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Perspectives: Resisting the divisiveness of identity politics 

OPINION – A good test of a person’s commitment to the ideal of personal liberty is found in how willing he or she is to speak out in its defense. Of course, this is easy when we’re looking out for our own self interests. A more definitive test of our personal integrity regarding liberty is […]


Relationship Connection: I’m being pushed away in my marriage 

Question I’ve been married about 21 years. Six months after we got married we had our first child. When this happened, my wife utterly changed from being an easy-going person to being mean all the time. She developed a short temper, mood swings, became physically abusive toward me, and yelled at me constantly. When this […]


On the EDge: Oh yes, it is a matter of race 

OPINION – Let me see if I’ve got this right. If you are some redneck G.I. Joe wannabe wearing store-bought camouflage, you can point a loaded semiautomatic weapon at law enforcement with impunity. If you are black, you assemble to probe the questionable death of a community member, and stand there with hands up, you […]


Perspectives: Why sociopaths cannot solve world problems 

OPINION – Seeing the world as it really is can be a challenge for any of us. For the sociopath, it is an impossible task. Sociopaths consider themselves superior for not being burdened by empathy for others. Empathy is considered a weakness. A prime example of sociopathic thinking can be found in how many view […]

‘Dear Ms. Turner, We gotta have a garden;’ how to grow healthy habits in kids 

FEATURE — At the end of the school year, my 9-year-old son brought home his writing journal.  As I flipped through it, I fell in love with this letter: Apparently my kids do listen to me.  However, JC said it better than I ever could. What I loved most about this letter is JC realizing eating plants is […]


Perspectives: Well-intentioned lies are spreading misinformation 

OPINION – Social media has its advantages. For instance, it’s astonishing to reconnect and stay in touch with friends I’ve known since kindergarten who are currently scattered all across the country. When an unexpected need arises, it’s becoming common to see a call distributed throughout social media to rally family, friends, and acquaintances for help moving, […]


Relationship Connection: When should I ask for what I need, when should I go along? 

Question Sometimes we need to accept and go on with our circumstances, perhaps shaped by our significant other. Other times, we need to stand up and say, “I would like something different.” My question is how do we know when we should go along, or use our abilities to make changes to our circumstances? Answer […]


On the EDge: Woodstock was more than just a groovy concert 

OPINION – I’m not quite sure where the year 1969 stands in the annals of history, but I know it has to rank pretty far up there as far as how improbable it truly was. We got a clue as to what would come when in early January, Broadway Joe Namath led the underdog New […]

Highway 143, image is suggestive of the event not actual, Panguitch, Utah | Image by STGnews Graphics

Perspectives: My painful lesson that goodness is all around us 

OPINION – My faith in humanity has been faltering lately. It’s not the innumerable global military conflicts that have challenged my optimism. It’s the homegrown cattiness and malignant hostility that grows to dominate nearly every online discussion. There is no tragedy too big or too small to keep the truly sadistic from indulging their penchant for […]


Perspectives: How mountain biking cured my belief in labels 

OPINION – When the Tour of Utah bicycle race blasted through our corner of the state earlier this week, it brought back fond memories of the years I’ve lived in Southern Utah. The abundant red-rock scenery and plentiful trails and roads make this part of Utah a strong draw for cyclists of all types. While I […]


Relationship Connection: Should I confront my adult daughter about her affair? 

Question I have a question for you about my daughter, my adult daughter and single mom of four, who I just learned a few days ago has been engaging in an affair with a married man. I hear it has been going on for six months. I know only that. I have no other details […]


Perspectives: When a child dies in a hot vehicle, a word to the infallible 

OPINION – When I first heard the news on Friday of a child being left unattended in a hot vehicle in Hurricane, my first reaction was indignant outrage. I immediately envisioned someone thoughtlessly leaving their baby alone while they ran into a store for what they thought would be a few minutes. When followup reports […]

Cowboy shooting competition, Utah Practical Shooting Range Complex, Hurricane, Utah, April 26, 2014 | Image from video by Samantha Tommer, St. George News

Perspectives: Afraid of guns? You’re hanging out with the wrong people 

OPINION – My old firearms mentor Dave Strickland would have been proud. Tuesday evening I stepped out of my comfort zone and visited the Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range in Hurricane for my first experience in shooting Tuesday Night Steel. I’ve watched with interest over the past decade or so as Washington County’s shooting sports […]


Veterans Aware: Navy Blue Angels excellent, air show promoters shameful 

OPINION – Yeah, I know that I lack tact; that comes from coming to the conclusion during 17 months of being a Marine grunt in Vietnam, there just isn’t enough time to waste a minute when something needs to be done or someone needs some “visiting with.”  Outside of some indirect grousing and outright ankle-biting backstabbing, I […]


Letter to the Editor: Glaring conflicts of interest in school district land purchase; counter opinion 

COUNTER OPINION to opinion of St. George News columnist Bryan Hyde (See: July 28 Perspectives: Iron County School District, accountability or witch-hunt?) - I was a bit taken aback by the remarks of Bryan Hyde that were published in your paper regarding the issues behind land acquisition procedures concerning and involving the Iron County School District and […]

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