish November 30, 2017 at 2:22 pm

      Trump = 20 accusations of sexual assault and/or harassment= one of the predators.

      Several were minors who he chose to view naked during pageants without their consent.

      Most of the cases on the left aren’t being swept under the rug: criminal investigation of Weinstein, Spacey, etc; Matt Lauer and many others fired; most being called out aggressively; even Pelosi (who should retire after initial hesitation) is calling for Conyer to resign. Franken is a hold out after 6 women now and should be pushed out as well. Yet the right still protects Trump and some even Moore.

      Sadly, men in power will always have those who try to protect them. Its a universal problem that has no party loyalty.

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