Fireworks restrictions for southwest Utah

In this fie photo, firefighters with the Washington City and St. George fire departments respond to a fireworks-caused fire on a business rooftop on Buena Vista Boulevard, Washington City, Utah, 4 July, 2016 | Photo by Mori Kessler, St. George News

ST. GEORGE – Fireworks are a staple of the Fourth of July across the nation and the 24th of July in Utah. While fun to watch if used correctly, they can also be the trigger of a human-caused fire if handled carelessly.

Fireworks over St. George during Independence Day, St. George, Utah, July 4, 2016 | Photo by Mori Kessler, St. George News

Fire restrictions have been imposed across Utah and the southwestern U.S. due to high temperatures, dry conditions and other factors that have turned the region into a tinder box.

It is estimated that 91 percent of the wildfires of 2017 to-date have been caused by people and are preventable, according to the U.S. Forest Service.

The use of fireworks has been prohibited on federally-managed lands. The state fire marshal has also prohibited fireworks on all unincorporated private and state lands within Washington, Iron, Kane, Beaver and Garfield counties. This order does not affect private lands within incorporated towns or city limits.

Many towns and cities in southwest Utah have also enacted their own seasonal fireworks restrictions, many of which can be seen below.

Note: Tips on fireworks safety, how to treat fireworks-caused injuries and how to properly dispose of fireworks are featured at the bottom of the restriction list.

Iron County

Cedar City

It is recommended that fireworks only be used in large open spaces where conditions are present to provide for fire control. Such recommended locations include the south parking lot of Cedar High School; the parking lot at the Bi-cenntennial Softball Park; the Canyon View Middle School Parking lot.


Fireworks are restricted to the parking lots at Enoch Elementary School, west parking lot on Tomahawk Drive and to the Enoch City Office parking lot at 900 E. Midvalley Road. Fireworks are not permitted on city streets.


No fireworks permitted due to extreme fire risk.

Kane County


The discharge of fireworks in Kanab City in the following areas are prohibited: all areas south of 750 South, all areas west of 300 West and all areas east of 600 East (east of Cemetery).

These areas include all of Kanab Creek Ranchos, Cedar Heights, La Estancia, Sedona Valley, The Cove, Corral Cliffs Golf Course and Mesa Hills subdivisions.

Washington County


From the Enterprise City website:

Enterprise City has issued a Fireworks Ban until further notice. The large wildfire still burning in the Brian Head and Panguitch Lake area highlights the damage than can be caused in these hot, dry, windy conditions. Let’s all hope for some gentle summer rains to help us out of this extreme fire situation.

The ban includes all fireworks, including ground fireworks and sparklers.

There will still be a large Fireworks Show at the City’s July 4th celebration, but this will be handled by licensed and trained individuals in a managed setting.


Fireworks may not be used within 200 feet of dry brush, vegetation or buildings.


Fireworks are only allowed within Ivins city limits in specific areas. Consult the map on the city website for details about the city’s fireworks restrictions.

 Fireworks are also prohibited in the areas of dry washes and drainages, river and stream corridors, hillside, plateaus and mesa tops and undeveloped open space or natural terrain.

Ed. note: This segment previously featured out of date information and has since been updated with current information as of July 4, 2017.


Fireworks shall be limited to the following sites or locations: all city-owned park property and all public streets within the city limits, but must be 100 feet from any hillside.

New Harmony

No fireworks permitted due to extreme fire risk.


No fireworks permitted due to extreme fire risk.

Sand Hollow Complex (includes Gunlock, Quail Creek and Sand Hollow state parks)

No fireworks.

Santa Clara

No fireworks of any kind are to be used within 250 feet of the following areas: dry washes and drainages, river and stream corridors, hillsides, plateaus and mesa tops, undeveloped space or natural terrain.

Consult the map on the city website for specific ares covered by the fireworks restrictions.


No fireworks permitted due to extreme fire risk.

St. George

No fireworks of any kind are to be used within 250 feet of the following areas: dry washes and drainages, river and stream corridors, hillsides, plateaus and mesa tops, undeveloped space or natural terrain.

Use of fireworks is completely prohibited in the development north of Snow Canyon Parkway on state Route 18, including The Ledges development.

Consult the map on the city website for specific areas covered by the fireworks restrictions.


Fireworks may only be discharged on the Center Street city parking lot, Trail Ridge Estate Park or any paved surfaces.

Washington City

Fireworks are restricted in much of Washington City.

Consult the map on the city website for specific areas covered by the fireworks restrictions.

Zion National Park

No fireworks permitted.

Mohave County, Arizona

Beaver Dam and Littlefield

Fireworks are prohibited in unincorporated areas administered by the county (which includes Littlefield and Beaver Dam), as well as federally-managed lands.

Fireworks safety tips courtesy of the the City of St. George.

  • Use only fireworks purchased in Utah from licensed dealers or retailers. If you purchased the fireworks out of state, they are more than likely not legal in Utah. You will be cited if caught and will be responsible to pay for any damages and the cost to extinguish any fires that you cause.
  • Use only with responsible adult supervision at all times.
  • Never allow young children to handle fireworks.
  • Light the fireworks in an open area and on a non-combustible surface such as a driveway or paved area.
  • If windy conditions exist do not light fireworks.
  • Keep a bucket of water available.
  • Handle used and “dud” fireworks with a shovel.
  • Soak fireworks thoroughly in a bucket of water or hose prior to disposal.
  • Keep clear while lighting fireworks do not lean over them at any time.
  • Do not relight “dud” fireworks.
  • Watch out for your pets and animals. Preferably keep them indoors and away from the displays.
  • Check for any restrictions that may apply to your area.

Disposal of fireworks, courtesy of the Washington County Soild Waste District:

  • Soak your used fireworks in water for at least 24 hours before dropping them in the trash.

Treat fireworks-caused injuries, from Intermountain Healthcare:

  •  What is the first thing I should do if a burn occurs?
    • The most important thing to do first is make sure it is clean and dry. In all cases you should be able to use a mild soap and lukewarm water to clean and sanitize the wound.
  • Are topical ointments recommended?
    • Using Neosporin or other topical ointment isn’t necessarily required in all situations. Sometimes, using it excessively can keep the wound moist and can delay the healing process to some degree. If you initially cleaned the wound and can keep it clean and dry, you may not need an antibiotic ointment at all.
  • How can I manage the pain if I’ve been burned?
    • Most individuals with burns can take an ibuprofen or Tylenol at the recommended over-the-counter dosage to manage pain. There are also some topical pain relievers that can be used, such as burn free wipes; which have a light dose of numbing medication in them. Always be sure to follow the guidelines provided on the packaging of the pain-relieving medications.
  • When should I seek the help of a Physician or Practitioner for my burn?
    • As a general guideline, if the size of the wound is bigger than the palm of your hand it may need a second opinion or further evaluation. If the burn occurs around the eyes, nose, ears, toes, and fingers, regardless of size, it’s recommended that a practitioner evaluate you – as the wound may become problematic. Lastly, if you notice symptoms of the wound becoming infected (i.e. increased pain, fever, streaking redness, etc.) you should see a physician.

Ed. note: This post has been updated to include Enoch’s fireworks resrtictions.


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