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Opinion: Are Republicans conservative? 

OPINION – I am not a Republican. I grew up in a Republican household in a neighborhood where most of our neighbors and friends were Republicans too, so it was easy for me to identify with their thinking. I registered Republican as soon as I could vote and my first vote was cast for Richard Nixon. […]


Blue Blood: Changes needed in Provo for football team to turn it around 

COMMENTARY — It’s a tough week to be a BYU columnist for St George News and frankly I am not sure what direction to take this article other than a little venting from a fans point of view. After four straight losses coming off its 4-0 start, BYU seems to be sliding into a hole they […]

Assortment of donuts served at Fractured Prune, location not specified, date not specified | Photo courtesy of Fractured Prune, St. George News

A-List: Fractured Prune 

OPINION – Raise your hand if you love donuts. Raise both hands if your mouth is officially watering already. I know I’m not the only one currently waving my arms in the air. I mean, let’s be real – this delicacy is love at first bite. Especially when we’re talking cake donuts at Fractured Prune. Although this […]


Relationship Connection: My stepdaughter won’t let me see her new baby 

Question My husband and I have been together nine years. We were both married before and ended up cheating on our spouses, which is how we ended up together. Even though we both regret doing that to our families, all of these years later, we’re happy together and have a good marriage. We’ve tried to […]


On the EDge: When will something be done about Short Creek? 

OPINION – The news reports out of Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona, continue in a tragic vein. Last week, a 17-year-old boy who lives in the community was charged with sexual conduct with a minor and two felony counts of child molestation. A 14-year-old boy was charged with one felony count of child molestation. Mohave County […]


Bleeding Red: There was no place like home for Utes Saturday night 

The offense continued to run cold then hot But when it counted they were dead on the spot Yes the Utes gave their fans a reason to cheer As the defense proved again the buck stops here COMMENTARY — Last weekend my 8-year old daughter, Sammie, finally got a chance to don her Dorothy (from […]


Perspectives: For a better community, have lunch with a cop 

OPINION – Some people seem mildly surprised to learn that I have a number of friends who are in law enforcement. Because I regularly question whether government power is being exercised properly, it is often assumed that I must hate cops. I do not. My commitment to good government is simply stronger than my desire […]


Blue Blood: Cougars at a crossroads as they visit Boise State Friday night 

It saddens me to admit it this week, but it appears that BYU was really a one-man show this year! I was probably in denial, once Taysom Hill was lost for the season, in believing that BYU could still pull it together and win the majority of this year’s scheduled games. I considered all the factors, […]


Relationship Connection: My irresponsible daughter wants me to pay for her wedding 

Question Our 28 year-old daughter lives at home with her five year-old son with my husband and I. She wants us to throw her a wedding with her boyfriend. Problem is she has a mediocre job, he lives with his mom still, and has a job. I’m against spending money on a wedding without a plan for […]


On the EDge: Crossing political lines, or Why I voted for Ronald Reagan … twice 

OPINION – With the election just around the corner, I was talking to a friend the other day about voting, the candidates, the issues. Needless to say, this being Utah, all things are not equal. Whether you are on the winning or losing side of that equation doesn’t matter. Without dialog, opposition, a choice, elections […]


Bleeding Red: Change of offensive heart has Utes riding high 

Mid-season grades for the Utes are now out And as always, the defense has been stout While the passing game is famine or feast When running the ball Booker is a beast! COMMENTARY — Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” is a classic song from that decade affectionately known as the Awesome 80’s. Two […]


Perspectives: Lesson from feminist vs. university; free speech, natural rights 

OPINION – When a feminist speaker recently canceled a scheduled engagement at Utah State University, her decision should have been easily understandable. Instead, it has created significant confusion in the minds of some about what exactly the First and Second Amendments are and how they protect our natural rights. The issue began when an emailed […]


Blue Blood: Cougars showing heart as they battle through rash of injuries 

COMMENTARY — Even with its second consecutive loss, BYU has NO give up and some positive things to build on moving forward in the 2014 season! It was a disappointing last Thursday night to what I think is a very competitive and tough football Central Florida program. I see UCF having another great year, following its […]


Relationship Connection: Our marital stubbornness is keeping us stuck 

Question My husband and I are both stubborn, and have different perspectives on a lot of things. We seem to end up in stalemates where neither of us feels our desires or needs or opinions are being respected or included.  We try to work things out, but it seems that we just repeat the same […]


On the EDge: Note to GOP: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you 

OPINION – The party line in Red State America is that the feds give too many handouts; that there is too much “big government;” that we are taxed too much; that too much money goes to “government programs” whether for so-called entitlement programs or for aid; that too many go to the federal government with […]


A-List: Fractured Prune


A-List: Blue Linen Boutique


A-List: The Sugar Cookie store

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