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Blue Blood: If Cougars want respect, they’d better start earning it 

COMMENTARY — I have the privilege each year of writing the Blue Blood BYU football column for St George News and am ready to get back to it again this season. Some might think it’s fitting, with my background as a former BYU football player, while others just want to hear what I have to say being […]

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, at the first Republican presidential debate at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, Aug. 6, 2015 | AP file photo, St. George News

On the EDge: Trumpitis: The next pandemic? 

OPINION – Excuse me, but I’m a little cranky today. Check that. I’m ticked off. Majorly. I’m about up to here with the crude and rude behavior I’ve seen exhibited lately, primarily by people who have embraced the Donald Trump campaign. The only thing I can hang it on is a lot of people are suffering […]


Bleeding Red: If the O can go, Utes will be tough to beat in 2015 

Hail, Utah, hail to thee, with joy we sing thy praise. To thee dear Alma Mater, our grateful voices raise; Noble thy destiny, and worthy thine acclaims. Treasured in memory, thy loved and honored name. Treasured in memory, thy loved and honored name. COMMENTARY — Nope, I didn’t make that up. I was looking through some […]


Perspectives: About those so-called loopholes 

OPINION – The only nice thing about the double standard in American media is that no one can accuse them of having no standards. For example, when Dylann Roof allegedly murdered nine Charleston church-goers earlier this summer, the media narrative quickly snowballed into a politically-correct crusade. Instead of focusing on the murderous actions of a […]

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Veterans Aware: Upcoming opportunities for vets, military personnel 

ST. GEORGE — There are several opportunities available to veterans in Southern Utah, including a diver certification opportunity, stand down event and case lot sale. Fresh water diver certification Dixie Divers in St. George will provide six full paid scholarships to disabled veterans to become fresh water diving certified. The scholarships include all equipment, classroom and live […]

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Relationship Connection: How to talk with your family about harmful media 

OPINION — If you’ve ever struggled to know how to talk with your children about pornography, harmful media, body image and other difficult topics, you are not alone. In fact, many parents wonder how they can talk about these unsavory issues with their children without harming their children or creating unhealthy curiosity. As much as we’d all […]


On the EDge: Utah’s embarrassing gender gap 

OPINION — If you are a woman who wants to bake casseroles, get married at a young age and start producing babies, then Utah’s the place for you. However, if you want to earn a serious, post-graduate degree and become a professional woman with a well-paying career, well, it might be a good idea to move […]

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Perspectives: Decent people have skin in the game 

OPINION – One of the best parts of being a commentator is the amount of reading I’m required to do each day. It’s a bit like prospecting for precious metal in that there’s a lot of material to sift through in hopes of finding something of real value. Every so often I stumble across a […]

Columnist Kat Dayton's son longingly views Mesa Verde's Cliff House from across the gorge on the family's quest they call "Project Replica." Mesa Verde, Colorado, April 2015 | Photo by Kat Dayton, St. George News

Here & there: Project replica 

FEATURE – Have you ever done a replica trip?  You know, a trip you plan in hopes of replicating some magical experience you had a child.  Think the movie “Vacation,” except without the R-rated scenes. For my husband, Alan, that magic happened in 1977 on a family trip to Durango and Mesa Verde, Colorado.  Part of […]

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On the EDge: GOP fight with Planned Parenthood runs deep 

OPINION — The Republican Party has been gunning for Planned Parenthood for decades. Now, it seems, the GOP is latching onto a video that alleges wrongdoing on the part of the organization saying it supplies fetal tissue to researchers for profit. They have turned a scientific process into a macabre exercise in semantics by referring to […]


Perspectives: Changing our thinking habits 

OPINION – We’re all familiar with the quote attributed to Albert Einstein that defines insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” We likely agree with this sentiment on one or more levels. For instance, if we find ourselves packing on extra weight we can choose to alter our […]

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Relationship Connection: My wife wants me to stop talking to my family 

Question My wife feels threatened by my relationships with my family members, especially my older sister and my dad. I’ve always had a close relationship to them and it seems like she would rather me not have a close relationship to them anymore.  It feels controlling and jealous. We’ve been married almost six years and […]

L-R: Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump. Image composite, St. George News

On the EDge: Who won the GOP debate? 

OPINION — The surprise of Thursday night’s Republican debate wasn’t that Donald Trump came off as an egotistical, misogynistic, racist jerk. Everybody knows he is an egotistical, misogynistic, racist jerk. The real surprise is that Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly actually has a few journalistic chops. I’ll say a few because after she came out of the […]

Hannah Hyde, location and date not provided | Photo courtesy of Bryan Hyde, St. George News

Perspectives: The girl who helped choose her name 

OPINION – She came into our lives in a curious way. As our family was sitting down to dinner one Sunday evening, my wife Becky looked intently around the table for a moment and said, “Okay, that was strange.” She was counting heads and making sure all four of our kids were seated when she […]

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Relationship Connection: My sister is becoming more withdrawn from family 

Question My sister married a guy in the military and they have lived in multiple countries over the past 10 years they’ve been married. He’s a great guy and they seem to have a good marriage. There are four of us sisters and we’ve been very close all of our lives. I’m writing for help because […]

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