Dixie State expands School of Arts and Letters; more developments on the horizon

ST. GEORGE – This week, Dixie State University announced plans to divide its current School of Arts and Letters into two new academic institutions, the School of Humanities and School of Fine Arts. The change will officially take effect July 1, in anticipation of the 2013 fall semester.

DSU Interim Vice President of Academic Services Dr. Donald Ray Hinton said the recent addition of several baccalaureate programs in the School of Arts and Letters precipitated the need for reorganization and the creation of the new academic schools. He will become dean of the School of Humanities and will oversee DSU’s English, social and behavioral science and humanities departments.

“Splitting the School of Arts and Letters into the School of Fine Arts and the School of Humanities is long overdue,” Hinton said. “As it is, even with the split, our School of Humanities will still be the largest school on campus. This will allow me to focus my efforts more tightly on what is still a vast area of academic disciplines.”

The School of Fine Arts, led by newly appointed dean Dr. Brent Hanson, will include all cultural and performing arts. Hanson said that the recent degree additions, including four-year degrees in theatre, music and art, along with emphasis in each of those disciplines and dance in the DSU’s integrated studies degree offering, adds to the value of having a stand-alone school of fine arts at DSU.

Our programs have developed to the point to where they need the kind of intimate administrative attention that the creation of a school and the assignment of a dean offers,” Hanson said. “What’s really exciting is that we are serving students in a way that we did not imagine; that we would have demand for the programs that we are offering and that the programs are growing. It’s an amazing dynamic.”

Also in progress at DSU is a split of the new Department of Humanities into two sub-departments. The change has been approved but will not take place until January 2014. There is a possibility of creating individual departments for the degree programs in theatre and art, which are currently the structure for DSU’s music department. The creation of smaller institutions with a more intimate focus is designed to appeal to students.

More information on DSU can be found on the school’s website.

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  • Carlos June 28, 2013 at 2:55 am

    I love St George, but the Mayor, Police, and College (unfortunately) are incredibly corrupt. They designed a system to segregate the poor and run them through traffic court like cattle while the city is making millions from them. On top of that they don’t spend the tax money on the city. It’s harvested by Dan McArthur. The dude has been in office Since November 2nd 1993. I went to Dixie College in 2012 and I was shocked at the level of brainwashing among the students. Most of them were foreign, but the locals were so sucked into the whole “Jesus” thing that I couldn’t really find any friends. In fact the Dean called me into his office and threatened me with academic suspension because I made a comment on how a girl looked while I was walking by. I just listened to his speech and didn’t really bring up my rights such as “Right to confront my accuser” or “freedom of speech”. I’d like to find a way to expose the entire city for what it is.
    In fact, while I was at Dixie College they opened the new Holland building. It’s a great building. Unfortunately the Mormons arrived and “Dedicated” the building with a public prayer on the college PA system during school hours. Needless to say my teacher was pissed that they can get away with blatant disregard for the separation of church and state while the whole city and college is in the Mormons pockets. What do you expect from Utah? To top it all off, St George Utah has more cops per capita than any other city that I currently have researched.
    Want to know something else? Nobody is allowed to build a building taller than the Temple.
    The whole city is literally being run by outright and blatant corruption and nobody can stop them because the mayor, the police, judges, city attorneys, detectives, and accountants are a trusted group of individuals with nobody to investigate them. Think about how the Mayor has been in office for 21 years in a row and he completely annihilates all the elections. These corrupt people literally all eat dinner together quite a bit. This town is amazing, but something needs to change. So I put my first name on this website because I want to be heard. Please don’t delete my comment.

  • Carlos Holm Jr June 28, 2013 at 3:09 am

    When I was 22, going to Dixie State College, I brought a beer into my apartment one weekend. I drank it, threw the bottle in my garbage can and left with a girl to her apartment.
    Unfortunately a Mormon kid in another room called the cops on me.
    The cops went into my room without a search warrant (apparently it’s state property) while I was gone and sat there until 2 am waiting for me to return. They took the bottle out of the garbage can as evidence.
    I had absolutely no clue that the cops were at my place and had searched my room. I was banging this chick all night. I came home the next morning and somebody had gone through my computer. They turned my monitor on and went through all my porn history and looked at who knows what.
    My Asian roommate told me all about it. So I called the Dixie Security the next morning and asked them what I needed to do to fix the problem.
    It turns out that because I was 21 “No crime was committed” in his words.
    But the school had a strict “no alcohol” rule so I was put on suspension for 3 months.
    I dropped out of college that semester and refused to pay them back the $13,000 that I owe them. I will not pay it back until Dan McArthur is out of office, and the government investigates the city of St George and fixes the root of the problem. Until then, paying them would just feed the corruption and I refuse to do that. Have a nice day everyone.

  • Carlos Holm Jr June 28, 2013 at 3:16 am

    Yes, I would also like to ad that every news website in St George restricts my freedom of speech. I cannot fathom how you “moderate” the comments when you can just attach a language filter to your javascript. The fact that you “moderate” what people can say proves that I am right about the blatant corruption in St George. The town is overrun with extreme conservatives. It’s incredible. Please be fair and post all 3 of my comments, including this one. Thanks.

    • Joyce Kuzmanic June 28, 2013 at 9:56 am

      Mr. Holm, if this comment comes from not seeing your previous comments instantly approved, it is because you posted your comments at 3 a.m. and we sometimes sleep. 🙂
      ST. GEORGE NEWS | STGnews.com
      Joyce Kuzmanic
      Editor in Chief

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