Letter to the Editor: School bond benefits everyone

LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Voting YES on Proposition 9 is the right thing to do. Every generation helps the upcoming generation, who down the road will do the same.

I am saddened by the selfish response to building schools to accommodate future growth. Our children and teachers need adequate schools. This is not excessive. The bonds will not be issued, and the schools will not be built, if they are not needed.

Many have a knee-jerk reaction when taxes are mentioned. Fortunately, this bond is being issued as another is being phased out, so property taxes will go down for a few years, then slightly up for a few years (between $9 and $30 more on a $225,000 property from 2018 to 2020), and then down again.

Doing the right thing for education benefits everyone. It helps our property values, our economy, and our future.

Submitted by:  Deborah Lin

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  • Gary November 4, 2013 at 8:57 pm

    More tax and spend encouragement from your local democrats. Remember it is not just the bond at issue here. When/if the bond is passed there will be salaries needed, money for lights and water bills, all the myriad costs to operate these new schools. Taxes will need to be raised to pay these costs. It is not just the bond for the building costs.

  • Steve MacFarlane November 8, 2013 at 8:33 am

    Deborah Lin stated “Our children and teachers need adequate schools. This is not excessive.” It is true our children need teachers and adequate schools. The key word is adequate. The “not too excessive” comment has no reference; excessive compared to what? Too much emphasis is put on buildings and amenities and not enough on basic education. Many well educated people in our community were schooled in a one room school house with multiple grades simultaneously. By all means let’s support education, but throwing millions of dollars at a system that has forgotten how to properly manage money and resources is wasteful. Had we rejected this bond issue and asked them to come back with a plan that covered what they need and not what they want, we would have been better served – especially our children.

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