Hatch: Report confirms ObamaCare has not played a role in reducing health care costs

SALT LAKE CITY – Sen. Orrin Hatch, ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, Monday said a report from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid on national health spending trends for 2012 confirms ObamaCare has not played a role in reducing health care costs in America.

This report shows that the Administration’s promise that ObamaCare would rein in the skyrocketing health care costs is false. The reality is that our weak economy, coupled with millions of Americans getting kicked off of their health insurance, has led to a dip in national health care costs. But this doesn’t take into account the soaring premiums and higher deductibles that are about to hit the pocketbooks of hard-working families or ObamaCare’s unprecedented Medicaid expansion that will cripple state budgets. This report shouldn’t be a cause for celebration, but rather is a precursor to higher costs and more broken promises.

Today’s report specifically stated: “The Affordable Care Act, which was enacted in March 2010, had a minimal impact on overall national health spending growth through 2012.”

In the September 2013, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid released a report saying the Affordable Care Act will actually increase health care costs moving forward.

Submitted by the Office of Sen. Orrin Hatch

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  • Judith Soper January 8, 2014 at 4:31 am

    That’s because it never was about “caring for anyone’s health,” it’s always been about control of the people.

    • Brian January 8, 2014 at 11:55 am

      Yep, as soon as obamacare is fully in place (ie. there are ZERO health insurance companies left in the US, which is their stated goal, AKA “single-payer”) they’ll have the solution to every one of THEIR problems. They won’t need to do anything about gun control laws, they’ll just triple the insurance rates for gun owners, because “guns are dangerous”. They won’t have to worry about fighting to close ATV trails, they’ll just triple the insurance rates for ATV owners, because “ATV’s are dangerous”. You just watch. obamacare completely neuters the Constitution (not that the liberals care what the Constitution says anyway, since obama has changed obamacare 23 times, even though its the “law of the land”, each time in essence giving congress the bird and making them even less relevant than they’ve already made themselves). RIP US Constituion.

      • Bill January 8, 2014 at 10:27 pm

        You must be joking. ObamaCare is far from a roadway to a single payer system. In fact it props up the existing system by subsidizing their plans and requiring everyone to buy their insurance. Insurance companies are making more money then ever with Obamacare.

        Healthcare is either a right for everyone or something that is optional. If it’s optional then you need to remove requirements for hospitals to treat everyone and only treat those that can pay up front or have insurance. Otherwise you either have universal health care provided by the government or you force everyone to buy private insurance.

  • Craig January 8, 2014 at 7:19 am

    Orrin, go back to sleep. The ONLY thing that should fall out of your mouth is your
    retirement announcement. YOU and your cronies dropped the ball long ago.
    Can you remember when you said Fred Moss was too old to be in office? Well, you’re way older than he was when you first uttered those words. What are you now, 153? it’s time, Orrin. Do the people of Utah a favor and leave office.

    • Brian January 8, 2014 at 11:42 am

      I couldn’t agree more. This is so disingenuous after hatch barely lifted a finger opposing obamacare. Screw decorum, our country is on the line! The sad truth is hatch plays an elderly statesmen on the outside, but is a ruthless politician on the inside, and is fantastic at “playing the game”. I’m so sad that so many people believed the “seniority” lie and we couldn’t vote him out.

      Oppose the “count my vote” lie, or we’ll have people like hatch for life. The only way we EVER got bennett out was because of the caucus system. There are only two types of people that support “count my vote”: 1) Rich power-brokers in politics 2) Mis-informed sheeple.

  • bUB January 8, 2014 at 11:06 am

    Good ol Orren now in his 1000th term. He’s like an old pair of socks: stinky and full of holes and not really of any use any more but you can’t bring yourself to throw it out because of sentimental value. I think it’s important that we keep voting him in there to the day he dies. Hell, maybe we can prop him up with a board and keep him in there long after that.

  • Mrs Leary January 8, 2014 at 2:30 pm

    Hatch’s mouth and comments remind me of a backed-up toilet bowl.

  • Truthseeker April 3, 2014 at 11:55 pm

    It amazes me that on all the comment sections on this topic, that there are two kinds of people. The group opposing Obamacare have facts and logic and are willing to have an intellectual discussion and are trying to educate others on its problems. The other group are people merely dogging on Sen Hatch and his age or his politics. These people don’t say what positives Obamacare has brought and can’t accept the fact it’s a fraud meant to wreck things. They only are acting as a distraction and going in backwards motion. They should get over the faces or the names of politics because it doesn’t matter who or what party. Look at the logic and facts of an argument without the biases. I’m not Republican or Democrat because I don’t believe in the false left/right paradigm. It’s a distraction to the issue at hand.

    Of course rates will go up because it was written by insurance companies. It’s now special interest legislation. Serves corporate cronies. And will soon put us under more control.

    Judith Soper is right.
    Brian is right and brings factual information and logical possibility to the table.
    Bill, I think what Brian means by single player, is the fact that it all has consolidated power in the insurance sector, a few big companies at the top, like with other business sectors. And to look down the road to really make it really single player, the govt will say it doesn’t work partially socialized and will then have to fully socialize medicine. Then they really get us. Nothing good has came out of Obamacare because it wasn’t an honest piece of legislation to begin with. Rate went up not down as we said. People lost their coverage and doctors as we said. We will get tax penalties for not buying it as we said. It will soon stifle the economy and gut one more industry, the medical industry. Doctors are quiting and clinics are closing and quality of care is diminishing as predicted. Did I mention it’s unconstitutional for govt to make someone purchase a private product?
    Bill is at least in discussion while Craig, Bub, Mrs Leary have nothing to say but ripping on Hatch. Almost the same comment each time one of Hatch statements turn into an article. You might not like Hatch but we are talking about the unconstitionality of Obamacare and the problems it will cause and is causing. If you can’t engage in that type of discussion then leave your personal name calling of Hatch out of it. In fact, any member of Congress doesn’t have to be apart of any discussion. People can talk and think for themselves. Govt for the people, by the people. The branches of govt including legislative has failed.

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