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Veterans Aware: Vets’ thoughts on the holidays 

OPINION — I’ve been told that people don’t understand the way veterans are about the Holidays so I pressed the vets and ended up with “’capitalism’ has hijacked the holidays; they’re all about the money!”  This was the overwhelmingly favorite response. The second and subsequent responses held the information I wanted to get from the veterans; “It’s […]


TWIR9: One more region test before the holidays 

COMMENTARY — It’s a busy week in all sports, with tournaments all over Utah and even outside of the state for our local teams. For the boys and girls basketball teams, there’s one last test before the weekend of tourneys and the holiday break. Last night, the girls teams got a second region game in (well, […]

L-R: Paul Ford, Grady Sinclair at Urban Renewal, St. George, Utah, December 2014 | Photo by Dan Fowlks, St. George News

No Filter: Musical minute in Dixie 

ST. GEORGE – The No Filter dudes show off some music trivia prowess as they snoop out music sensations, retro and contemporary, in Episode 11 of the “No Filter Show.”  Let’s rock and let’s roll: Related posts See all the No Filter shows No Filter: 4-wheeling in DixieNo Filter: Little ‘Filter’ fans accomplish big things at Riverside ElementaryNo Filter: Free wheeling […]

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Relationship Connection: How can I get my husband’s ex-wife to stop bringing up their marriage? 

Question I have been married to my new husband for three months, even though we’ve dated each other for the past five years. His first wife and myself get along pretty well. My husband and she share custody of their 11-year-old daughter. Ever since the first day I met her five years ago, she has always […]


On the EDge: Council’s proposed solar charges are preposterous 

OPINION – It’s getting easier to be green. Finally, after years of research and development, outfitting your home with solar power is well within reach of the average household. The benefits, of course, are plenty, from not only an environmental but financial standpoint. But, the St. George City Council is looking to cut those benefits. […]


Bleeding Red: Big weekend upcoming for rising Utah programs 

As Christmas bells are now starting to ring Utah’s major sports are on the upswing It is a great time to be a Ute fan As life on The Hill is certainly grand COMMENTARY — Let’s be honest, just like virtually every other college campus across America, when it comes to sports, football and men’s […]


Perspectives: It’s the unnecessary laws, stupid 

OPINION – George H.W. Bush should have been a shoo-in for the 1992 presidential campaign. But Bill Clinton and his strategists vaulted past the incumbent war hero who had just presided over Operation Desert Storm by directing the voters’ attention to the faltering U.S. economy. Their blunt, albeit effective slogan: “It’s the economy, stupid.” Diplomacy […]

Top L-R: No Filter Co-Hosts Paul Ford, Grady Sinclair; bottom Bryce Thompson , general manager of Dixie 4-Wheel Drive in St. George; Sand Hollow State Park, Hurricane, Utah, December 2014 | Photo by Dan Fowlks, St. George News

No Filter: 4-wheeling in Dixie 

ST. GEORGE – You haven’t fully lived or experienced the real Dixie until you’ve hopped in a Jeep or some other conveyance of the all-terrain vehicle type and hit the red sands and crawled the red rocks. Thanks to Dixie 4 Wheel Drive in St. George, Paul Ford and Grady Sinclair got to hit the dirt, spin about in the sand and […]

Photo of a festive home in St. George, 84790, Dec. 9, 2014 | Photo by Devan Chavez, St. George News

A-List: The best Christmas lights in town 

WASHINGTON COUNTY – ‘Tis the season to jump in the car, blast holiday music, and drive all across town to admire the dazzling light displays. All while sipping hot cocoa, of course. Several homes and attractions shine bright during December. But where can you find the Clark Griswolds of the community? Hedgehog Electric has sponsored the […]


Relationship Connection: I feel inferior to women in my husband’s past 

Question I have been married for 20 years. When my husband was a teenager he slept with lots of girls. As he grew up he changed and now is a great man that loves me. However, I still feel inferior to his girlfriends, like I wasn’t worth waiting for and never will be able to […]

L-R: "No Filter Show" Co-Hosts Paul Ford, Grady Sinclair on Utah Highway 59 approaching the border town of Colorado City, Arizona, circa November 2014 | Photo by Dan Fowlks, St. George News

No Filter: Behind the walls of Warren Jeffs’ would-be compound 

HILDALE – Getting into the former intended compound of Warren Jeffs, the now infamous and imprisoned prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, in Hildale proved not as confounding as Paul Ford and Grady Sinclair might have expected. In fact, they were invited in to wander and lounge about and […]


On the EDge: Will protests open doors to discussion? 

OPINION – In 1968, Olympians John Carlos and Tommie Smith stood on the winner’s platform, awaiting the playing of the national anthem. They had just sprinted to gold and bronze in Mexico City. It was the culmination of years of intense training with little, if any, reward. As the first notes of the anthem played, […]


Perspectives: Give gifts that promote preparedness 

OPINION – Now that Black Friday’s mindless binge shopping has come and gone, it’s a good time to put some thought into Christmas gifts that require a little deeper contemplation. As a person who long ago discovered the peace of mind and practicality of personal preparedness, I love to give gifts that promote a self-sufficient […]

Outside patio dining area at DiPietro's European Bistro at 3105 Santa Clara Drive, Santa Clara, Dec. 3, 2014 | Photo by Ali Hill, St George News

A-List: DiPietro’s European Bistro 

OPINION – There’s a new restaurant in town. And it’s straight out of a fairytale. DiPietro’s, tucked away in Santa Clara, serves authentic European cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The location itself is enchanting. It’s especially pretty after dark, when the twinkling lights illuminate the diminutive bistro, causing it to effortlessly achieve a romantic and cheerful ambience. The […]


Opinion: Little progress in US race relations 

OPINION — Based on the aftermath of two recent grand jury decisions, in St. Louis County, Missouri, Nov. 24 and Staten Island, New York, Wednesday, in which indictments were not issued against white police officers in the deaths of black suspects during law enforcement confrontations, it is clear we have made very little progress in race relations since the horrible events in the Watts […]


No Filter: 4-wheeling in Dixie

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