Letter to the Editor: History is doomed to repeat itself

LETTER TO THE EDITOR – History is doomed to repeat itself. All of the previous measures at government gun control have yielded virtually no change in how the evil mind works. That is because the evil mind does not care about the legalese of gun control. Locks on doors keep honest people out of your home. Dishonest people use a device of some kind to break into your home. Out law crowbars and evil will use hammers.

Morality and evil can not be legislated. Morality, however can be taught. Yes there is good intent in trying to take action, but action for the sake of simply taking action, will yield more problems than it will solve. Except for the education and mental health segments of the current gun control proposal, most of the balance is reactionary to an awful tragedy that legislation would not have prevented. My heart pours out the victims, the families and their friends.

The proposal will make it harder for good people to purchase a gun, for sport or self-preservation, while it really does nothing but increase profits for the black market gun traffic. If a person that should not own a gun, wants a gun, he will find a way to buy a gun or will simply steal a gun. Some have said that this legislation would reduce guns available to be stollen.  For that to be effective, we would have to disarm the population and have a revocation of the 2nd Amendment. If that were to happen, then we would all be in grave danger because we can’t disarm the world. Just think, if the evil was armed and the meek were unprotected, what kind of freedom you would have. NONE, because you would have to bow to anarchy.

If evil and twisted people can’t acquire a gun, then that person will find another way to accomplish their personal goal. Vision this, a person or group of people enter your home to rape and pillage and your only effective way of defending your family and possessions is call 911, which I might add is a magnificent system and should be your first reaction. Now you are limited to the use of limited close range sprays, tasers or without oversimplification, sticks and stones or simply submit to their demands while you pray that help is on the way.

While statistics run rampant, there are more mass shootings since drastic gun legislation began than in all the century before. There have been more gun control laws passed and yet there is an increase in shootings and crime in general.  What this tells me is that we need to examine our society and admit our shortcomings far more that we need more knee-jerk legislation. This country was founded on a Bill of Rights, not a Bill of Entitlements.

Please, that is not to be taken that all entitlements are bad, it is more of a comparison to gun legislation. Not all entitlements are bad and neither are all gun laws. Yet we seem to be acquiring more entitlements and gun legislation, both have not been examined in detail for the greater good. Do we need to take steps toward protecting our children and ourselves? Absolutely!  We owe it to or neighbors and ourselves to learn the facts and support your belief. My belief is that the 2nd Amendment was crafted for a reason, a very valid reason.

The 1st Amendment gives YOU the right to agree or disagree with me. The 2nd Amendment protects the 1st Amendment and all of your other Constitutional Rights. Disarmament will, in my opinion, reduce the country to a “Police State” with a collapse of freedom as we know it. Yet that would not happen here because an armed militia would rise up and protect you and me and even those that tried to disarm us all. Why? Because it is what our constitutional rights are all about.  We are a free nation because of the Patriots that have risen to the cause of freedom. At the very least, this new proposal needs to be debated and dissected, with due process. That is my editorial and I want to thank those that have protected my right to express myself.

Submitted by: John Teas

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  • D Rex January 19, 2013 at 9:33 am

    Fear of living in a ‘Police State’? If you live in St George, you already live in a Government Controlled Police State. Really, do you think your voice is heard by your local government or that your opinion matters to them? Ever notice how the same names are mentioned on city council, water conservation board, school board of trustees, etc, governing bodies (all the same people). No need to worry about the country, for you already live in a Police State.

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