WholeFit: A new way of thinking about health care and change

Change is a very difficult thing for most of us to do. There are many, many reasons why we as humans have such a propensity to continue doing whatever is normal and comfortable for us. Our daily routines and relationships become established around the maintenance of our “normal.”

We do not function in isolated sectors in our lives. If, for example, you want to lose weight, but you are also struggling with depression, without addressing the depression, it is highly unlikely that much headway will be made in losing weight. If you want to change careers or acquire more education but you have an unhealthy marital relationship or poor social support, it will be much less likely that you will be able to start and maintain the necessary steps to accomplish the worthwhile goals of more education or career change. We simply do not function in discrete vacuums in our lives. The more we can understand what is going on in our lives, remove the obstacles and leverage available resources, the more readily we will be able to accomplish our goals.

dpmWdqHHtwzvLw52H2bNsPE16PvmmokU6mL4VTL39hAAt WholeFit, we have spent the last ten years studying and understanding how to effectively overcome the barriers in our lives to make the changes we desire.  In this way, we are able to be healthier and happier – outcomes we all want! We target and address two very important problems inherent in our health care system.

First, addressing all of the various variables involved in change (e.g., fitness, nutrition, medicine, emotions, relationships, life balance, etc.).

Second, we provide a system to coordinate the care and treatment that you receive. When someone is in pain (be it physical or emotional) or trying to make changes in their life, it is common for them to begin to try things that they think and hope will aid in alleviating the pain. They may seek help from a medical doctor and a therapist and a chiropractor. They may try exercising or going to the gym.

We start with a Comprehensive Assessment

We have developed a very comprehensive assessment tool that helps you know where to start in seeking relief from your pain and which variables are most salient for you to address first. Our assessment tool incorporates both standardized measures and qualitative assessments. The WholeFit assessment measures health and fitness, nutrition, emotional and cognitive well-being, motivation, personality, current and past relationships, life balance, community (professional/work, finances, spiritual community, school/academics), and strengths and goals.

We provide you with a customized plan

A licensed professional effectively assesses your functioning in each of these areas of your life. Following the assessment, a comprehensive and individualized plan is collaboratively developed with you to help you obtain the changes and reach the goals that you may have been wanting to tackle for years, but have felt stuck or stymied in knowing how to go about doing it.

We treat you as a whole person which includes fitness, nutrition, health, relationships, life balance and more. It not only changes your health, it changes your life,” Dr. Michael Olson, co-founder of University of Texas Medical Branch, said.

Success comes from coordination amongst providers

As someone begins to be treated by various helping professionals, a major gap is created. The right hand rarely knows what the left hand is doing. Your chiropractor may tell you to do one thing and your coach may tell you to do something completely different. Your medical doctor, treating your broken bone, may be completely unaware of the depression or anxiety brought on by your injuries. The scenarios go on and on.

At WholeFit, we have a system that fills this gap: A “quarterback” is assigned to you  who communicates and coordinates your treatment with whomever is involved in your care. WholeFit has a network of more than 60 professionals and companies who are WholeFit affiliates here in our community to provide the relevant services. Each of them is excited and motivated to have a system in place that makes it easy and user friendly for them to help better care for you!

WholeFit’s entire focus is to help bring about long-lasting meaningful change in your life. We have seen many people achieve long sought-after goals by working with our system. We are excited to be here in St. George and look forward to helping you achieve greater levels of health and happiness!

Dr. Denim Slade

“Last year in Houston, we had the opportunity to change lives through WholeFit – we helped people with lupus, muscular sclerosis, diabetes, heart conditions, weight management, learning disabilities and more. We saw families come together – we saw peace and balance come to many,” WholeFit Clinician Denim Slade, said. “It is a powerful process.”

Denim Slade, Ph.D. is the Clinical Director of WholeFit St. George.

For more information visit www.wholefitstgeorge.com or call him at 435-319-0917  www.wholefitstgeorge.com

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