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Waffle Bliss food truck in St. George, Utah, date unspecified | Photo courtesy of Waffle Bliss's Facebook, St. George News

A-List: The tastiest food trucks in town 

OPINION – Boasting everything from deep fried cheesecake to reuben style french fries, it’s safe to say that food trucks are on a roll in Southern Utah. On a quest to find out the real deal about the wheels, I invited “No Filter Show” Co-hosts, Paul and Grady, to help me get the 411 on these tasty […]

Waldorf Cushion | Photo courtesy of Outdoor Living Furniture & Accessories, St. George News

Upscale outdoor furniture showroom opens in St. George 

ADVERTORIAL / ST. GEORGE — Most people relocate to Southern Utah for the abundant sunshine, ideal climate and the peaceful atmosphere. Having an outdoor living space that allows you to enjoy all these elements is paramount in the pursuit of serenity. Furnishing and accessorizing your outdoor living space isn’t always easy — big brand stores […]

L-R: "No Filter Show" Co-hosts Paul Ford, Grady Sinclair, Rowdy's Range, St. George, Utah, March 25, 2015 | Photo by Dan Fowlks, St. George News

No Filter: Right to bear arms 

ST. GEORGE – Few things warm or inflame the heart of many a Utahn more than the proposition that Americans inherently have and protect the right to bear arms. In Episode 37 of the “No Filter Show,” Co-hosts Paul Ford and Grady Sinclair get rowdy at the range.  Ready? Aim, fire. Pull the trigger, click the play    above. Related […]


Relationship Connection: Should boys, girls compete against each other in contact sports? 

Question My 11-year-old son is on a competitive soccer team and they’ve been scrimmaging against a girls team for some time. While I have no issues with boys playing against girls, he is struggling with the fact that girls are encouraged to play aggressively, but if the boys get too aggressive with the girls, they’ll […]


TWIR9: It could be the year of the hitter in region baseball in 2015 

COMMENTARY — Could this be the year of the hitter in Region 9? For so long, it seems, there have been dominant pitchers in the region. Guys like Riley Gates, Braxton Ipson, Dylan File, Kayden Lunt and Baden Powell have dominated the hitters and shown fans some real pitching gems. And for sure, there are […]


On the EDge: Charlie Hustle has done his time; MLB should reinstate him 

OPINION – Justice is a fickle mistress. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it morally correct. Conversely, just because something is illegal does not make it morally incorrect. It becomes a point of discussion today because of the wide-ranging opinions circulating about the status of baseball great Pete Rose, who has asked Major League […]


Bleeding Red: Postseason looking good for Sweet 16 Runnin’ Utes (Red Rocks, too) 

Utah’s teams are on a run As playful as a young pup Yes, just like the Jeffersons The Utes are moving on up COMMENTARY — The Red Rocks are back-to-back Pac-12 champs, and the Runnin’ Utes have waltzed their way into the Sweet 16 at the Big Dance. Because my mother raised a gentleman, let’s […]

L-R: St. George News "Movie Monday" Co-hosts Peter Gunn, Sheldon Demke, March 22, 2015 | Photo by Dan Fowlks, St. George News

Movie Monday 

ST. GEORGE – It is “Movie Monday” with St. George News Co-hosts Sheldon Demke and Peter Gunn, bringing Southern Utah a quick review of box office hits and busts from the weekend, a quick look at the weekend ahead, and … what’s happening and who’s who locally in film and filmmaking. Roll the reel: Click    at the […]

Graphic | St. George News

Rascals, the need for real American exceptionalism 

OPINION – There is no way to break the news gently. The days in which America was truly exceptional compared to other nations have passed. The change has taken place right under our noses, slowly but consistently, for more than 200 years. The ideals and principles that once differentiated between America and the rest of […]

L-R: "No Filter Show" Co-hosts Grady Sinclair, Paul Ford, on the Temple Quarry Trail, St. George, Utah, March 2015 | Photo by Dan Fowlks, image extended at left margin; St. George News

No Filter: Temple Quarry Trail in Dixie 

ST. GEORGE – Close to the heart of St. George lies the Temple Quarry Trail that Mormon pioneers followed in the 1870s to quarry and haul basalt rock for the construction of the St. George Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Hike along with Co-hosts Paul Ford and Grady Sinclair as they walk the Temple Quarry Trail in […]


Get ready for the ‘Great Southwest Parade of Cars’ 

ADVERTISEMENT – Plan your Saturday now to catch “No Filter” Co-hosts Paul and Grady on the car lot for Stephen Wade Auto Center’s “Great Southwest Parade of Cars.” Get a sneak preview of the cars, Jeeps, trucks and SUVS and the deals and promotions offered for the weekend special by logging on to St. George News homepage anytime from […]

Aerial view captured from 90 mile Zion tour with Zion Helicopters, March 5th, 2015 | Photo by Ali Hill, St. George News

A-List bucket list edition: Zion Helicopters 

OPINION — There are few things I love more than being able to place a check mark next to something I’ve always dreamed about doing. Especially when the dream involves flying in a helicopter over some of the most spectacular scenery on earth. Earlier this year, I created a list of once-in-a-lifetime adventures that I wanted to experience in 2015 (Read here: A-List: 2015 […]

Ricky Wright and Jesse Salmon in the cage at Mayhem in Mesquite, CasaBlanca Hotel & Casino, Mesquite, Nevada, March 7, 2015 | Photo by Ali Hill, St. George News

No Filter: Mayhem in Mesquite MMA 

MESQUITE, Nevada – St. George residents Jesse Salmon and Ricky Wright put their friendship to the ultimate test at Saturday night’s Mayhem in Mesquite at the Casablanca Resort and Casino. Who won this epic fight?  Are they still best friends? Join Co-hosts Paul Ford and Grady Sinclair with the A-List’s Ali Hill up close – so close – to […]


Relationship Connection: My parents are hurting my kids by favoring my youngest 

Question I am a single mother of four children and I live with my parents. I love my parents and they love all my children and me. However, they clearly favor my youngest. My mother buys her things and gives her a lot of attention that the other kids don’t receive. When my older kids […]


Blue Blood: It’s all about that 3 tonight in the NCAA first round for BYU 

COMMENTARY — There’s no doubt the 3-point shot is a game-changer in the sport of basketball. The 3, or the trey, is 30-years-old now. Introduced in college basketball in 1986 (in the NBA it was 1979, and high school hoops in 1987) the deep ball has now become an integral part of the way the game is played. Young […]


Movie Monday

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