Commissioner of Higher Education: Utah legislature ‘has done a good job’ of supporting state’s schools, students

SALT LAKE CITY – On Thursday, Utah Commissioner of Higher Education David L. Buhler, issued the following statement on the 2013 legislative budget for higher education:

“The Utah State Legislature has done a good job for higher education this year. Two of the Board of Regents’ top priorities received funding: Mission-based funding and compensation, along with several other priorities of the Board of Regents and our colleges and universities.  Mission-based funding, with $18 million in new money, focuses on initiatives aimed at increasing college participation and completion and addresses inequities that have occurred within the system over many years. These funds are critical for higher education institutions in meeting their missions and in working toward the state’s goal of 66 percent by 2020. Higher education also received partial funding of compensation.

“Other important priorities that received funding include expansion of our state’s medical school at the University of Utah, construction of a new classroom building at Utah Valley University,  design of a new science building at Weber State University, money to assist Dixie State University’s transition and continued support for the Regents and New Century scholarships.

“The economic and quality of life benefits for Utahns who earn a post-secondary credential are well documented. The legislature’s support makes it possible for over 170,000 students to obtain a high quality, affordable education at Utah’s institutions of higher education.”

More information on the Utah System of Higher Education can be found on their website.

Submitted by: Utah State Board of Regents

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  • BJ March 16, 2013 at 9:28 am

    “. . .initiatives aimed at increasing college participation and completion”? Just what we need is more college graduates! We already have more college graduates walking about today than we did previously in the entire history of this country and look at the condition we are in. The myth that education changes lives (in a positive manner) is made readily apparent by simply looking at the state of our country. We are essentially bankrupt, more globally aggressive, accept a president who ignores the constitution and have a congress completely incapable of governing. My parents’ and grandparent’s generations would have never tolerated this. But then most of them had little to no college, and a great many were high school drop outs—yet look at what they were able to accomplish. The problems we have can be directly attributed to our system of education that kills a student’s love of learning while forbidding them to think critically.

  • Jason March 18, 2013 at 8:11 am

    I totally agree. Colleges these days are just a breeding ground for liberal ideals. They also teach people what they need to know to work for someone else and most come out of college working jobs they could have had without a degree.

    Education is a good thing if they are being taught correctly and are expected to know the what they are taught. I see so many who graduate college who probably should have not have graduated high school and have no skills and don’t know what it means to work. My best employees have almost always been those with little or no college education.

    College graduates are a dime a dozen these days. It doesn’t mean they are more educated it means they spent more money and learned how to work the system enough to pass their classes.

    Unfortunately college has become a racket much like weddings, babies, and our medical system (such as cancer treatments).

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