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No Filter: Roaming about Red Hills Desert Garden 

FEATURE — You’ve probably driven by it, but have you been there? The Red Hills Desert Garden, located between the Washington County Water Conservancy District’s office building and nearby Pioneer Park along Red Hills Parkway in St. George, is open to the public and “No Filter Show” Co-hosts Paul Ford and Grady Sinclair spent Episode 56 touring the […]

Relationship Connection

Relationship Connection: My kids refuse to acknowledge stepfather on his birthday 

Question My first husband and I divorced many years ago while our children were still in the home. He left our family to be with another woman. Our children did their best to maintain a relationship with him through the years, however painful and frustrating it was to them at times, until his death in […]


Veterans Aware: They should know 

OPINION — There are those that went to Vietnam that came back and swear that the “baggin’ and taggin’” did not really bother them much. Baggin’ and taggin,’ for the uninitiated, was the duty of making sure that the Marines who were killed had one of their dog tags securely affixed to one of their boots, […]


On the EDge: SCOTUS rules, love wins 

OPINION — The message was simple: Love wins. And, in the end, that is all that really matters. Although we may think that we lived through a hugely historic day in United States history with Friday’s Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, will it seem like that much of a landmark 50 years down […]

Perspectives-american cowboy

Perspectives: The American cowboy, a symbol of defiance 

OPINION – The banishers of symbols have been awfully busy lately getting rid of flags, statues of generals, and names on roads or buildings. They’re eradicating anything that could remind us of historical defiance to oppressive, centralized federal power. We can only wonder when they’ll get around to burning the textbooks that still speak of […]


No Filter: Strategically competing in Pro Watercross Tour 

FEATURE — As the summer just keeps getting hotter, more people are flocking to water sports to cool down and make a splash … and what better timing to do so than when the Pro Watercross Tour comes to town. It’s motorcross on the water and full of action as racers reach 90 mph and perform […]

No Filter steam

No Filter: Plural wives, big enterprise at historic General Steam 

FEATURE — Where, oh where is Grady? In Episode 54 of the “No Filter Show,” Co-hosts Paul Ford and “Fill-in” (otherwise known as Dan Fowlks) roam around General Steam, a historic site located about 15 miles west of Veyo. The story of General Steam founder Leroy Wilson is a tale of big love, big innovation … and a big murder. Go […]

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Relationship Connection: Is there any point in enduring another family reunion? 

Question We have a family reunion coming up this summer and I’m not so sure I want to attend. None of us sisters really get along very well and so our children hardly know each other. My kids have sports camps and other commitments virtually every weekend, so this just feels like we’re cramming one […]


On the EDge: A note to a friend on Charleston 

OPINION –  I’ve known Pat a long time. A fellow journalist, our paths crossed during his all-too-brief stay in St. George. He’s moved his interesting career to a few other stops along the way and I always look forward to seeing his sometimes fun, sometimes sobering, but always thought-provoking posts on Facebook. I was saddened […]


Perspectives: Stop focusing on nonissues; Charleston shooting 

OPINION – Considering that we live in the Information Age, we spend an inordinate amount of time spinning our wheels over nonissues. Much of this wasted time is driven by what dominates any given news cycle. Coverage of the recent murder of nine churchgoers at a Charleston, South Carolina, Bible study is providing some stark […]

Ali Hill with her father, Rick Egan, at Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley, Utah, April 26, 2014 | Photo by Emily Egan, for St. George News

A-List: How to be the best dad ever 

OPINION — Are you a male between the ages of 1 and 110? Well then, this is for you. I know this “advice” might seem a little/really questionable coming from me – a 20-something female who doesn’t have any children. BUT everything I learned about this topic was through years of discreetly watching and taking notes […]

No Filter Springdale

No Filter: Double date night out, downtown Springdale Town 

FEATURE — From bikes and bluffs to rocks and beer, Springdale is a pretty place to roll and stroll whether you’re visiting from across the sea or making it your place of residency. Paul Ford and Grady Sinclair co-host Episode 53 of the “No Filter Show” doubling it up for date night out on the town that Forbes Traveler once ranked among America’s […]

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Relationship Connection: How long does it take to heal from an affair? 

Question My husband had an affair a year ago. I am still hurting from the episode. We are still married. I got back into the marriage, not because he apologized (he never did), but because I was unsure how badly a split would impact the kids. He blames me for being a “bad wife.” I […]


On the EDge: Dead last again in per-pupil funding 

OPINION – I was very lucky, growing up during a time when kids were still important. We didn’t have many amenities back when I was a kid, no “Xbox” or “Wii” or any of that stuff. My biggest distraction was a baseball, my mitt and a bat. Oh, yeah, and books. Admittedly, I was a […]


Perspectives: How much can your character bench press? 

OPINION – The looks on the faces of my family made it all worthwhile. I’ll never forget how their eyes popped open wide as I stepped off the airplane upon returning home from serving a mission for my church. To say that I had changed a bit would be an understatement. The physical difference was […]

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