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TWIR9: Old school Todd Peacock was the (reluctant) face of Cedar football 

COMMENTARY — It was 1993 and I was a young sports writer with just my second newspaper job out of college. I was the Spectrum’s “Cedar sports guy,” tasked with covering Southern Utah University and Cedar High sports. I was pretty smug in those days. I had won numerous column and feature writing awards in […]


On the EDge: Time for conservatives to get a grip over immigration 

OPINION – As Fox News entertainer Sean Hannity is so fond of saying, “What would Reagan do” in response to President Obama’s recent executive action on immigration? He would be the first to rise and lead a standing ovation. Reagan may have been a lot of things, may have garnered an undeserved reputation as the […]


Bleeding Red: Even with Arizona loss, Utes have still exceeded expectations 

Glass half-empty or glass half-full, what do fans have to say? I’ll take the results of this season almost any day The direction of the program has seen a major shift The football team this year gave fans an early Christmas gift COMMENTARY — Even after Utah’s loss to Arizona at home last Saturday, I’m […]


Perspectives: Whose script is your life following? 

OPINION – My son Forrest recently celebrated his 17th birthday. As his mother and I took him to dinner to celebrate, we had a heartfelt conversation about his future that has stuck with me for the past few days. I’m not ashamed to admit that my son is someone I’ve come to admire greatly. He’s […]

No Filter pickleball

No Filter: In a pickle, the ball’s in Dixie’s court 

ST. GEORGE – The Utah State Pickleball Championships 2014 opened Thursday and continue through Saturday at the Little Valley Pickleball Complex, 2149 Horseman Drive, in St. George, received a surprise guest visit from “Bjorn and Mac,” an appearance fortuitously caught on camera for Episode 5 of the “No Filter Show” shown here: Resources Utah State Pickleball Championships 2014 in St. George – Web […]


Blue Blood: Cougars bowl eligible, but not where they wanted to be 

COMMENTARY – BYU football is now officially bowl bound for the 10th straight season with Bronco Mendenhall as the coach. This is a true accomplishment as a head coach in Division 1 football these days, regardless of what conference or scheduling issues a team might face. To fans, a winning season is a good thing and winning […]

Apple beer and Diet Coke served at Chuck-A-Rama located 127 Red Cliffs Dr, St George, Utah, Nov. 12, 2014 | Photo courtesy of Chuck-A-Rama,  St. George News

A-List: Top 10 soda pop stops in St. George 

OPINION – Soft drink lovers take their soda-sipping very seriously. Whether you drink it on the daily, or save it it for special occasions – it’s no secret that some bubbles rise above the rest. While I encourage you to drink plenty of water, I have to admit certain foods just taste better with soda. However, since […]


No Filter: Do girls like beards? 

ST. GEORGE – November, or “Movember,” as it’s come to be called by some, is a month dedicated to mustaches and beards. It can be hairy, especially for women whose men embrace the challenge of the month and let that facial fuzz grow.  And so, in Episode 4 of the “No Filter Show,” Paul Ford and Grady […]


Relationship Connection: My teenage son has depression 

Question I have a teenage son who is not motivated to do anything. If he were allowed to, he would spend all his time playing video games, watching television, or sleeping. He is often irritable and when asked to do something will respond with a sharp, “I know!” or mumble grumpily under his breath. He […]


On the EDge: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet 

OPINION – It’s just flat-out embarrassing. For a state that likes to brag about its family values and concern for children, Utah is turning in abysmal numbers when it comes to children living at the poverty level, particularly Southern Utah where nearly 25 percent of our kids are living on the edge of desperation. That’s […]


Bleeding Red: Utes keep finding ways to win close games 

Do I have the time to write my dad’s lines What can I say, should I jump in the fray? I’m still in my prime so I’ll do just fine While my dad is away, the son will play. COMMENTARY — This is Josh Vance. My dad, Dwayne, got tied up with some issues (which […]


Perspectives: Anti-discrimination laws, seeking power not equality 

OPINION – The test of how well we actually understand personal liberty, natural rights, and the legitimate role of government is currently underway at many levels. A highly visible example took place recently when St. George City Council members were asked to consider adopting an ordinance to prohibit discrimination against homosexuals in housing and employment. […]

L-R: Grady Sinclair, Paul Ford, Bloomington Cave, St. George, Utah, Nov. 2014 | Photo from No Filter Show video, St. George News

No Filter: Lost in a cave in Dixie; it’s cold, so cold 

ST. GEORGE – Paul Ford and Grady Sinclair go on an adventure only the strong survive in Episode 3 of the “No Filter Show.”  Watch it … do it … if you dare. Ed. Note: Permit required to explore the cave – for a more serious report on the Bloomington Cave system, preparation and precautions advised, […]


Opinion: Stop illegal immigration 

OPINION – We should not be having this confrontation. What the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have allowed to happen during the past decade flies against fundamental constitutional principals. They have looked the other way and allowed waves of Mexicans to illegally enter this country. This is a travesty! Think about it. What is a […]


No Filter: Where the Redwood grows in Dixie 

BROWSE –  Episode 2 in our new semiweekly “No Filter” show takes Paul Ford and Grady Sinclair in search of a Redwood tree – not at the California Coast as you might imagine, but right here in Utah’s Dixie.  Check it out: St. George News Videocast How to get there Take Interstate 15 to Exit 30, Browse […]


No Filter: Do girls like beards?


Opinion: Stop illegal immigration

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