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Are You Ready for the Job of Your Dreams?

·       Work remotely, wherever you want (home, rooftop, Belize!)

·       Flexible hours!

·       No supervisor breathing over your shoulder!

·       Be judged based on the work you actually do!

·       Unlimited training available in one of the most exciting and growing industries in the modern world!

·       Pay that grows based on your ability to become faster and more effective at your work, contributing to the growth of the company! Initially this is a trainee position, however, over time there will be the opportunity to significantly grow your earnings.

·       Mentorship by an experienced manager with decades of experience in the tech industry.

·       Work that is creative and fun; not busy work!

What Does This Company Do?

We are a game-changing digital marketing agency for our clients. Most small businesses struggle from month-to-month to pay their bills and their employees. We create a steady flow of leads for them from month-to-month, allowing them to hire new employees, grow their business, and increase their incomes like they never imagined. We believe a company’s website should be a game changer.

Like Every Amazing Opportunity, There Are Some Requirements!

You Must be Detail-Oriented

You must be able to understand how small adjustments to an article or video can have big effects on the Internet at large. You need to be able to track those initial adjustments through analytical software and observation—watching, learning, and gleaning insight from the cascade of observed results. This requires patience, perseverance, and a passion about this work that most people don’t have. If, however this type of work sounds AWESOME, you may be just right for the job.


Candidates for the position would ideally live near the Salt Lake/Provo area but any area within Utah will be seriously considered.

This Job Is Challenging

Very challenging! The first year you’ll feel like there’s never ending information to learn. But for those who have the talent to do the work, it will be an exciting challenge.

Working remotely might sound awesome. But for many people, it’s harder than they think. Do you need to be in a social environment? If you have a lot of distractions at home, don’t have a quiet place to work, then you won’t be successful.

This Is a Creative Writing Position

You’ve got to be able to write—a lot! And well—really well! We’re looking for advanced level writers. We create articles that go on the web. They need to be professionally written. Everything needs to be grammatically accurate. Google demotes content that has grammar errors.

Your writing must be interesting! You’ll be asked to engage with niche markets that have interests that on the outset may seem boring. You’ll need to interview experts in their industry, and find what’s fascinating about what they do, and communicate that information in an insightful and understandable way to potential customers. A high level of creativity is needed.

Can You Use Technology?

You have to be computer savvy. Being able to turn your computer on does not count.

If you’re still using a flip phone this won’t work.

You need to be able to do research online, problem-solving with various sites, applications, and software that you may initially be unfamiliar with.

An Industry of Change!

Our industry is constantly shifting. So you must be able to adjust your mindset regularly. You have to able to think about contradictory concepts at the same time. You have to be up for new ideas and be willing to debate your point-of-view. You must have a commitment to ongoing learning and education. IT’S NOT FOR WIMPS!

Do You Stay Organized?

This is a project management role. You will need to oversee projects from start to finish, over the course of months, following up with many players, making sure that all the steps in the process get completed at the right time, at the quality that is expected. Good understanding of task management and calendaring is very helpful.


This job is not a sales job, but the ability to communicate with clients over the phone and maintaining and building upon positive relationships will be a big part of the role.

Does this job sound fun? To apply for this position email [email protected] with your resume and include at least a 500-word original article explaining a technical concept in an entertaining way. (i.e. How to cook an amazing breakfast, how to change your oil, how to change a tire, how to straighten your hair, etc.)