A Little Over Center: Much ta-do about nothing

OPINION – The word on the street is that there was some serious lobbying, moralizing, pre-shaming, and “if I were you-ing” directed at the St. George mayor and City Council about filling the seat that Jon Pike swapped out for the “Big Boy” chair.

“The word on the street” is a wonderful opener to an enabler-dodge.  It is used to cover for the “don’t tell them I told you” ankle-biting Gollum-gossips who pee delicious poison in our scandal-scavenging ears.

But I assure you that’s not my intention.

This City Council appointment was a no-win situation for the mayor and council from the get-go; some-every-body, was going to be upset by their choice.

Every communication device known, from email to cryptic graffiti on the men’s restroom wall at the Eureka, was used to convey direction to the mayor and the council folk in the selection process.

It has always been a little “t” truth – that is, the truth according to Bruth, or me – that people do no good by going around “shoulding” on people.

That tactic is inbred foreplay for guilt. I could write volumes about the damage I assign to the use of guilt as a motivator; but, I don’t want to give any ammo to run-amok socio-spiritual predators.

Suffice it to say that I’m no fan of those spouting “should” to gear up guilt, preying upon the human proclivity of many to second guess themselves into a life of personal insecurity; not to mention driving them into a chameleon life of being a full-blown approval-seeker. I am, after all, the guy who submitted the license plate slogan suggestion of “Utah: Guilt without Sin.”

It’s not that I don’t believe people oughta have feelings, ideas, or even a say in how things go. No, it’s that manipulating, controlling, using “back door methodology” (intimidation, self-righteousness, shame, or guilt) to get something done is just huevo-less.

“I think that” is much stronger than “I think you should” as a solution-finder to my listening ear.

I got a peek at an email sent to the mayor and council pontificating about the will of the people. It said that the mayor and council would represent that will if they appointed one of the two runners-up from the November election. Their argument being that the runners-up should have been appointed because some people voted for them and if they had garnered a few more votes – 1.3 percent was thrown around – they would have won in the first place.

If Queen Victoria had been plumbed differently she would have been King Victor, and if I had run I might have been elected, and if Walt Disney had been God we all would live happily ever after.

I think that the will of the people was manifest in the elections: “Will” didn’t want Ed ‘n’ Tara to have a council seat so they probably are needed and wanted elsewhere.

For example, I think that Ed Baca would be an excellent “bird dog” for the city, using his investigative, informed, and community-oriented concern to flush out inequities, injustices, and sand in the Vaseline of socio-political intercourse.

It is a travesty that Ms. Dunn was not apprised of the prevalence of the LDS faithful in St. George before she was dragged down here to live. It is a travesty that she also hasn’t come to know that folks have favorites, favors, and high-rolling power plays even if they are code enforcement folks.

Besides, it occurs to me that the agenda of the person seeking to represent me is meaningless; because, they’re asking to represent “my” agenda, or “should” be, don’t ya think?

So anyway … the die is cast, the seat filled, the initial insults launched (what is the title of that Carpenters’ song?); now let’s find out if Lady Arial is susceptible to lobbyists.

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  • Stacye January 25, 2014 at 6:41 am

    Oh Bruce, you are amazing! I so loved this article. I nearly choked on my coffee. I must go now and wash the coffee off my computer screen. I look forward to future reads from you. Now, if you could just do something with that military son of mine…

  • skip2maloo January 25, 2014 at 11:06 am

    Urinating in ears? Foreplay among inbreds? Castration? Irritants in sexual lubricant? (Even Mormons playing Pope!). And the obsession with hyphens? Likely a subtle reference to the rampant “joining” amongst the local power-people. I suppose it fills a niche in the SGN readership…Oh, good heavens…

  • starboss January 25, 2014 at 8:58 pm

    I don’t think I’d characterize the phenomenon referenced in this piece as about the “rampant joining of the power-people” skippie, more like “those who love what ain’t and strike bitter blows against a hackneyed empire.” But read it again backwards and see if THAT makes it read more to your liking.

    • skip2maloo January 26, 2014 at 10:47 am

      Don’t have a clue what yer talkin bout. And I did read your message backwards 🙂 Possibly you missed the point of my comment. I even added “joining” and “filling a niche” so that there’d be no mistaking it. So sad to have to give away (in plain, direct terms) what is better said by innuendo

  • Nadia January 26, 2014 at 9:20 am

    In my humble opinion, arrogant and disrespectful article. Just another insult to voters…

  • JamesB January 26, 2014 at 4:12 pm

    Unique writing style. Had to read it twice but I like it.

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