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Relationship Connection: My children either fight me or ignore me 

Question I am a 70-year-old mother of three adult children in their 40s. My husband had a wandering eye so I have raised my kids alone since they were in elementary school. As I look back, even though it seemed things were trouble-free when I was raising them, I worry that I gave them too […]

2016 presidential race

On the EDge: Will 2016 be most historic presidential race? 

OPINION – Looking at the list of hopefuls who have announced their intention to run for the presidency in 2016, I don’t think any one of them, from either side, will emerge as the winner. The next president is still out there somewhere, undeclared, I think. The early money, of course, pinned it down to […]


Perspectives: Fearmongering; the difference between patriots, nationalists 

OPINION – If there is one good thing to be said about fear, it’s that it is a powerful and effective uniter. Unfortunately, it is almost always used to manipulate the masses for irrational ends. Two current examples of this include the hysterical hand-wringing over the potential softening of relations between equally hard-line U.S. and […]

friendship repair

Relationship Connection: How do I fix a broken friendship? 

Question I have a friend who hurt me a year ago and we’ve been superficial with each other since then. I don’t know how to make things the way they used to be. We still talk at times and I can tell that she feels bad for what she did (she works hard to be […]


On the EDge: Is it over for Trump? 

OPINION – Donald Trump insults an entire race of people and his popularity increases. He insults one old, white man, and his bid for the presidential nomination is on the rocks. What does this say about racism in the United States? Trump fired a low-trajectory volley of ignorance when, in announcing his intention to seek […]

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Perspectives: The Western Freedom Festival, why heritage matters 

OPINION – When Pioneer Day is celebrated across state this coming Friday, it will be honoring the heritage of those who settled the Utah territory nearly 160 years ago. Anyone who gets the day off or enjoys parades, festivities and fireworks can find a reason to appreciate the July 24th holiday. Meanwhile, skeptics who sourly […]

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Relationship Connection: My husband moved out, won’t talk to me; how long do I wait? 

Question My husband moved out six months ago for a “break/space” and all the time has been giving false hopes. Before he moved out, he said that he might be making the biggest mistake of his life and he didn’t know if he wanted to throw away 17 years or if it is how he […]


On the EDge: Time to decide on DSU name 

OPINION – This whole issue of renaming Dixie State University must, once and forever, be resolved. A recent opinion piece published in another media outlet and written by DSU professor Danielle Larsen-Rife that has gained statewide attention has reopened the debate and, in light of the horrific killings in Charleston, S.C. and subsequent removal of the […]


Perspectives: Tolerance? Westboro Baptist-style fracas at Cedar City Jamboree 

OPINION – It didn’t take long for the latest culture war against all things religious to come home. Attendees of Saturday’s Cedar City July Jamboree got to see it firsthand. This popular street festival draws thousands of people to the downtown district each July to admire classic cars, tempting street food and live music. As […]


Relationship Connection: My husband’s PTSD is destroying our family 

Question I am greatly struggling in either holding onto my marriage or learning to co-parent and divorce. Recently, my husband has come to me and opened up a little bit about some severe post-traumatic stress disorder episodes he’s been having from his time overseas in the military. I have long suspected this has been bothering him but […]


On the EDge: An uncivil war over Confederate flag 

OPINION — There’s a rather uncivil war raging as a nation tries to come to grips with its latest hate crime — the killing of nine innocent people in a Charleston, South Carolina, church. The guy who committed the horrendous slaughter told the cops he was trying to start a race war. Because it was […]


Perspectives: Standing in the other guy’s shoes 

OPINION – Civility is becoming scarce. Not just in political or social media discussions but also in virtually every area of modern life. It’s a trend that began long before the Supreme Court wrote the American public a prescription for rainbow-colored corrective lenses. Online insults or the angry middle finger salute of a passing motorist […]


No Filter: Men on the street, ‘George Streetfest’ Independence Day kickoff 

FEATURE –  Every first Friday of the month this summer, St. George hosts “George, Streetfest on Main,” a combination of music, food and fun. In Episode 57 of the “No Filter Show,” co-hosts Paul Ford and Grady Sinclair head to the middle of the activities to talk to festival-goers, have some fun and ask some […]

No Filter

No Filter: Roaming about Red Hills Desert Garden 

FEATURE — You’ve probably driven by it, but have you been there? The Red Hills Desert Garden, located between the Washington County Water Conservancy District’s office building and nearby Pioneer Park along Red Hills Parkway in St. George, is open to the public and “No Filter Show” Co-hosts Paul Ford and Grady Sinclair spent Episode 56 touring the […]

Relationship Connection

Relationship Connection: My kids refuse to acknowledge stepfather on his birthday 

Question My first husband and I divorced many years ago while our children were still in the home. He left our family to be with another woman. Our children did their best to maintain a relationship with him through the years, however painful and frustrating it was to them at times, until his death in […]

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