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A-List: Katherine’s Steakhouse 

OPINION — I recently discovered a place in Mesquite where everyone wins. It’s called Katherine’s Steakhouse, and it’s located at the CasaBlanca Resort and Casino, 950 W. Mesquite Blvd. in Mesquite, Nev. I know what you’re thinking – A fine dining restaurant inside a casino? Really? Yes, really. I am not exaggerating when I say it’s easily the BEST […]


On the EDge: DHS should keep coach’s name on baseball field 

OPINION – I don’t quite understand a community that claims to honor its past, yet when it comes down to putting that into practice, kicks its legacy to the curb. It’s happening again, this time at Dixie High School, where they’re getting a new baseball field. Read more: Dixie High School: New era brings new baseball […]


No Filter: Wet, wild, rad rush with Moto Zoo at Sand Hollow 

ADVERTORIAL / FEATURE – What happens when the “No Filter” guys have a hunger for thrills, for speed, for power?  They go to Moto Zoo of course! Moto Zoo, at 359 W. Hilton Drive in St. George, offers “all things power sports.”  In this business spotlight, Co-hosts Paul Ford and Grady Sinclair go on a heart-pounding, rock-crawling, […]


TWIR9: Baseball’s wild title game a fitting end to 2014-15 prep sports year 

COMMENTARY — The kids are marching today — well, I guess we can’t really call them kids anymore since they’re graduating from high school — and it certainly was a memorable year on the courts, fields, mats and tracks in Region 9. Saturday the spring sports season culminated with champions being crowned in baseball and […]

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Relationship Connection: How do I break a power struggle with my husband? 

Question It seems that whenever I try to set personal boundaries my husband freaks out and it turns into a huge power struggle. I am a stay-at-home mom while my husband works 12-hour shifts on a rotating schedule and has been working full-time and doing school most of our married life (he is nearly finished […]

Co-host Paul Ford finds a tasty morsel in Episode 45 of the "No Filter Show," St. George, Utah, May 15, 2015 | Photo by Dan Fowlks, St. George News

No Filter: Record-setting 60 scorpions, 1 black night 

ADVERTORIAL / ST. GEORGE – Southern Utahns have a taste, you might say, for the hunt. Some search for a hidden canyon, others for adventure, not just a few for game; but if you are Paul Ford or Grady Sinclair you might just search for things that creep and glow in the dark. Morgan Termite and Pest […]


TWIR9: So, what’re the odds that Region 9 crowns a champion this week? 

COMMENTARY — Hey. what’re the odds? I get asked that all the time. Someone said that to me Monday when they heard that the Desert Hills baseball team lost to Bear River and will have to try and return to the state championship game by way of the elimination bracket. “What’re the odds they can […]


Relationship Connection: My son is homeless and mentally ill 

Question I have a son who has been addicted to drugs for many years. He is now 37 and started huffing gas when he was 10. He has been through several rehab programs, but goes right back to doing drugs when he is released. He used to be a bright young man, but now he […]

on-the-EDge-can we ever come together again

On the EDge: Can we ever find unity again? 

OPINION – I don’t know that I like where we are as a country these days, the reason being that the things that separate us are, at times, ridiculous yet the separation becomes deeper. Last week I did a column on how I thought a couple of guys who had participated in an act of […]

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Perspectives: Why cash is becoming taboo 

OPINION – There was a time when cash was king. It was a time when our expectations of character outweighed our attachment to things. Perhaps that’s why Lindy Cooper Wisdom, in her poem “Grandpa’s Lesson,” wrote, “There ain’t too many troubles a man cain’t fix with seven hundred dollars and a thirty ought six.” Paying […]

"No Filter Show" Co-hosts Grady Sinclair (L) and Paul Ford (R) with their moms. St. George, Utah, May 2015 | Photo by Dan Fowlke, St. George News

No Filter: The sweetest moms in Dixie 

ST. GEORGE – It’s Mother’s Day and Co-hosts Paul Ford and Grady Sinclair take their moms for a spin and a little trip down memory lane in this, Episode 43 of the “No Filter Show.” Play    above Related posts Click here to see all the No Filter shows Mother’s Day: My unbreakable mom Mother’s Day: A […]


On the EDge: Recapture Canyon ATV protesters should receive minimum sentence 

OPINION – The trial of four men who led an ATV protest ride through Utah’s Recapture Canyon a year ago has ended with two of the men acquitted and two found guilty of misdemeanor charges of conspiracy and driving on public lands closed to motorized vehicles. San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman and blogger Monte Wells […]

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Relationship Connection: I don’t know if I can marry this man 

Question I am engaged to a man 12 years older than me who is sensitive, caring and hard working. We started out as friends and got to know each other better. We became close and, within three months of dating, he popped the question. He has been married twice and has four of his own […]

Race car bearing Ed Kociela's name as a cancer survivor, for Racing for Boobs, outside San Felipe, Baja, Mexico, April 2015 | Photo courtesy of Ed Kociela, St. George News

On the EDge: A long-overdue confession 

OPINION – It’s going to be a heck of a ride. Next weekend, about 100 of us will tear across the desert terrain just outside of Mexicali on The Baja in a fundraising effort called Racing for Boobs. The race will benefit the local cancer center in San Felipe on The Baja and help with services – […]


The religious war raging in America 

OPINION – Religious wars have been a nearly constant and destructive fixture throughout the history of mankind. Students of history are familiar with the wars of the Old Testament, the Crusades, the Thirty Years’ War, and French wars of religion. In our times, deep divisions caused by holy war remain in Northern Ireland and in […]

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