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TWIR9: Important track meet at Snow Canyon Thursday to qualify athletes for state meet 

COMMENTARY — I didn’t run track in high school (too slow) or compete in any field events (too lazy), but like much of America, I have always been a big fan of the Olympic Games and the track and field events every four years as our country’s top athletes compete for medals. As I turned […]


On the EDge: The search for enlightenment continues after standoff in the desert 

OPINION – You cannot grow a lotus in the desert. In Buddhist culture, the lotus is a symbol of enlightenment, rising and blooming above the muddy waters from which the delicate flower emerges. There was little enlightenment in the desert southwest of us over the weekend as the so-called range war between rancher Cliven Bundy […]

"Battle of Athens" 1946

Perspectives: That’s why we have the Second Amendment 

OPINION – This past weekend, there was very nearly a gun battle pitting private citizens intent on protecting their rights against a corrupt political machine. It wouldn’t be the first time such an event was necessary. Few people are familiar with the Battle of Athens that took place in 1946 in McMinn County in Eastern […]

BLM Sign, Clark County, Nev., April 3, 2014 | Photo by Dave Amodt, St. George News

On Kilter: Bundy won, America lost 

OPINION – Mark Twain famously said, “Loyalty to country always. Loyalty to government when it deserves it.” Until today I had always been one to lean on the improbability that the government ever really deserves it. But when the government chose to back down to avert the bloodshed of innocent life, while Cliven Bundy shamelessly […]

© Park Image / Author: Lisa Suender / Flickr user: suendercafe / CC-BY-SA-2.0

Perspectives: Does government see us as the enemy? 

OPINION – The mask of benevolent bureaucracy slipped earlier this week in the simmering range war near Bunkerville, Nev. It’s getting tougher to pretend that the federal government is our servant in any real sense. The real face of government was revealed when government sharpshooters trained their rifles on unarmed families who were peaceably videotaping […]

© Woman Image / Author: Bradley Gordon/ Flickr user: bradleygee/ CC-BY-SA-2.0

Relationship Connection: How to live after discovering your spouse’s secret world 

OPINION – In Lewis Carroll’s story “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” the protagonist of the story, Alice, finds herself in a distorted world where big things are now small and small things are now big. As she tries to make sense of all of these bizarre changes, she interacts with a caterpillar that asks her about her […]


TWIR9: Thunder put perfect region record on line this afternoon at CV 

COMMENTARY — Last season, the Desert Hills baseball team was a perfect 12-0 in Region 9, winning the league title by a whopping four games over second place Snow Canyon. And while the Warriors eventually came back and won the state championship on the last game of the state tournament, there’s no doubt the Thunder […]


On the EDge: Political eBay 

OPINION – Land of the free? Not any more. The Supreme Court handed the keys to the henhouse to the foxes last week when it struck down a decades-old cap on the total amount any individual can contribute to candidates during a two-year election cycle, ruling that caps on the total amount of money an […]


Perspectives: There is no such thing as a coincidence 

OPINION – I stopped believing in coincidences a few years ago. That’s not to say that others should stop as well. But occasionally something happens that reminds me why mere chance is overrated. Last weekend was one of those occasions. We had traveled to Southern Idaho to attend my wife’s parents’ mission farewell. This meant […]


Letter to the Editor: The spirit of the West; range war 

OPINION – Reading the unfolding saga of the Bundy family and the BLM over the last week has given me chance to reflect on the West and its relation to the story of America. The struggle over the control of whom, what and which “business” can be conducted on BLM land has sparked strong emotions on […]


Letter to the Editor: Bundy forfeited right to graze cattle; counter opinion, range war 

COUNTER OPINION to opinion of St. George News columnist Bryan Hyde (See: March 31  Perspectives: The Bundys vs the bureaucracy) – When dealing with any organization or entity in an exchange of goods or services, whether it is car insurance, a government contract, or your legal rights, you must be sure to cover all of the obligations […]


ON Kilter: Bundy’s victim mentality costs him grazing rights 

OPINION – Unless you simply do not pay attention to local news at all, you are well aware that there is a standoff between a local rancher with his sympathizers, and the federal government. The BLM is currently acting to confiscate cattle that Cliven Bundy has had grazing in northeastern Nevada for years, the last 20 years […]


On the EDge: Political eBay

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