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Perspectives: What a blacksmith can teach us about mentoring 

OPINION – A cowboy went to see a blacksmith about some new shoes for his horse. The smith was busily hammering a piece of red hot steel so the cowboy stood there biding his time. He looked around, picked up a nearby horseshoe and instantly threw it back down. The blacksmith favored him with a knowing […]


Relationship Connection: It’s just girl talk; my husband doesn’t like me talking about our marriage 

Question My husband has asked me to stop talking about our marriage and other family issues with my girlfriends. What is your opinion about this? I think it’s important for me to be able to talk about things with my friends. I don’t make my husband look bad, so I’m not sure why he’s so […]


On the EDge: Will Mesquite act or get off the pot? 

OPINION – How much clout does the St. George culture hold over the region? We’ll soon find out as the City Council in Mesquite, Nevada, tackles the sticky issue of medicinal marijuana dispensaries. Medpot has been legal in Nevada since Oct. 1, 2001, but the push for state-approved dispensaries was slow to take root. It […]


Perspectives: Will you parrot media or own your own opinions? 

OPINION – When high profile events are dominating the news cycle, that’s the time to use extra caution in formulating the opinions we hold. Unless, of course, we’re content to simply say what others are saying. From the president on down to our discussions around the water cooler, the downing of a Malaysian airliner last […]


Perspectives: Millard County shows why election laws matter 

OPINION – An extremely close primary election race in Millard County isn’t likely to ring too many alarm bells among those of us who don’t actually live there. But we’d still be wise to pay closer attention to the the current nail-biter between incumbent county commissioner Jim Withers and his challenger Jim Dyer. The first […]


Relationship Connection: My husband says he doesn’t feel anything for me anymore 

Question Are there as many successful marriages out there that came from hard work versus the “he’s the man of my dreams and we are so in love” types? I feel we have had love but my husband says all our struggles are due to the fact he doesn’t have those deep feelings; and perhaps never […]


On the EDge: Utah’s darkest political hour 

OPINION – While it is true that people charged with a crime are innocent until proven guilty, it is also true that where there’s smoke there’s fire, which is why it would be a fool’s bet to wager that former Attorneys General Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow will be exonerated of the 23 charges filed […]


Dixie State Athletics continues success in NCAA’s Division II 

ST. GEORGE – Sometimes change is inevitable and a good thing in the case of Dixie State Athletics. In 2006, Dixie State made the change from competing as a junior college to an NCAA Division II success. After having won five national championships as a junior college, Dixie State strives to continue that success while […]

Bradshaw Chevrolet Buick after 1950's remodel, circa 1956, Cedar City, Utah | Photo courtesy of Bradshaw Chevrolet Buick

83 years, counting: Bradshaw Chevrolet Buick, a family’s staying power 

CEDAR CITY – Since Cedar City’s beginning, the town’s Main Street has seen many changes with businesses coming and going. Bradshaw Chevrolet Buick has remained familiar to residents, it has stood the test of time. This long lasting family-owned business all started with a toss of a coin. After serving in the Army working on […]


Perspectives: How good people help kill off freedom; smoke shop, cannabis oil, fat 

OPINION – One of the great challenges of helping people understand the value of personal liberty over having their lives dictated to them by others is trying to view the role of government as they do. Part of the difficulty here is the fact that few of us spend time thinking deeply about the nature […]

Custom home  designed and built by Ridgetop Custom Homes, Elwood, Utah, circa 2008| Photo courtesy of Heather Hugie, St. George News

Contractor with the ‘X’ factor 

ST. GEORGE - Home contracting and building is mostly looked upon as a man’s job. Many women don’t enjoy walking around a dirty construction site, stepping over two-by-fours and shouting over the sound of nail guns and power saws. For Heather Hugie, all of that activity and “mess” is just part of the essence of creating a home. Hugie […]


Perspectives: Immigration woes are complicated by politics 

OPINION – Immigration is a touchy subject even under the best of circumstances. But the situation that is unfolding on America’s southern borders is hitting us at a particularly volatile time. Tens of thousands of Central American refuges, mostly unaccompanied children, have entered the country illegally this year. Many of them are fleeing their native […]


Relationship Connection: Should I be worried about my son’s curiosity with his body? 

Question A lot of my friends have little boys about five and six years old and they have all been very stressed out because their boys have been caught exploring their private parts with each other and/or stimulating themselves alone. They tend to freak out and want to punish their kids, especially the dads. Can […]


On the EDge: Politics corrupts SCOTUS 

OPINION – Five old, white men in long black robes have once again imposed their will on the United States. If we have learned nothing else this year it’s that the United States Supreme Court is anything but the idealistic, apolitical, arm of justice it was set up to be. The five conservatives on the […]

A 21-gun salute to hope 

OPINION – Excuse me if my “red, white and blue” is showing. I can’t help it. I am a sucker for the passionate display of patriotism shown on the Fourth of July and not just because it brings out my inner pyromaniac, though that helps. Of my favorite holidays, the Fourth of July tops my […]

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