Deck sales by competitive bidding, Dixie National Forest

CEDAR CITY—The Dixie National Forest is offering a number of small and moderate size deck sales in an effort to reduce hazardous fuels and provide forest resources to the public. Deck sales are timber sales composed of trees that have been limbed, bucked and stacked. These decks are near roads and may contain a variety of tree species in a variety of sizes and lengths. The most common use of these decks is for commercial firewood purposes.

“This is a great opportunity to provide for economic development as well as reduce hazardous fuels in the Duck Creek area,” said Veronic Magnuson of the Cedar City District.

The decked material is a result of the Duck Creek Fuel Reduction Project, where hazardous fuels are being treated to reduce wildfire intensity and severity as well as improve public and firefighter safety. To date, the Duck Creek Fuel Reduction Project has treated over 8,000 acres in the greater Duck Creek area.

The deck sales will be sold by competitive sealed bid where the individual who submits the highest bid will win the sale. The bid period is now open and will run until Sept. 4 at 10 a.m. The sealed bids will be opened on Sept. 4. These deck sales will have a 2-year term. The bidder is responsible for inspecting the decks prior to bidding. A total of 12 deck sales will be offered with volumes ranging from around 200 cords to over 1,300 cords per sale.


  • Contact: the Dixie National Forest at 435-865-3200
  • Dixie National Forest website

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  • Brian August 26, 2014 at 7:11 am

    Absolute morons. Notice to all forest service managers: the taxpayers want their money back, so please return your salaries and benefits for the last 10 years. At the start of the beetle kill on Cedar Mountain (which could have been quickly prevented if retarded greenies from back east weren’t in charge and viewing everything through a “@#$%^&* humans” lens) there were logging companies just begging to get on Cedar Mountain and remove the newly killed trees. Those companies would have covered the entire expense AND paid the forest service for the lumber, benefiting tax payers and the mountain immensely. But no, the greenies knew better, because everyone knows companies are evil. The companies said they’d do it in winter so the snow would protect the ground. No. They offered to remove the lumber by helicopter. No. So the companies closed down and took all the jobs, economic development, and mountain benefits to Montana instead. Pretty soon Cedar Mountain was a tinderbox, one match or lightning strike away from disaster. But the forest service had a solution: pay people millions and millions of tax payer dollars to cut up the wood and burn it. Brilliant. Then, after these “lumber decks” have sat and rotted in the weather for years (literally, I’ve seen it every time I go to the cabin) they have an auction to sell them. I repeat: Absolute morons. We want a refund.

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