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No Filter: Patriots or Seahawks? Super Bowl XLIX 

OPINION –  For some, it’s about the game. For others, it’s about the commercials or fried chicken or wings.  It’s America’s NFL Super Bowl, and it’s time to pick your team. Co-hosts Paul Ford and Grady Sinclair have made their picks and lay it all on the line with an unusual wager in which the loser […]


Blue Blood: Backs against the wall for BYU in chase for NCAA Tourney bid 

COMMENTARY — I hate the “P” word, but let’s be realistic here: It might be time to panic for BYU basketball fans. Under Dave Rose, the Cougars have never won fewer than 20 games in a season and have become a fixture in the NCAA Tournament. And while the streak of 20-win seasons will likely […]

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Relationship Connection: How do I walk away from my adult daughter’s drama? 

Question Our eldest daughter (soon to turn 40) started telling “stories” in high school. One story was that I had a little boy that died. She had a picture of herself holding a friend’s child she passed around. I passed it off that she needed more attention and that our frequent moves and relocations were […]

"No Filter Show" Co-hosts Paul Ford, Grady Sinclair at the Lion's Mouth, a grande rock formation with picture glyphs created by  the Fremont Indians dating back to  AD 700 to 1300. Dixie National Forest, Utah, January 2015 | Photo by Dan Fowlks, St. George News

No Filter: Into the Lion’s Mouth on a quest for Spanish Gold 

ST. GEORGE – In Episode 21 of the “No Filter Show” Paul Ford and Grady Sinclair set out to to find Spanish gold and hidden treasures from time past, with guidance from Steve Shaffer and Tim Draper of the We Nooch Society and a little help from a modern day device developed by NASA. Watch the “No Filter” video, click […]


TWIR9: Hey parents, how about letting the coaches do their jobs 

COMMENTARY — A couple of coaching changes are at the forefront of the Region 9 news this week, with Cedar naming a new football coach and Desert Hills losing its girls basketball coach. Josh Bennett takes over at Cedar, replacing long-time coach Todd Peacock. At DH, Gary Tomlinson stepped down with five games left in the […]

Aerial view of the Dixie Sunbowl, St. George, Utah, date not specified | St. George News

On the EDge: Save the Sunbowl 

OPINION — It’s nice when everybody wins. Now, let’s just hope the St. George City Council doesn’t mess it up. Thursday night the council will vote on a proposal that would see the city selling to the Washington County School District a 6-acre piece of property where the Elks baseball field and some horseshoe pits […]


Bleeding Red: Hot-shooting Utes nearly invincible at Huntsman Center 

The Runnin’ Utes keep running away From opponents on the field of play How good can this team really be? We’ll just have to wait and see COMMENTARY — Utah continues to provide a veritable cornucopia of reasons for Ute fans to cheer across a wide variety of sports. Nevertheless, this week I will only […]


Perspectives: Why the common good is usually bad; or, America’s got the measles 

OPINION –  If you were asked to name the greatest political divide in American society today, how would you answer? Is it Republicans versus Democrats? The rich versus the poor? Believers versus non-believers? Once we start down this road, we end up with the kind of list that quickly snowballs into an avalanche of labels […]

Paul Ford and Grady Sinclair for the No Filter Show, St. George, Utah, Jan. 22, 2015 | Photo by Dan Fowlks, St. George News

No Filter: Yoga pants vs. leggings 

ST. GEORGE – Yoga pants and leggings; no question about their comfort – but are they suitable for anywhere wear? Seductive, sinful or simply today’s fashion mode? In Episode 20 of the “No Filter Show” Co-hosts Paul Ford and Grady Sinclair prowl about town and get the skinny from men, women, and even a member of […]

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A-List: The best hot chocolate in St. George 

OPINION – When it comes to hot chocolate, I have one simple rule: don’t settle. I mean it! It’s been said that there are too many mediocre things in life; I say, winter’s best beverage shouldn’t be one of them. So say goodbye to clumps. Run away from anything that says “just add water.” Why? Because you deserve […]

L-R: "No Filter Show" Co-hosts Paul Ford and Grady Sinclair; Mix 103.1 Radio Co-hosts Cindy & Bryan; St. George, Utah, January 2015 | Photo by Dan Fowlks, St. George News

No Filter: In the Mix with Bryan and Cindy 

ST. GEORGE – In Episode 19 of the “No Filter Show” Paul Ford and Grady Sinclair go “on air” with Bryan Benware and Cindy Olson, morning show co-hosts of Southern Utah’s Mix 103.1 radio show in the mornings.  And we’re back … Watch the “No Filter” video, click the play arrow    in the center of the video top of […]


Relationship Connection: My ex-wife misrepresents me to our kids 

Question My ex-wife is always putting the kids in the middle. Even when it’s my parent time, she makes sure the kids know that I’m the bad guy if I say “no” to letting them go stay with her. We have review hearing with the court coming up soon. I’m hoping we can set up […]


TWIR9: Massive wrestling event at Pine View highlights busy region week 

COMMENTARY — Thirty-three wrestling teams will hit the mats Friday night and all day Saturday in the annual Pine View Invitational this week at PVHS. There are about 110 schools that participate in wrestling in the state of Utah, so the basic math tells us that more than 25 percent of the schools in Utah will […]


On the EDge: Don’t be so quick to judge, it really might be a conspiracy 

OPINION – If you log enough miles on this rock you will eventually understand that there truly is little that occurs by coincidence and that history is written by the winners, which means it is filled with half-truths and, often, outright lies. And, if you run enough laps around the sun in the news business, […]


Bleeding Red: Utes teams nationally-ranked in five different collegiate sports 

Who rocks the house? The Utes rock the house And when the Utes rock the house They rock it all the way down! COMMENTARY — It is truly a wonderful time to be a Ute fan! This week’s gee whiz fact is “5” — the number of nationally-ranked teams on The Hill this year. That’s […]


On the EDge: Save the Sunbowl

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