Losing weight, living well; achieve total health at Dixie Regional’s LiVe Well Center

The LiVe Well Center at Dixie Regional Medical Center | Photo courtesy of Trevor Smith

FEATURE – Colleen Anderson knew what it took to lose weight. She had lost more than 70 pounds on several occasions and every time, gained it back. But in 2011, she had a transient ischemic attack, commonly called a “mini stroke,” that changed the way she thought about her health. She decided to seek help in developing a healthier lifestyle from the LiVe Well Center at Dixie Regional Medical Center.

The LiVe Well Center at Dixie Regional Medical Center | Photo courtesy of Trevor Smith

“I walked into the LiVe Well Center and looked at their class schedules because I was curious to see what they had,” Anderson said. “I now consider them my friends because they’re such a great support.” In less than two years, she has lost nearly 100 pounds and slimmed from a dress size 16 to a size 6. “It’s all about treating your body right and the people at the LiVe Well Center understand that,” she said. When becoming healthier, it’s important to seek out the support and information you need to be successful, just as Anderson did. The first step is to acknowledge that you need help and support throughout the process. At the LiVe Well Center, we have qualified staff ready to help people achieve success. The best approach to a weight-loss plan is one that encompasses the whole person. For some, it may be more beneficial to begin meeting with a dietician, for others it’s joining a workout class for motivation. Losing weight is a very individualized process that requires an analysis of current habits and future goals.

The LiVe Well Center at Dixie Regional Medical Center | Photo courtesy of Trevor Smith

One of the best ways to determine if a weight-loss plan is working for you is to begin with a baseline measurement. The LiVe Well Center offers several assessments, such as the resting metabolic rate, which tests the amount of calories you need for your body to function while at rest. This test will also determine how many calories an individual should be consuming to gain weight, maintain weight or lose weight, and compare the individual’s metabolism to their demographic. Then methods to improve your metabolic function can be determined and implemented through proper exercise or diet. When deciding what weight loss approach is best for you, there a few factors to keep in mind. The IDEA Health and Fitness Association offers three steps for overcoming fear and anxiety when beginning an exercise regimen.

  1. Start small. Take a group fitness class or other exercise program at the level right for you.
  1. Exercise for reward, not punishment. If you’re avoidance-oriented, you exercise to avoid punishment, such as criticism or embarrassment. If you’re approach-oriented, you exercise to receive a reward, such as praise or improved fitness.
  2. Develop your inner motivation. Instead of exercising for an external reward such as weight loss, find an inner motivation.

Weight loss is not an easy journey. We are our worst critics. We see ourselves every day and it’s difficult to notice the progress, but it is possible to succeed and get the healthy life you want. To start your journey towards a healthier life, contact the LiVe Well Center at 435-251-3793.

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Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith

Written by Trevor Smith for St. George Health and Wellness magazine and St. George News. Smith is currently in charge of all exercise programs offered by the LiVe Well Center. He holds a bachelor’s of science and a master’s of science in exercise physiology from Southern Utah University and is currently working on earning a doctorate in health promotion and wellness.  Nike and Duke University have used the study data from his master’s thesis in their programs. Recently, Smith published his research in an International Journal of Exercise Science article titled “Stroboscopic Training Improves Anticipatory Response.”

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The LiVe Well Center at Dixie Regional Medical Center | Photo courtesy of Trevor Smith
The LiVe Well Center at Dixie Regional Medical Center | Photo courtesy of Trevor Smith


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  • Steven James September 28, 2013 at 6:40 pm

    Exercise and a lean and healthy physique have an unlimited amount of benefits to it. I’m always reading a new article everyday about how weight loss and exercise has a new health benefit. Getting lean and staying lean is probably the healthiest thing you can do it solves so many problems. The tough part is finding a diet that works for you and allows you to get lean and stay lean. Many people make progress but can’t stick with their program. Losing weight is a lifestyle change so you need to find a diet that can be used for the rest of your life. I personally use intermittent fasting, the results are great and I’ve stuck with it for 2 years now and not turning back. You can read more about intermittent fasting and other fat loss methods at my website bonafidefitnessreviews

    Either way every should do their best everyday to improve their health through their diet and exercise.

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