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Bleeding Red: Frustrating day, but gotta love Clay 

Do you remember Muhammad Ali? Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee Kaelin Clay, Cassius Clay, almost the same Both are the greatest athletes in their game COMMENTARY — In my humble opinion, Kaelin Clay is the undisputed MVP for the Utes thus far. Three minutes into last Saturday’s game, Clay had his third […]


Perspectives: An apocalyptic novel worth reading 

OPINION – I have to hand it to author Pat Frank. Long before survival fiction had come into its own, he penned what I consider one of the best apocalyptic novels around. “Alas, Babylon” was first published in 1959 as the Cold War was intensifying globally. It explores the unthinkable aftermath of a nuclear exchange […]

The Cliffside Restaurant located at 511 S. Airport Road in St. George, Utah, date unspecified | Photo courtesy of Tom Heers, St. George News

Inn on the Cliff dazzles 

ST. GEORGE — Situated on an outcropping of volcanic rock, the Inn on the Cliff and Cliffside Restaurant overhang a bluff above downtown St. George, offering a unique ambiance and one-of-a-kind view. At nighttime guests are enfolded into a celestial canopy overlooking sparkling city lights, and by day they are mesmerized by a vast red rock […]


Blue Blood: Good win over UVA, but Cougs have work to do on bye week 

COMMENTARY — Last week BYU made another positive step in the right direction by beating Virginia 41-33 in Provo. Every win against a credible program moving forward will make a difference in BYU being considered a power 5 program that’s not in a power 5 conference. With this being one of the bigger goals set […]


Perspectives: No clamor for new gun laws is a good thing 

OPINION – What on earth is wrong with the people of Utah? A public servant, looked up to by children and adults alike, negligently discharged a firearm and suffered a non-life threatening leg wound. The fact that this incident occurred in a learning environment with innocent bystanders nearby who could also have been injured is […]


Living with pain? No matter the cause, relief is available 

ST. GEORGE – Many people suffer daily with chronic pain, whether it be from an injury, a surgery, an inherited condition or various other causes; and many have come to believe that no relief is available to them. But a St. George trio of Ivy League doctors is here to say otherwise. “Our society has a history […]


Relationship Connection: Should I tell my son-in-law to stop yelling at his kids? 

Question We have a wonderful son-in-law that we love very much. Our concern is that he yells at his children, not in just a loud voice but in a THUNDERING voice that even scares my husband and me. It is a learned habit from his father. I think it is so ingrained in him that […]


On the EDge: Follow your dream 

OPINION – Dreams are important. Without them, we are nothing. We have nothing to aspire to, we have nothing to work toward, we have nothing to fill our soul. As Aristotle said, “Hope is a waking dream.” We fancy ourselves in a lot of different scenarios, hold fleeting moments of inspiration, and desire to explore […]


Bleeding Red: Defense, special teams made trip to Big House a splashing success 

Utah beat Michigan in The Big House Which was so quiet you could hear a mouse Three wins in the bag with three more to go This year Utah will be back in a bowl COMMENTARY — Utah has finished up its non-conference schedule and is sitting at 3-0. Yup, that’s right, the team down […]


Perspectives: Taking perpetual outrage to next level 

OPINION – Many years ago, I offended a friend with whom I attended high school. I knew I was in the wrong but before I could summon the courage to make things right, she moved away. Over the years, my conscience occasionally reminded me of what I had done. Several times I dreamed that I […]


Shuttle: Safe, reliable, navigates I-15 closures; new rates announced 

ST. GEORGE – When a remnant of Hurricane Norbert blasted through the region last week it closed down the highway and stranded untold numbers of people along the way. Roadways became impassable as the rains turned desert washes into rivers that even destroyed portions of Interstate 15 near Moapa, Nevada. Now imagine passing through that storm […]


Blue Blood: Still looking for the discipline as Cougs ready for Virginia 

COMMENTARY — The nation is starting to take notice of the 2014 BYU Cougars. BYU moved up again in the national polls this week after beating Houston 33-25. Now all of the national polls are taking a little more notice in what Coach Bronco Mendenhall’s program is doing in 2014. USA Today has BYU at […]


After the rain, termites swarm; they eat wood, food storage, more 

SOUTHERN UTAH – The pest control truck is parked at a neighbor’s house – they have a termite infestation. Bad luck for them, right? Not so fast. If one neighbor has a termite infestation, it is likely nearby homes have termites, too. “One termite colony can spread over a quarter of a mile,” Tyler Alldredge, […]


Relationship Connection: Have I been blind to the true nature of my marriage? 

Question Please! Help! My husband and I have lost our connection. It’s like having a roommate that I’m not even sure I like, but have sex with. We don’t talk about anything without it becoming a fuss. So we spend most of our time saying nothing, even if we are sitting in the same room. […]


Letter to the Editor: Unaffiliated candidate Bill Barron’s unusual campaign 

OPINION—There was a quiet revolutionary event in St George recently. Bill Barron, an unaffiliated candidate for Utah 2nd Congressional District seat in the US Congress, rode his bike into town, staging a small event at Confluence Park on a leg of his 600 mile one-week campaign through the district. “Unaffiliated” means he is not running […]


Inn on the Cliff dazzles


On the EDge: Follow your dream

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