Former Utah governors to kick off ‘Count My Vote’ in St. George

ST. GEORGE – Former Utah Govs. Mike Leavitt and Olene Walker will be in St. George on Saturday to kick off the “Count My Vote” effort in St. George. The public is invited to attend the 4:30 p.m. press conference that will take place at the Pineview Stadium 10 Megaplex Theatre in St. George.

The Count My Vote initiative is a nonpartisan citizen’s effort trying to change Utah’s election by eliminating the caucus, instead, having just primary elections to select political nominees.

Event details

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  • utah_1 November 27, 2013 at 9:03 pm

    It is 1937 all over again. Someone that wants to win an office that feels they can’t get past those pesky delegates. That Democratic Senate President wanted to be either a US Senator or Governor. Well he pushed to change the voting system and made Governor. Now, we have a former Governor Leavitt that is telling people he wants to be a US Senator and is trying to change the system because he doesn’t think he can get past those pesky delegates. I am surprised it isn’t his 2016 election campaign kick off. Oh, yes, he has to change the system first.

    We have a system that that does NOT favor the incumbent, wealthy or famous. This is a good thing.

    Former Gov. Walker has always supported the caucus/convention/primary system and never blamed it for her loss. She has refused to cave in to CMV’s demands until now. I wonder what she will say.

  • utah_1 November 27, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    5 reasons not to sign their petition
    1. The “bill” Count My Vote, or proposed law is flawed, terribly so. Even some of the strongest supporters admit the legislature will have to fix it if this mess passes.

    We tell public officials to kill these kind of errors in committee, not skip the public hearing, not read the bill and vote to send it to the floor of the legislature to decide if it should pass or not.

    That is exactly what Count My Vote is telling people to do. Sign it, unread, and hope everyone realizes next fall it doesn’t deliver. They could have amended it but chose not to and by law, can no longer amend the “bill”.

    2. This proposed law will cost taxpayers millions, $1 Million the first year and almost that every 2 years, with about 1/2 of the unfunded mandate being picked up by the less populous counties, the ones that the same proposed law will cause to be flyover places where the candidates and elected officials won’t come anymore.

    3. When Utah tried a direct primary in 1937 to 1947, it came with a run off primary, so the majority would elect the nominee. When the voting turn out and the cost drove the public and the media to reject that system – a compromise, caucus/convention and run off primary was created. We have that today. Count My Vote not only removes the nominating for general elections using delegates, it removes the run off primary system we have and nominees will no longer be selected out of a 2 person race.

    4. The political royalty sponsors of Count My Vote loved the current system when the turnout to the neighborhood caucus elections meetings (GOP) was about 25,000, but when it exceeded 50,000 and 100,000, they no longer want that system because they no longer have the power. They don’t tell you that the same delegates, proposed to be elected by closer to 10,000 attendees will still pick nominees such as the replacement for Spencer Cox.

    5. They claim more people will be able to vote. A large percentage of voters will not affiliate to vote in the GOP primary election and those same people will not be able to vote in a “GOP” direct primary under Count My Vote. They will get to pay more as Count My Vote makes sure the parties will not be picking up the tab they currently do, it will be the taxpayers, unaffiliated or not.

    Don’t sign, just to vote on it later. Do read it. Do find out more. I trust if you actually understand what you will get, you will not sign the Count My Vote / Buy My vote initiative.

    • Bender November 28, 2013 at 9:35 pm

      One reason to sign this petition: Mike Lee

  • Brian November 27, 2013 at 11:01 pm

    “Count My Vote” is such a dishonest name for this. Your vote counts just as much in a caucus meeting as it does in a primary.

    The difference is that with a caucus the candidates have to get out and talk to people, period. Otherwise they don’t stand a chance. This is a good thing, and levels the playing field for all candidates.

    With an open primary you don’t have to talk to a soul, all you need is a bunch of big donors with deep pockets, most of which are from outside of Utah, and you have a really good chance of winning.

    The caucus system involves the people, keeps the power with the people, and encourages people to get involved and informed. An open primary only empowers rich, connected people and out of state money.

  • Combat Vet and Democrat November 28, 2013 at 7:10 am

    I remember Governor Walker as an honest, caring person who the party bosses couldn’t stand. I will listen to what she says before I make up my mind.

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