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Cloud 9 Vapor offers alternative to smoking, 80 flavors 

WASHINGTON CITY — If you’re a smoker and ready to stomp out the last cigarette stub for good, but have given up hope on quitting after trying everything from patches to gum to Chantix, perhaps it’s time to try a nicotine vaporizer. An invention that uses liquid nicotine and an electronic vaporizer, the electronic cigarette and nicotine vaporizer have […]

Valor Hall: It’s about choice in education 

ST. GEORGE – As parents, the choices we make regarding our children begin at birth. Among the choices made are: hospital or home birth, breast or bottle feeding, store-bought or cloth diapers and processed or homemade baby food. These choices are scrutinized over and debated on “mommy blogs” around the world, and rightfully so. After all, […]


Perspectives: Southern Utah storyteller reaches milestone 

OPINION – For as long as radio has been a method of mass communication, it has never been a particularly stable career field for its on-air personalities. Turnover is quite high, even if it’s just the same people being shuffled around on different stations. In most radio markets, large and small, you can count on one […]


Blue Blood: Loving sights, sounds, smells of new football season 

COMMENTARY – Once again football season is finally here and the long college offseason comes to an end. This offseason in particular seemed a little longer to me and my football enthused family and friends. As fall fast approaches, junior football leagues are filling up local parks, high school football is underway, the NFL is almost […]


Relationship Connection: My husband humiliates me in public 

Question My husband and I have been married seventeen years. We’ve got an issue that keeps bothering me and I’m not sure I can tolerate it any longer. When my husband gets frustrated or angry, he takes it out on me. He speaks to me disrespectfully and, to my way of thinking, abusively. He yells […]


On the EDge: See you at the dollar stores 

OPINION – Forget the high-dollar, boutique stores that cater to upscale patrons, the real money is going elsewhere these days. Despite the trumped-up figures released regarding the economy and unemployment, people are still looking for more and better ways to stretch their dollars. That’s why Dollar General and Dollar Tree executives are going head-to-head in […]


Bleeding Red: QB battle the headliner as Utes ready for season-opener 

College football has returned, and so have the Utes All predictions require a look at the roots There’s been too much turnover in Utah’s OC Not enough turnover in Washington DC COMMENTARY — I love this time of year! The kids are back in school (their loss is my gain). Only 17 more Mondays until […]


Perspectives: Who has actually signed the social contract? 

OPINION – People who sell for a living are familiar with a tactic known as the assumptive close. An example of this is when the salesperson tells the prospective client, “Unless I hear otherwise from you, we’ll consider the deal done.” The seller acts as if the buyer has given consent where it has not been […]


Letter to the Editor: I seen it 

OPINION – Whenever there is an accident, crime, fire, shooting or other newsworthy event the TV reporter invariably chooses to interview the dimmest person present. And what do they say as soon as the microphone is thrust in their face? “I seen it, or I seen him, or I seen them, or, I seen her, I […]


Letter to the Editor: Foreign aid among best programs offered by US 

OPINION – The beneficial effects of the US Foreign Aid program are both underrated and misunderstood. Often times, citizens see foreign aid as a flawed program, or as a purely charitable one. While the efforts of foreign aid are noble and helpful to individuals in developing nations, the truth surrounding foreign aid is, while the program can […]


ON Kilter: Where were you the day the humor died? 

OPINION – Everyone has a “where were you when …” story. A tale about where you were when an historic event happened, when someone did something amazing, or when someone died. It is human nature to regale others with these memories of ours that now retell as historic tales. When I learned from news on the Web […]


Perspectives: Resisting the divisiveness of identity politics 

OPINION – A good test of a person’s commitment to the ideal of personal liberty is found in how willing he or she is to speak out in its defense. Of course, this is easy when we’re looking out for our own self interests. A more definitive test of our personal integrity regarding liberty is […]


Relationship Connection: I’m being pushed away in my marriage 

Question I’ve been married about 21 years. Six months after we got married we had our first child. When this happened, my wife utterly changed from being an easy-going person to being mean all the time. She developed a short temper, mood swings, became physically abusive toward me, and yelled at me constantly. When this […]


On the EDge: Oh yes, it is a matter of race 

OPINION – Let me see if I’ve got this right. If you are some redneck G.I. Joe wannabe wearing store-bought camouflage, you can point a loaded semiautomatic weapon at law enforcement with impunity. If you are black, you assemble to probe the questionable death of a community member, and stand there with hands up, you […]


Perspectives: Why sociopaths cannot solve world problems 

OPINION – Seeing the world as it really is can be a challenge for any of us. For the sociopath, it is an impossible task. Sociopaths consider themselves superior for not being burdened by empathy for others. Empathy is considered a weakness. A prime example of sociopathic thinking can be found in how many view […]


Letter to the Editor: I seen it

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