Chiropractic in the 21st century, lasers included

Chiropractic laser therapy | Photo courtesy of St. George Health and Wellness

FEATURE – I wanted to learn more about advanced technologies being used in everyday health care. I recently had the chance to meet Dr. Ward Wagner of Dixie Chiropractic and learned a lot about the different technologies they use to treat various conditions. I’m currently being treated by him and was amazed by all the different “toys” he had in his office and was interested in how they help his patients. Two really caught my attention: Laser therapy and the decompression machine.

Because of a car accident 20 years ago, I have a bulging disk that flares up from time to time.  After Wagner performed an in-depth assessment of my injuries, instead of cracking and popping everything, he put me on his nifty decompression table. This high-tech machine allows you to comfortably lay down while the machine gently pulls on your back creating space and alignment within your vertebrae. It’s gentle, it’s relaxing and it does the trick.

Another treatment he performed was the laser therapy with the Class IV K-Laser machine which looks sort of like an iPad with a microphone attached. I didn’t really feel much during the treatment; more of a comfortable, warming sensation. However, I felt immediate pain relief after treatment.

“Laser therapy delivers physiological benefits that no other modality can deliver,” Wagner said. “By stimulating adenosine triphosphate production and enhancing cell membrane permeability a Class IV Laser actually helps injuries heal, rather than just masking the pain.”

I wondered if the lasers harmed me in any way; Wagner replied, “Treatments are extremely safe when applied by a properly trained K-laser certified professional.  The treatment is even safe to deliver directly over metal implants, over broken skin and on acute injuries.”

Wagner also said that more than 2,500 published studies exist worldwide involving laser therapy and over 100 double-blind (more thorough) studies published. There are several effects that have been observed with therapeutic lasers. For example, laser therapy mainly impacts oxidation and energy transfer in your cells which leads to increased healing. The adjustable power allows for a wide range of treatment protocols. K-Laser therapy delivers a therapeutic dosage to a large volume of tissue in a shorter period of time, which means you get better faster.

Some people think that laser therapy is only heat. K-Laser therapy is not a thermal treatment; it is bio-stimulatory due to photochemical reactions in cellular tissue. In fact, K-Laser set the standard for laser therapy with their four-wavelength technology because different tissues respond to different wavelengths.

I enjoyed feeling immediate improvement from the first visit and getting to know some of the healthcare technology available to St. George residents. Meeting Wagner and his staff was fun and informative and has ended up helping me get on the path to being pain free.

For more information about Dixie Chiropractic, call 435-673-1443 or visit their website.

Jennifer Morton
Jennifer Morton

Written by Jennifer Morton for St. George Health and Wellness magazine and St. George News.

Wellness coach Jennifer Morton is the founder of Life Ethic, Inc., who was motivated to help others create balance in their personal and professional lives through life coaching and consulting. Prior to starting her own company, Jennifer spent twelve years consulting for companies focusing on Customer Relationship Management, Leadership Development, and Process Improvements. In conjunction with her coaching and consulting, Jennifer is also a key member of the Wellness Team at The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge. Through her lecture series and private consultations, Jennifer helps members create personal action plans to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyle goals.

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Chiropractic laser therapy | Photo courtesy of St. George Health and Wellness
Chiropractic laser therapy | Photo courtesy of St. George Health and Wellness

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  • L.A. May 25, 2013 at 4:24 am

    Since this article seemed more like a friendly endorsement than like news, I thought a bit more research was merited.

    Low Level Laser Treatment:

    “At this writing, the bottom line appears to be that LLLT devices may bring about temporary relief of some types of pain, but there’s no reason to believe that they will influence the course of any ailment or are more effective than other forms of heat delivery.” –

    Decompression Therapy:

    “Only limited evidence is available to warrant the routine use of non-surgical spinal decompression, particularly when many other well investigated, less expensive alternatives are available.” —

    Still, Jennifer, happy you feel better.

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